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  1. I'm seriously impressed by the number of people who were able to finish this race and I say good job to everyone who has. I beat this race in the original pc version back in the day even if it was way too hard and took too many tries. Anyways I have been at it for quiet a while. Spent a good 6 to 8 hours over 4 nights. Never got better than 4 place. Got really sick of the loading times and skipping the race intro after each retry. I put it off for a while than thought with the ps5 the loading would be more bearable. It's better but not as great as I thought it would be. Been at it again after a few nights but still not even close to being able to beat it. Watched all the videos and read all the forum posts I could find and even with all the good tips, I can't for the life of me finish this race in first When I do well I always screw up somewhere. Anyhow I usually pride myself in doing trophies myself, but I think I've put enough tries into it but it has become sort of an obsession and I need to get this platinum. If there were any generous souls out there willing to help me just beat this race I would appreciate it greatly. If not maybe my long rant will help me get passed it. Good luck to all those who need it. Edit: Complaining does pay off, I apparently made a big accident on first u-turn and the five last cars stayed there and the front of the pack got caught in it during second lap and just had to drive carefully during the last 2 laps and I was golden.
  2. Had the same problem on app and browser but on console was able to buy it
  3. You just have to talk to him over and over. Open shop then close and then it will complete at one point. Never bought a thing from him
  4. I have a question for those who unlocked 100% trophy, does your save file say 100 % or did you just get the trophy at whatever percentage you were? I was unaware of the glitch and was buying weapons and outfit and had the bug while clearing the hidden city and after the patch was able to finish the area but at San juan I'm stuck at 96 percent saying i'm missing a relic and 1 survival cache but when I check and count on the map they're all grayed out. Am I screwed out of seeing 100%?