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  1. Honestly, when I originally posted, I actually hadn't personally gone all the way to the island. I actually had no idea it was co-op until I was there and wondering about the chest and had to look it up LOL. I thought it was a landmark I could just go to and do myself So yeah, I fully 100% agree with you. No co-op landmark trophies. Maybe solo-possible landmarks, but no co-op. Now I gotta work up the courage to ask someone on my friends list that I barely know to help or something 😂 since I'm in the same boat of not having any personal friends who play our situation here is truly a tragedy lmao
  2. I don't have any screenshots, and I didn't keep track of how many wishes I used. I'm AR 25, f2p, and I've gotten: Noelle (Of course) Xiangling Fischl (x2) Barbara Qiqi Barret I'm pretty sure that's in order. Pretty lucky I've found out, since Qiqi is apparently really good. I think she's fun. Same with Fischl. Wish I could have got Venti but oh well.
  3. I hope they add more landmark ones, like the heart island one, and more like the marksman one. Though, they already had a bunch of in-game achievements they could have used but decided not to, so honestly I don't actually expect much to be added. I've accepted it will just be chests and basic story ones.
  4. This is one of the most annoying problems I've ever faced in any game honestly. I haven't played God of War, but I've had it happen in a few first person games and also third-person games like The Last of Us. I also had to literally drop Arkham City and Arkham Knight because it made me so sick, but I was fine with Asylum. Honestly, best thing you can do is what you have been doing, which is take major breaks. Other than that, sometimes for me adjusting distance from my screen helps. Either too far or too close can add to the problem, since eye strain could be causing it. Anything else that could help with that. Stay hydrated since a headache will just make it all worse. Sorry none of this would "cure" it. Just little things that sometimes help, but honestly I've never found a perfect solution.
  5. Thanks for adding this ~ ^^
  6. Unless you've got recent examples, I'm not sure they do this anymore, since now we can change usernames.
  7. I'm sorry I didn't mean for it to sound accusatory or be about you. I meant it more as a nebulous you, considering all people. Sorry about that. Wasn't my intention I should have worded it better. Nothing wrong with anyone worrying about their accounts. Any reporting system can be abused if those who run it let it get abused, but I do have hope sony wouldn't just take a report at it's word and not give the recording a good listen to see if it's even action worthy on their end, or maybe the sender should just practice some self-care and common sense and just block whoever they are reporting because it's ultimately trivial. When it comes to bans, I've tested name bans before (reported people with actual slurs lol) and I've noticed they only get redacted, but I don't believe they ended up banned. Same with "About me" sections. They just end up "moderated". So I guess my point is that I've never reported someone for stuff and seen them banned, only minor action was taken. (minor doesn't mean bad btw) I would assume this recording stuff would end with some similar action.
  8. Well, in your first scenario, the easy answer is just don't send a recording to report it to sony. Sony isn't constantly listening, so it's not like what happens to the hypothetical guy is out of your control. The agreement is that you COULD be recorded and moderated by other party members. And, if sony was even listening 24/7, I doubt they are going to pay attention to trivial gamer arguments and toxicity. I'm sure they know that, for better or for worse, some amounts of toxicity comes with online gaming. They aren't run by prudish mormon mothers. I can only see action happening for some really dramatic, unforgivable things that people may record. Like some extreme harassment, slurs, etc. And if you are afraid of being got for that, maybe you gotta work on yourself lol It's an option. No one has to record and report. If you're out there throwing out immense slurs and hatred, and your friend is like hey that's not cool, and goes as far as to record and report you, that's, again, your issue.
  9. If you are saying things that are ban or moderation worthy to your own friends and they think so, that's kind of a you problem and not a sony problem lmao. What could you possibly be saying to your own friends that got you so scared? They aren't constantly listening. Your friends can, and have always been able to, record and send those recordings that include you, unless your setting was different.
  10. I'm pretty sure it won't. I think the DLC has to match the region/country it was original bought in. Even if you are both EU, don't you have different PS stores? As said before, stay on the safe side. For my own experience, I used to live in Germany and bought a couple of games there. I had to get dlc on a separate german account. My main account is USA.
  11. Please remember The Witcher is a book series before anything else. A very long book series. You were never meant to be Geralt. It's a book turned video game. And I agree with you on everything else, but only to a point. Not every game is about you or your decisions, linear stories exist and have existed since the beginning of video games even having plots to begin with. Assassin's Creed 3 and Mess Effect 3 aren't comparable in that sense. One is a very linear story where you don't really have control over it from the start, similar to a book or movie. The other has a mostly linear narrative, with branching paths. You are allowed to dislike AC3's ending and critique it, but I think it's a bit harsh to say they crammed it in there, and I think it's missing the point to say "whether or not anyone liked it". When you write something like that, it doesn't really matter what player input would be. It's just the story. Whether or not it's good writing is a separate issue. Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia, and many other games actually have stories that would be really well suited for a movie or series if dealt with properly. Sadly, no one does. Or, it becomes obviously clear that the story wasn't very strong in the first place. I still think video games are made as video games for very obvious reasons and are better like that. Almost everything is 100% better in its original medium.
  12. Still isn't an adaptation of the game, so it's kind of unfair to pin it against actual video game adaptations like Sonic, Mario, Assassin's Creed, etc. The netflix series and the games are both adaptations of books. It's like saying Game of Thrones counts in this discussion because of the telltale game or that Other GoT/asoiaf game that Existed briefly (btw did anyone even like that game lol) Agreed. The first Silent Hill movie is decent imo. Made some weird changes, but some other understandable ones too, like adding in Pyramid Head and nurses because they are iconic. It's definitely not awful or bad but decent enough to watch a few times. Though, if I were gonna suggest a horror movie to anyone, I probably wouldn't suggest Silent Hill. It's just not a great horror film. Again, game to film adaptations suck the same way books and theater do. Just sometimes the original medium was better.
  13. The Witcher series on netflix is based on the books. It takes some inspiration from the CDPR games but it isn't "adapting" the game. Only the original book series. Castlevania animated show on netflix is good but I've only seen the first season.
  14. Video games are an art medium that, if the game is good, utilizes it's gameplay and other features to fully tell its story and give an experience. It's kind of hopeless from the start unless the game is already a movie wannabe, like The Last of Us. This is the same reason I tend to not like a few book movies. I think a lot of them lose something key when being adapted. Biggest example of this I can think of right now is The Hunger Games. The same also applies to live action remakes of animated series/movies. Think Ghost in the Shell. Basically, it's rare for an adaptation of anything to even be comparable to its source, and it's never an improvement. Then there's the lack of respect for video game audiences. And the general issue all screenwriters and directors have when adapting ANYTHING, which is, "I know better than the original " They, for some reason, don't seem to have a lot of love for the source. Which is like... why are you even doing this to begin with?
  15. Yakuza Kiwami. I really loved that game but I just do not have the patience for all the minigames and such. Got other things to do or play lol. Along with that, when I finally get around to playing it, Yakuza 0 will probably join kiwami if it's list is similar.