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  1. Good luck to all those who are trying, and go for plats in multiplayer games to begin with. I just don't have the patience for it. I might go crazy if I try to hard, and then I feel like I'm wasting my time because what's the point if I'm not having fun. For now, Fall Guys is just for me and my friends to goof around in, like the 2 other multiplayer games I play somewhat consistently. If it happens, then it happens. But I don't think I like the game enough to play it more than just a couple hours every few weeks, if that much.
  2. Honestly, it might stay one of my favorite "easy" plats. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Yeah, going through some of the same story bits was a little annoying, but I guess I just didn't find it too annoying. I just overall found the game charming for what it was. I think I took a lot of breaks when I was completing it. I'd give it another run if I could, but I've got other games to be completing, and other things to be doing.
  3. I've seen it countless times before, but my girlfriend has never seen any Star Wars movies, and i haven't seen the most recent, so we are doing a movie marathon to catch up and get there.
  4. Transistor! One of my favorite games ever honestly. I plan on it being my 30th plat, so I will get it, but I've been getting a bit impatient about getting there lol. Soon enough though, soon...
  5. 100% agree. Can't help but love the fan-service of it all and it was fun, but like... why Ken?
  6. Sometimes a series should be left alone, especially when a lot of the original creators aren't around. I love the original game. I've got it on 2 platforms, 360 and ps3. And I plan on getting the plat on ps3 and ps4. It's one of my favorites from my childhood. The problem is that it never needed sequels or continuation. Infinite is good, but it didn't need to be BioShock, and I think that connection tarnishes it in the end. The DLC was also unnecessary, as I don't think we ever needed to see Rapture before its ruin. I fear the same will happen with this new game if it goes through and ends up being a "BioShock" game. Unnecessarily connected to a game it will never live up to.
  7. Depends really on the game. I mostly just care about enjoyment, so I guess I'll play first and not stress. I usually at least check the list at some point though if I start a game and I'm having fun, so I can see how doable it is to plat/complete a game. I loved Dark Souls and Bloodborne, and that's basically how I approached those games and getting the plats. Sometimes, even if I don't enjoy it I'll check the list to see if it can at least be easy and quick, because it kinda sucks starting a game I don't like but getting a trophy in it. That's how I dealt with Everbodys Gone to the Rapture and that Psycho-Pass vn for example. Sometimes that can make me appreciate an annoying game more, which is why I don't consider it a waste of time, or I can form a solid opinion and be able to confidently say I thought those games were awful without feeling that maybe I could be missing something.
  8. I do have a few. Opening Anthem. Having gotten an xbox 360 instead of a ps3 back in the day but I'm a little bit valid. I wanted to play Alan Wake, fable, and some older xbox games. So I ended up in playstation world a little late and ended up buying a lot of games I had/rented and played already. So my next mistake was getting a lot of games I already loved (bioshock, Dragon Age origins and 2, fallout new vegas, etc) but I didn't stop to consider if I even wanted to play them again so a lot of them just sat. Having a low % on trophies lol. They add to my backlog now Also, getting at all hyped for The Last of Us Part 2. Glad I didn't pre-order or buy it at release or I would have been a little upset
  9. The Witcher 3. I love the game and want to finish it but will probably never go for the plat because I don't think I could play on the higher difficulties lol
  10. Doesn't it kinda waste time if you go out of your way to do this? If the unhooked survivor just happens to run into you before you find someone else, go ahead and chase them because that's their problem lol but I just think you waste time because that's possibly 2-3 survivors that have been left mostly unbothered just doing gens. You should prioritize patrolling gens after you hook and interrupt progress, not just focus on preventing one person at a time from doing anything.
  11. I think you might as well just play the game normally if you're going to go through that much effort. A lot of the trophies just happen as you play, and the ones you have to try for aren't really all that bad. You need some luck, but also need to just learn how to play and get better. You'll get them soon enough. Also, for Merciless Victory, you do have to double pip at the end. It's been this way since an update to the rank system a few months ago. 4 kills gets you a lot of those points but you need to do a lot of other things too because that isn't enough on it's own. You should get as many hook events as you can get (so don't camp), break pallets, break gens and keep them from being done, get lots of hits in, and do well in chases... You really just have to do your best and hope it was enough in the end lol