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  1. Shines the lightning kingdom. I want to finish and plat this so bad, but I'm having a hard time sticking with it. Not that it's a bad game, I just messed up a side quest and don't have the motivation to continue. I know I can just get it on the mandatory second playthrough but... One day I'll do it. Also Action Henk is one I will never finish. I got to the Kentinator challenge and can't even make it past the first jump. Fun, cute game but out of my skill level.
  2. Well I am Canadian so my Thanksgiving was back in October but nonetheless, the game I am most thankful for is the recent Disney Aladdin/Lion King collection. I played Lion King back in my SNES days and was probably my first truly difficult game I ever played (I was also 7 years old back then). Imagine my surprise when I heard it was coming to the PS4!! Still hard and I keep forgetting they added a rewind feature lol. I am so thankful for the game and the platinum art that I am making it my #100 milestone!
  3. You just made more text to read. And now, so did I. 😂
  4. Benefit of the doubt for what? I dont think you know what that means. You openly admitted to fudging trophies, there is no doubt. Time to own up to your mistakes and accept the consequences of your actions. What makes you more special than all the other people begging to be put back on the leaderboards?
  5. I think if people are really that toxic I myself would just report them through the PS4 (if you're still able to that, I haven't had to in a while), delete them, and move on. My tolerance for toxic people is low, but I also don't want to give them more time than they are worth ie figuring out what to do about them other than what I've mentioned above.
  6. At #98! One more until my milestone  for #100 which I've decided to be the Disney Aladdin/Lion King just for the Lion king art. Nostalgia!

    1. SkyesUnholy


      Ooooh good choice! An envious milestone platinum indeed :) 

    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

  7. Because money. People have more important things to purchase. I would love to be able to buy every new game at launch but can't justify the price when I have other things that come first. I will buy the odd one however if I really really really want it.
  8. I agree. It really reflects on myself personally because I am that person who complains about not having time for certain things like playing games when in reality I'm wasting all my time on social media lol. Or that I don't go to the gym because I'm playing my games. Or that I let trophies decide what game to play next, etc. I just thought the post was a good commentary on how we see ourselves and to put things in perspective. The money thing is another really important one for me too. I don't have a budget for things I want because it's all going towards fast food 😒 lol
  9. I came across a Facebook post a while back about how people complain that they have no time for stuff (like going to the gym or spending time with family) while at the same time they are wasting multiple hours a day on social media and binging Netflix shows. Or how they think $100 for a gym membership is too expensive but will happily spend that much on shoes because "they were on sale". It all comes down to priorities and choices, but people don't seem to realize that. Anyways, didn't mean to hijack this thread; your comment just reminded me of that post that really stuck with me.
  10. I am interested in it. I don't really care about Star Wars, but the gameplay looks really fun. I don't mind that it's EA seeing how they seem to have learned something, but I will wait a bit to see if they do end up messing it up. Doesn't help it comes out the same day as pokemon and I don't have the budget for both.
  11. I hope this actually helps people care about bees irl. Looks pretty fun and interesting to me. I've never played one of these silly sim games before either so it shall be an experience!
  12. I really don't have any "difficult" platinums on this account. My old account the one that pops into my mind as my hardest was Dark Souls 3 and it wasn't even that hard because I did most of it with my bf. Loved it and want to play it again but it is quite a commitment and haven't brought myself to rebuy it.
  13. I like the POWGI games mostly because I'm a nerd for word games. I still follow a guide to finish it as fast as possible. It's more of a pallette cleanser I guess. I don't care for those Rata games though I and Me was a decent puzzle game (I didn't know it was Rata until after I bought it lol). I certainly don't want to stack them. I am tempted to grab some "easier" plats just to pad my way to my #100 milestone. Its not as much fun looking through other people's lists when you see "oh wow this person has 400 platinums!" And then you see it's nothing but Rata stacks. But who really cares about what other people spend their time and money on. In terms of leaderboards I just want to see my numbers green.
  14. Persona 4 Golden. That's the only game you need. I could not put it down until I got the platinum. I was very skeptical at first, but if you like a good story I totally recommend (like everyone else would lol)
  15. Don't forget - the vita also has remote play with the PS4. Just need wifi. I use it all the time. You can pretty much play anything that doesn't need L2/R2 buttons, and even then sometimes you can use the rear touch screen for them or map them to something else.