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  1. I just got this trophy on the PS5 using a physical copy of the game and switching the internet off. It looks like this trophy can only be unlocked using the old gear upgrade system otherwise it wouldn't have unlocked using this method. Developers overlooked this and are too busy making skins and introducing expansions to deal with this. Pretty unprofessional especially for a Marvel game.
  2. My only thought is omg symphon filter is coming on ps4 and ps5. That sound the 9mm silencer made was a delight and this was such a fun game to play.
  3. Play through proving grounds and get wwe tokens to use in the token store. I did a legendary run and unlocked the diamond store after completing chapter 3.
  4. Clubber Lang: hold down triangle and his fist glows white. Also opponent must have his guard up.
  5. Just platinumed the game. Was me mixing up secret room with containment room. Got the trophy the minute I dropped in the room. It is a great game and felt accomplishment with this platinum.
  6. Struggling with fractured wasteland. I've got all scout logs, all glyphs but the containment room completion is not registering on the activity card and the trophy won't unlock. Any advice?
  7. Flambé glitched on me so what I did was switch of my internet on the PlayStation main menu, then started a new save file and farmed the flambé kills at the first mission that introduced molotovs. I may be wrong about why this works but it may have something to do with the 2k account that logs you in when you start the game.
  8. Should definitely be cheaper considering anyone can make this game with the edit menu.
  9. My rocky 5 petition is still pending, along with my Indiana Jones and the crystal skull petition.
  10. This is such a refreshing and balanced review with a great analysis of the games story.
  11. Terminator Resistance. Only cos I Platinumed Salvation so thought I should complete the crappy set. I'm such a mug
  12. The nightmare is over. The trophy appeared. Now I can move on to better things. I hope everyone who owns this game can too.
  13. I hear you on that. Wish I could get a refund on this game but alas I went for the collectors edition cos I'm a wrestling fanatic. This is what blind faith in a franchise costs me.
  14. I swear this game makes orc slayer decent in comparison.
  15. Tried the kick off match and whenever I get undertaker to half health I always get a wrestler run in to assist me even though I'm winning and then the match resets to menu. What is that all about?