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  1. My update: 1. Afrika (10%) 2. Hatoful Boyfriend 3. Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion (24%) --> Platinum 4. Burly Men at Sea 5. Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments --> (48%) 6. Heavy Rain 7. Far Cry Primal 8. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 I didn't think Adventure Time would be that easy and quick.
  2. So I just saw that I can change my list until Dec 9. I'm going to change my list and also shorten it because I do not think I have time for all 15. My new list will be: 1. Afrika (10%) 2. Hatoful Boyfriend 3. Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion (24%) 4. Burly Men at Sea 5. Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments 6. Heavy Rain 7. Far Cry Primal 8. Kingdom hearts the first one I'll start with those and see how far I get.
  3. I'm mostly just sad that there's no longer going to be any vita and PS3 games for plus next year. I'm usually pretty careful about which games I buy and most of them end up just sitting anyways so I haven't really been disappointed in that regard...that I know of yet lol. Personally the worst thing about this year gaming-wise is that my cat who was the best gaming buddy in the world passed away before we hit 50 platinums on this profile. Spiderman was our last together.
  4. I think I'll try to do updates every 5 days. That way I can keep myself accountable for my progress. So far I've done Afrika - 5% -> 10% My new ps3 controller's motion controls work great. I've been trying to finish cosmic star heroine too which is not on my list.
  5. It was sarcasm dude...
  6. All I'm going to add to this convo is why not stop arguing with each other about what constitutes gambling? These investigations are going to happen regardless of your opinions. Why not wait until after to have a more meaningful argument over how wrong or stupid their decision on the outcome is?
  7. And if you want a specific card, just buy it off someone else, or online. It's really not the same thing.
  8. I'll join too. My list will be: 1. Heavy Rain 2. Lego HP Collection 3. Shiness the Lightning Kingdom (17%) 4. Unravel (25%) 5. Afrika (5%) - if I can find a new controller that has working motion controls 6. RIME 7. Hatoful Boyfriend 8. Darksiders Warmastered Edition 9. Life is Strange Before the Storm 10. The Last Tinker 11. Slayaway Camp PS4 12. Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc - and read the manga 13. Oxenfree 14. Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments 15. Far Cry Primal I won't have much time to play with exams coming up but after that, until I find a job I'll have a ton of time woooo
  9. This game is quite tedious at times. That being said, it's still one of my favorites on the PS3. And it better be given how much I paid for it (including accidentally buying the JP version). I find it's like an adult pokemon snap.
  10. What did you think of getting the platinum? I've been meaning to get back into this game but can't find the motivation
  11. I only play games that I'm interested in including the odd easy point and click. Though I find the point and clicks are trying to tell a broader story and sometimes the puzzles are extremely vague and get in the way, so I generally have no problem just using a guide to go through it quicker. The funny thing is that I'm a 25 year old female who has a thing for children's games, but I don't play many because holy hell they are waaaay too expensive for what they are: a few hours worth of cheap gameplay. But will I let other people's opinions deter me from playing what I want? Hell no. My boyfriend laughed when I said I was excited that the My Riding Stables game is finally on the NA store, but I don't care. One of favourite games back in the day was a Barbie horse riding sim on the PC. Gaming is a hobby for ME to enjoy; I don't do it for anyone else.
  12. I'm sorry about your dog. I lost my cat a couple months ago. Nothing can replace them, and it feels like a huge hole just ripped open in your heart. But as long as they were loved and we know we did all we could, maybe one day it won't be so hard.
  13. Ahh I saw this video (didn't watch it, just saw the thumbnail and title) and figured that it would spark something. It's a game people. You know, for fun? Punching people in the face, no matter who it is, is fun. You can't do it in real life so take advantage of a game that lets you do it with the only consequences being in-game.
  14. Well I didnt complete a single game on my list... go me lol
  15. Pretty sad that Xbox people can change their usernames Willie nillie but psn screws everything up. Don't they realize they are messing up people's investments? I have spent way too much money on digital stuff to risk losing it all. Guess I'll be a cold sphinx forever now lol