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  1. He literally said in his post that he was lying.
  2. I got back into Digimon World Next Order. Like obsessively lol. I do want to finish AC Origins before Odyssey comes out but I'm not sure I'll get it right away anyways.
  3. No. Not every game needs MP. How they would implement it in this type of game would only make it seems shoehorned in for the sake of having it. Add STORY not unnecessary crap. Good review OP. I agree with everything you said 100%. I loved getting the platinum with my only real complaint being there are too many crimes. Its not a huge grind to do them after the story was done (only did about half during), but like you said, having 4 factions was a little much.
  4. Got the platinum in spiderman so I'll most likely be working something from my list soon. I had to put my cat down this weekend so the motivation to play is just not there right now. She was my main gaming buddy at home and spiderman was our last platinum together. Shame we never made it to 50 on this profile.
  5. Platinumed spideyman so now I'll be coming back to my original list soon. I should probably get going on the Face Your Fears Challenge though
  6. But if he's going for 100% in all districts he will have to do pretty much the entire story again
  7. I would love to see World of FF on the switch even though Ive platted it on PS4. I am happy that FFXIV pocket edition is a thing; I pretty much bought it because I've been dying to play both of those FFs, again, and it's almost like they combined to make their own thing.
  8. I think its a good thing its so similar to inFamous. Second Sun was a lot of fun.
  9. As I've now said in the Face Your Fears Challenge, I'm going to be taking a short break from my list to play Spiderman. Either I platinum it quickly, like in the next two weeks or so, or I play the story only and come back to it after the event. I do want to get my listed games DONE.
  10. I'll most likely be taking a break fromy list to play some Spiderman. I'm going to challenge myself to get the platinum as fast as I I can lend it to the other person who wants to play it (even though he's already played it more than me *grumble grumble*)
  11. The only thing I'm ashamed of is using a guide before I even have a chance to enjoy a game for what it is. I usually do this for the easy under-an-hour platinums, but since I'm paying money for them, I think I should actually put effort into at least enjoying them, not treating them like a job or chore to check off a list.
  12. So I did a few collectibles in GOW and realized that the way the free roam works is really annoying so it'll be a slow go. Then I tried again on the second mission of Nioh on which I am stuck and rage quit. So far, my game choices have not been the best apparently lol.
  13. Finished my first game. Very easy peasy thanks to the awesome guide on here. And it totally did take longer than I wanted but life happens. I'm not going to do a big review on this one just because it's one of those easy platinum games that you can finish in not even an hour if you go for it. All I will say is that it's a cute little Tetraminos game where you use the puzzle aspect of Tetris to save the little blocks from....something lol.
  14. So I'm not allowing myself to buy new games right now so I am going with God of War. I'm counting the boat travel as relevant to the theme.
  15. I would like to join. I'm doing the Face Your Fears Challenge as well so I'd have those five games going alongside, but I would like to add five more (hopefully I have time for all this lol). My additional games will be: 1. Tetra's Escape (short games always end up taking forever for some reason) 2. Life is Strange Before the Storm 3. Gravity Rush Remastered 4. Jak 1 5. Rime