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  1. As I expected, I didn't finish a platinum this month. I'm working on a couple of shorter platinums now, though, so I'm hoping to be on track again this month! Thanks!
  2. It looks like I've failed this month once again. I'm going to try again last month, and I'm aware you only get three months of fails before you're moved to inactive, but I will try to defeat my attention demons this time!
  3. #COOKWITHME: Kingdom Hearts 3 (Ultra Challenge: Cooking Mini-Game #DANCESINGWITHME: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (Ultra Challenge: Dancing Minigame) #CRAFTWITHME: Atelier Rorona DX (Ultra Challenge: A trophy requiring you to craft; Alchemy Lv. 50 – Your Alchemy level in the Atelier games can only go up via crafting, so this trophy counts as a must-craft trophy) #HANGOUTWITHME: Borderlands 2 (Ultra Challenge: A game with at least one multiplayer trophy; Friendship Rules requires you to be revived by someone on your PSN Friends list) #READWITHME: Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (Ultra Challenge: Platinum a visual novel which requires you to watch every ending for a trophy) #LEARNWITHME: Horizon Zero Dawn (Ultra Challenge: Platinum a game that requires you to max out the skill tree; All Skills Learned) #GETREADYWITHME: Tales of Symphonia (PS3, NA) (Ultra Challenge: Platinum a game which gives you a trophy for unlocking every alternate outfit; There are a set of titles within the game that give you swimsuit outfits – each has their own trophy, I believe since each character has a trophy for getting all titles) #SOLVEWITHME: Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy #STAYHOMEANDWATCH: LEGO The Hobbit #BONDWITHME: A Plague Tale: Innocence (Ultra Challenge: Platinum a game where one or more of the family members are playable characters) #WORKOUTWITHME: Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom #FIGHTWITHME: Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (Platinum a game which requires you to kill a ton of enemies for a trophy or two; Beast Blaster) #TRAVELWITHME: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Ultra Challenge: A Game with an Open World Mechanic) #GAMEWITHME: Reus (Platinum a game with an Ultra Rare Platinum; currently 0.54% Platinum) All Games are NA - PS4 unless otherwise noted. Notes: Because I’m crazy, some of these games require me to at least beat previous games beforehand (like Kingdom Hearts 3, I have to beat the others in the series first) so they may come much later in the challenge. @gruffiiti (Here is the tag; Thank you!)
  4. Smol edit! Since you've removed the cap on the games, may I please actually officially participate? I was going to do so unoffically because there was a cap on the number of participants, but if possible I would like to officially do so. I will post my list tomorrow morning (tecnically still May 1st) as it is VERY late here right now and I just checked into the forums before bedtime. Thanks guys!
  5. Despite this theme being my cup of tea, sadly I'm going to have to report that I got nothing done this month. And despite the whole state of the world that's happening giving me infinite time to play video games for some reason I'm having trouble holding focus for more than 15 minutes. I'm going to try again for May, wish me luck guys!
  6. @Rune_Crys I know you're likely full by now, but may I follow along and post some progress (with a clear header that I'm not actually officially participating so people don't have to do extra work to factor me in to anything) on my own? I've been in the weird mind fog that I feel many people are in and this would give me a lot of motivation, even if I'm unofficially participating in the event and just sort of participating in spirit/posting to give myself accountability.
  7. It's called "The Snake" because I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a representation of the 'snake' that tricked Adam and Eve into eating the apple (the game's basically a budget Uncharted themed around the Garden of Eden and the Temple of Solomon) As I said she's literally a ball of smoke, blue electricity and malice and she shows up in various parts of the game. Aside from making me fall to my death once she didn't attack me, though the game implies that if you make "selfish choices" that she will. Since she really does seem to be some sort of supernatural force I don't know if she counts! It's fine if she doesn't, this has just been a really busy month so I fail to get another game I assume I can use the plat for a skip.
  8. I haven't been making good progress in my planned game so I completed a game as ... insurance, let's say. I just finished Adam's Venture: Origins, and platinumed it (gaining Hero of the Day). Now I'm unsure if "The Snake" counts as a monster: she is a floating ball of smoke, eletricity and malice. But if she does, then I'll count this as my month's game, and if she doesn't, then I'll hold on to this platinum as a skip if I can't get a qualifying game in time. (I'll post a further update when the month rolls over!)
  9. I'm going to finally make a push for my two final trophies in Monster Hunter World this month. While I know two trophies to a platinum doesn't seem like a lot to push for, my god I have been gunning for this platinum for so long, the trophies are those darn "Get a mini crown and a large crown for almost every monster" trophies and are all RNG based. So I am about to go cut a swathe through certain monsters' populations until I find some really big and really small ones! Wish me luck!
  10. Hello! Still here, just doing badly on game completion due to work I'll be doing some hard pushes for at least one trophy this month!
  11. Completed a Title for February: Detroit Become Human; Platinum Achieved today! This also counts for: * Hardcore - You play entirely androids. * Started this month * Part of another event (New Years Resolutions Event) Also a reminder that I chose to accept LEGO Batman 2 as my January platinum (which had some extra challenges as well, I can go back and find them in the thread again if needed) since it hasn't been updated.
  12. Second Update (I know I'm not going to make the full list but I'm trying!) Lose the Weight: Platinumed Detroit: Become Human; There are multiple overweight characters in the game that play important roles, such as Alice's Dad, Zlatko, and Rose.
  13. I would like to count Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes for January as the platinum if possible then! (Which would then activate the extra challenges, Hardcore, a Game that Counts Toward a different PSNP event (New Years Resolution), Complete a Game That you Started This Month) The reason I'm choosing this is because I've just finished the story of Detroit: Become Human last night and plan to be platinuming it next weekend Thank you!
  14. There is definitely enough focus on the painter/painting for it to count in my opinion
  15. First Update: I've been really badly swamped with work, so I've been unable to play much. Time to buckle down and catch up! Lose the Weight - Focus on Family - Update Relationship Status - Go to the Gym - Find Time For Yourself - Get a Better Job - Finish Your Masterpiece - Volunteer More - Do Better in School - Make More Money - Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (02-02-2020; Qualifying Trophy: The House of Luthor)
  16. *eyes post from 17 hours ago that says I have 24 hours to finish my game* ... that's 6 hours. ON I GO. I've completed the story for my game but I'm giong to push for the platinum right now! I'll update again in six hours to let you know if I manage to complete it in time or if I just get the story completion for this month. EDIT: With only one hour left in the official "time to finish up", I won't get my platinum in time. I will be finishing it this evening (it's afternoon here now) but I understand that it won't count to the January platinum rank. I didn't get to finish it before now due to work circumstances but I'll be danged if I don't finish it anyway However, I did manage to get Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes' story done. (I'm unsure if challenges count since I didn't manage to get the plat in time, but if they do, this also counts as a Hardcore, a Game that Counts Toward a different PSNP event (New Years Resolution), Complete a Game That you Started This Month). Double Edit: Stats unchanged for January other than Completion rate which is now 26.30% And finally: A question - since I failed to Platinum Lego Batman in January, can it count towards February's Platinum? There are multiple playable robot characters within the game, as well as robot enemies. I have as of right now (1:42 AM in my time zone on the 2nd) still have 9 trophies to go in the game.
  17. Trueeee, I didn't think about that. Most of the Batman villains have some form of superpower. If Poison Ivy or Catwoman is in there at all, I'm golden.
  18. I hope so, because I've been looking sideways at my LEGO Batman games. Unfortunately Batman himself doesn't have superpowers so I may have to do two this month :/
  19. I just want to thank you @HusKy because this script does everything I've been trying to do with spreadsheets and google docs for months and months now. I'm currently adding and organizing my massive backlog (just finished reading this whole thread to better understand updates as they came out etc) and I am so pleased with all of this. Thank you, so much.
  20. Apologies, I've been away from the computer. Thank you for adding my stats.
  21. Sign me upppppp please! I'll post a tentative list later on.
  22. I've finalized my list, it's updated in my original post (my link is on the main post for this event so I figured I wouldn't repost it). Good luck to everyone and enjoy! Last year I managed to complete 13 games across all my consoles (3DS included) so if I buckle down hard, maybe I can complete this one!
  23. I start up the game fine (I was playing yesterday, and I don't think any new patches downloaded in the meantime) but when I get to the "Press Any Button" screen ... no buttons work to get me into the game. I'm doing a full reboot of my PS4 but I'm very confused. Edit: I've managed to get in, but it was a weird "fix" so I'll leave the topic up - even though getting into the game worked with my wireless controller (and the controller is working wireless afterwards), up to and including the "Press X" during the "hey this game autosaves" announcement, I had to PLUG the controller into the system to press the button to actually get into the game/to the Start Game screen. Going to leave the topic up just in case anyone else encounters this.
  24. I missed out on a few months last year but I'd like to sign up for this year!
  25. I'm going to have to skip out on December but I'll be rejoining in the next year! Thank you for the fun times!