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  1. I got my platinum!! For what looks like a kids game, it is a bit more tricky than I thought it would be. Fun and cute game.
  2. I am really close to getting the platinum in mini ninjas. I just have to redo like 2 levels for collectibles and one or two misc. trophies. Then I will finally be done with the game.
  3. So I know I probably wont finish digimon anytime soon. I also attempted AC but I kinda forgot how to play so I'll need some extra time to get familiar with it again.
  4. I made a bit of progress in Mini Ninjas...I have to go back to each level for the collectibles and some misc trophies and I should have the platinum soon. I'm trying to finish this one before starting any others since it is the only PS3 game I actually currently have on my trophy list.
  5. I know I was pretty bad at keeping my posts up to date before and thusly put on the inactive list, but I would like to try to join for this season. I would change my list from last season to include games I actually want to play so I can stay motivated. 1. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth - finish story before Hacked Memory comes out 2. Persona 4 Dancing All Night - finish story 3. NHL 18 - All offline trophies/Be A Pro mode 4. Adventure Time Secret of the Nameless Kingdom - platinum 5. Assassin's Creed Chronicles - China trophies
  6. I’ll join too. Mini Ninjas Alice Madness Returns Ni No Kuni Harry Potter Wipeout Afrika Ill start with those. I know I have tons more.
  7. Ok so I realize this event is done now but i haven’t posted in a long time and this is kind of like my closure for it. Only got one platinum done. Found out Judge Dee is garbage. I’ll put more effort into my next event; got sidetracked by school a lot.
  8. After exams I’ll have a lot more free time. This might be just what I need to get back into gaming as I’ve been so busy with school I haven’t even touched a game in so long. I have to go check which other events I joined and couldn’t finish first.
  9. 1. Seasons After Fall (Not started) 2. Late Shift (Platinum) 3. The walking Dead S.1 (50%) 4. Judge Dee (Not started) 5. Bully (Not started) 6. Hatoful Boyfriend (Not started) 7. South Park Stick of Truth (85%) I am at the start of the fourth episode in TWD. I beat Stick of Truth but realized that I missed some of the outfits so I have to do another playthru.
  10. I have done the same thing; started a new account after like 4 other ones to try and keep a 100% completion rate. It's been since February, and I am failing miserably. I get bored and say to myself "oh I can start and finish a new game and come back to what I was working on no problem." But then work happens. Or school. Or you have a friend who really wants you to play GTA V with them. And it all falls apart. Now don't get me wrong I still have OCD about the games I'm currently playing, but now I realize it's not as threatening to start a new game if it's something I would rather play instead of what I got going on. Anyways good luck! I hope you still have fun chasing your goals; don't let it become a job or chore. Gaming is supposed to be fun first.
  11. 1. Seasons After Fall (Not started) 2. Late Shift (Platinum) 3. The walking Dead S.1 (Not Started) 4. Judge Dee (Not started) 5. Bully (Not started) Been a little busy with school and whatnot but managed one game done so far. Not bad. Kind of like a really intense Telltale game. Would like to add some more games: 6. Hatoful Boyfriend 7. South Park Stick of Truth
  12. So I ended up going a little too far with Lego City and pushed it past 25% making it ineligible. I'm also going to change AC 2. So instead of those I will change them to Late shift and the walking dead season 1
  13. Working on Lego City Undercover. There are waaaay too many collectibles in that game.
  14. Microsoft has Battlefield 3 and Forza 5 for Games with Gold this month. It's not just Sony with the old games lol
  15. Are you serious? First of all, you don't have to buy it if you have such a problem with it. Second, that video shows the MAKER OF THE GAME (ONE GUY) playing the tutorial that HE MADE. I think he did a fantastic job if it's his first game. I remember I tried making a game once and it's hard as shit. Maybe give people, and Sony, a little credit.