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  1. Just completed Master of Mordor, Platinum for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. I'm going to be TRYING To get the DLC completed by the end of the month for some extra side mission points, but for now that's my platinum for the monthly theme! (Guide on the website says 25 hours; out of curiosity if I complete all of the DLC that will make the total over 30 hours, will that then count as HC? Or is the HC requirement only for the base platinum?) Points: Platinum: Game over 15 hours
  2. Dang I've been so busy over the last little while and All I've had the change to play has been Monster Hunter. I'll hopefully catch up over the next little while!
  3. Even though this was a theme I was really excited about I don't think I'm going to get a plat for it this month :/ I'm going to make one final push this weekend, wish me luck! EDIT: Oh shoot, main story counts? Then Monster Hunter World: Iceborne should get me that!
  4. Letter Game Title Platform Current Percent Game Start Game Finish A Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland PS3 0% B Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons PS4 C Child of Light PS4 D Dark Cloud PS4 E Exist Archive PS4 F Far Cry Primal PS4 G God Eater Ressurection PS4 H Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland PS4 I In Space we Brawl PS4 J Jak 3 PS4 K Kingdom: New Lands PS4 L LEGO The Hobbit PS4 M Middle Earth: Shadow of War PS4 N Ni no Kuni II PS4 O Okami HD PS4 P Pixel Piracy PS4 Q Quest of Dungeons PS4 R Rogue Galaxy PS4 S Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time PS3 T Tales of Symphonia PS3 U Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Remastered PS4 V Vikings: Wolves of Midgard PS4 W Wasteland 2 PS4 X XCOM: Enemy Within PS3 Y Yooka-Laylee PS4 Z Zero Time Dilemma PS4
  5. Thank you for that! In the few events I've been a part of it's SO much easier to keep everything straight if I have a link right back to my list/signup post! Good luck everyone and have fun!
  6. Okay, since September is rapidly coming up, I'm going to put up my list! I'll add to this if I manage to get these all beaten, going to try to knock off a couple of my already started games and start some new ones in the meantime. Game Sys. Start % Current % Comp. Date No Man's Sky PS4 34% Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY PS4 32% Persona 5 PS4 30% Tokyo Jungle PS3 28% Unholy Heights PS4 15% Slime Rancher PS4 11% Mass Effect PS3 4% Borderlands 2 PS3 3% Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch PS3 2% Jak II PS3 2% Subnautica PS3 1% Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! PS4 1% Assassin's Creed II PS4 0% Assassin's Creed Brotherhood PS4 0% Assassin's Creed Revolutions PS4 0% Jak III PS4 0%
  7. Hmm, fair enough then I suppose, it seems most people want to keep the 2020 start to keep it in the spirit of the event. I'll have to take a good look at my list and figure out what's going on for each letter then! *rushes off to look*
  8. Personally I think the waiting until January is what's going be the hardest for this event, since we've got the signup so EARLY. People are likely to sign up then forget all about it since it's 4 months until the start date, and they have to be UNPLAYED by January 1st, which means they're basically not allowing themselves to play those games until then. So I'm not sure if there's anything to do there, maybe allow it to actually start early and give a few extra months? That's a lot of games to 100% in one year as well, so the few extra months wouldn't hurt. Just an idea though!
  9. I would love to join, but I'll post my list of games shortly! I'll start with five and add them as needed.
  10. I definitely want in. I'm going to post my tentative list soon and edit it as need be before the end of the year if I happen to start anything on it before then!
  11. Game 2: 2064: Read Only Memories (I decided this one counted after playing it because you do end up with different companions twice in the game other than the little robot who is always in the party, and these guys end up on the screen a couple of times while in the party) - Monthly Theme (Someone on your side) - Complete a game you started this month
  12. @MarkusT1992 Would 2064: Read Only Memories count? It's a visual novel type game but you spend most of it wandering around with a little robot, who you do see on the screen sometimes when you're interacting in a room O.o I started it this weekend for a moderately quick platinum but I'm not sure if it counts or not
  13. First Platinum for the Month: JAK AND DAXTER: THE PRECURSOR LEGACY (PS4 version) - Monthly Theme (Someone on your side) - Hardcore ("Animal" companion) - 10 year old game (Original Jak and Daxter released in 2001, and remakes count) - Complete a game that counts toward a different PSNP event (Gaming by the Numbers) - Complete a game that you started this month (First trophy on the 4th)
  14. Aaaaaallllright so this month is basically RPG month for me! I was all worried that we wouldn't be able to use RPGs because some of them the party members are only visible when you fight, but then I read someone asking just that and got that as long as you see them on the screen with you at some point (such as in the background in battle) that counts. SO LET'S DO THIS! Last month I only completed two games, but I updated them as I completed them and my trophy count on the beginning post has them updated there. But I will add them here for completion's sake and any checking that needs to be done: July Beginning Stats Number of achieved platinum trophies: 7 Number of 100% completed titles: 10 Current completion percentage: 22.84% 1. Beholder: Complete Edition (Rainy Day Theme Platinum/Hardcore Requirement; Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event (both Kill Your Completion X and Gaming by Numbers); Complete a Game that you started this month (Began this game on the 1st of July)) 2. Burly Men at Sea (Rainy Day Themed Platinum/Hardcore Requirement; Complete a Game That Counts Toward a Different PSNP Event; Complete a Game That You Started This Month) August Beginning Stats Number of achieved platinum trophies: 9 (+2) Number of 100% completed titles: 10 Current completion percentage: 23.67% (+0.83) Games planned for this month: Jak and Daxter, various RPGs
  15. Final Overview! I've got to say I liked every game I played for this event, and hopefully plan to platinum them all hopefully within the next year. I gave them all ratings within the mini-reviews, though I think I'll re-evaulate them this time around and give them same "trophy" rating that voodoo used on their final evaluation. 1. Beholder Complete Edition (PS4; Genre: Management Sim) I actually platinumed this one so it comes first in the list. It was a very fun little management game with an interesting concept and lots of things to do. The platinum was a little repetitive but I still enjoyed seeing how everything changed and how each scenario had multiple outcomes. There were a load of different endings that were basically all needed for the Platinum, but they were interesting enough. 2. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (GotY Edition) (PS4; Genre: Open-World Action-Adventure) This is the next game out of the lot that I plan on platinuming. I had a lot of fun with the open world and the nemesis system mechanics. I'm actually hoping for this one to be my 10th platinum, so I'll be working on that one next. It's the one I played the most of after I had finished my three days with, easily. So far I've no complaints with it, and am really excited for the sequel. 3. Cities: Skylines (PS4; Genre: City-Builder) I didn't give a formal post for this one because I've been very busy the past few days. I actually have really strong mixed feelings about this one. I love the concept, but the controls really have me confused and I feel like I'm going to have to spend a lot more time with the game to figure everything out. However, if you know and love city builders or Paradox games, it's definitely a good game and I think with some TLC and learning I'll really enjoy it. 4. XCOM 2 (PS4; Genre: Turn-Based Tactics) I enjoyed what I played with this game, though I can tell that platinuming it is going to be very difficult. I also want to play the first game before continuing with this one, so it did not get a lot of extra play time from me. Difficult tactics/squad based strategy, but interesting and fun. 5. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PS4; Genre: Third-person Shooter?) I've still got to say this one is really weird for me. It's also, I believe, very often going for ridiculously cheap on the PS Store so anyone who wants a fun little shooter I encourage you to pick it up. It's chaotic and ridiculous but was very fun even for someone like me who often dislikes shooters. 6. Tooth and Tail (PS4; Genre: RTS) I was very, very pleasently surprised with Tooth and Tail. The controls really transfered over to the PS4 much better than I expected and though I know a lot of fans of RTS games like the micromanagement the limited ability to do so was welcome for me as I am really unskilled at that aspect of RTS games. I would definitely reccomend it for RTS fans and even non RTS fans looking for a fun skirmish game. 7. Reus (PS4; Genre: Indie/God Game) What a fun game for short bursts of play. The timed games were something I really enjoyed, though I would also love to have a game mode where you can just keep playing forever. Maybe those are available later, I just haven't unlocked them. The game also seems to keep you unlocking things bit by bit which is something I really enjoy. It's a niche game, and I gave it a lower rating for that I beleive but I personally beleive it's great and thus will be upgrading my trophy score. 8. Defense Grid 2 (PS4; Genre: Tower Defense) I have to say I liked the witty banter and dialogue in this one between the characters more than the game play. I'm assuming the gameplay picks up in later parts of the game but it was still fun to see tower defense blasting aliens into oblivion. I also feel like I would enjoy it a lot more if more of my friends had the game and I could be comparing my scores with theirs. 9. Moonlighter (PS4; Genre: ARPG/Rogue-lite) I was really hyped up for this one by multiple friends and I have to say that they weren't wrong, I do love this game. Both parts of the gameplay (dungeon crawling and shop management) are quite fun to me, though I would like the abiltiy to have upgraded bag space. As one of those people who slow walk back to town in Skyrim because I'm weighted down with EVERYTHING in the dungeon, limited bag space kills me. 10. GWENT: The Witcher Card Game (PS4; Genre: Card Game) Everything I know about this game has apparantly recently been tweaked as a large overhaul was released a couple of days ago with enormous amounts of balance changes. However, I did enjoy what I played. Though, I played in Beta and it has changed insanely since then, so given the clear mutability of the game I think I will give this a lower score than I orgiinally had. Still tons of fun, still free to play. Other games played during the event. Burly Men at Sea (PS4; Genre: Indie/Story Based) Platinumed this while looking for something to do to break up a day of frustrating gaming. Was one of those really short games that had an easy plat, so I powered on through it. Was pretty fun but very niche. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS3; Genre: Action/Adventure) Completed the main story/single player during the event and now have moved on to multiplayer trophies. Yes, I'm trying for platinum. Yes, I'm crazy. Thank you very much to voodoo_eyes for this event, I tend to have netflix syndrome when it comes to my games (browse forever and never actually choose anything to play) so having a list of 10 games I knew I had to get at least a FEW hours in was great. I'll be back for the next event, for sure! STARTING STATISTICS: Games played: 382 Games completed: 10 Trophies earned: 917 Trophies unearned: 2496 Completion: 22.84% Trophies Per Day: 0.28 ENDING STATISTICS: Games played: 376 (I deleted a few 0% games from my list that I abandoned during this time frame either due to unavailable servers or soon-to-be-unavailable-servers that I didn't want to try to rush the platinums for) Games completed: 12 Trophies earned: 1108 (What? How the heck did I get so many extra?!) Trophies unearned: 2948 (I think these numbers are a bit messed up) Completion: 23.67% Trophies Per Day: 0.34 So yeah, I guess in the spirit of the event I failed because my completion percentage went up, but at the same time, I managed to complete two games and actually start a bunch that were 0% on my list. Bring on the next event! I can't wait!