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  1. After one year on current account 184
  2. VR Required
  3. You don't need DLC look at those 20 panels from the video and the trophy should pop.
  4. Is it something like this ?
  5. #183 & 184 Energy Invasion PS4/Vita Shit game but very short and cheap double plat ;) Cool soundtrack.

    1. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    2. MetalGarurumon


      Nice work!

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  6. I will be short on this one. So i wan't it to be better than the new xbox only that haha fuck me i'm not a FanBoy
  7. That's a nice set of trophies You got there!
  8. Go for it it's alright PS4 is better but Vita is alright too easy 3 plats.
  9. meow!

    Wish you a wonderful Friday big cat from other Catland ;)

    1. bezdomnekoty


      Thanks! Have a nice Friday 2!

    2. Shirokane84


      yeah i will!

  10. Welcome \o/
  11. Welcome \o/ There are many trophy addicts here so feel like home.
  12. Welcome \o/
  13. There are 2 platinum achievers who's the second one ? MercuryHope & ?
  14. 16 random characters ( letters + numbers ) mine is a cd-key from quake 3 arena somehow i did remember it and i'm using it almost everywhere no need to change this cause it's to hardcore for any machine atm to brute force it.
  15. REPORTED! ;D