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  1. That is a shame. From the gameplay I've seen it looks reminiscent of Hitman Absolution which I absolutely loved. Every time I see it on sale I think it can't be that bad, but every time I look it up I see literally everyone says its not good. I'm trying not to subject myself to bad quality games despite thinking I want to play them because I know I will end up regretting it
  2. That's fair. Its a shame that there isn't a decently put together horse sim game on PS4. I do have A Wonderful Life on PS4 which I played to death on the GameCube back in the day maybe I will just start that one up again and save the $$.
  3. Every time I see this game I want to buy it so bad. I am in need of a horse sim game. Honestly the best one I ever played was a Barbie horse game on the PC back when I was a young girl. I just think the $40 price tag is too much. I seen it on sale for $20 once and I kinda regret not buying it.
  4. Planet Coaster Impossible Creatures Elder Scrolls Morrowind These three because there's now a truck simulator game I'll pick up later and I don't really play PC games so thats about it.
  5. PS1 - Monster Rancher Battle Card PS3 - haven't decided yet PS4 - Dreamals Dream Quest, Crayola Scoot, A Plague Tale Innocence Vita - Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Switch - nothing until pokemon comes out but I am interested in the Zelda remake
  6. A lot of people were complaining that trophy requirements were too tough or stupid or whatever on a lot of games. Developers making AAA games seemed to have actually listened to that and made some actually really good trophy lists. And now we get people complaining they're too easy. Proof positive you cannot please everyone. There is always going to be games that will satisfy whatever difficulty you are looking for; you don't always have to play AAA games. There are so many unique indie or small games there's really no reason to be afraid of where this generation is going in terms of challenge.
  7. I think it's because gaming in general is becoming more and more socially acceptable and more people are playing now than ever before. That being said, there's now a larger demographic to cater to; the average person spends most of their day at work and doesn't have a lot of time to devote to gaming so the more they feel like they're progressing in a game, the better, otherwise there's the danger of them stopping playing entirely. Developers know that if they churn out a game that appeals to the masses, the more the masses will buy their next game, and so on. It's the science of business in my opinion.
  8. I like the game but hate how confusing the areas are and the map doesn't really help much. I'm also finding the text really small and I know I'm blind but geez it's impossible to see playing split screen. My bf and I had to move the couch to be a foot away from the tv (smaller tv doesn't help). It will never touch B2 in my eyes.
  9. I'm happy when I get back up to 70%. I'm just trying to keep mine above 65%
  10. I just started Crayola Scoot and was surprised to see that it is an ultra rare plat. I'm going to see if I can get it myself but the controls are very hard to get used to imo. Edit: on here it shows the rarity at 22% uncommon, but on the PS4 it's at ultra rare 1.4%
  11. I know right? He keeps saying the same thing about EZPZ games but that's all his profile is aside from Dragon Quest Builders. Are these all you play? Or are there other games you would play but trophies are stopping you? Life is too short to only care about what you can platinum. Play stuff of quality not just little crap games that you yourself said you were going to avoid.
  12. No I decided it does look pretty terrible. I went with A Plague Tale and Chocobos Mystery Dungeon from the other sale. Very excited about both games.
  13. On the fence about A Plague Tale. Will most likely pick it up tonight but I'm also eyeing American Ninja Warrior and Nickelodeon Karts for some easy platinums. They look kinda fun. We will see how my budget looks.
  14. 0- 5800- Knee Deep 1- 9581- Jigsaw Zen 2- 3- 9323- Pic-a-Pix Pieces 2 4- 5- 8765- Ace Attorney Trilogy 6- 9456- Wordsweeper by POWGI 7- 5447- Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 8- 7678- Detroit Become Human 9- 319- Shrek Forever After Well, I'm done. Came so close to finishing AC2 for #2 but I won't be able to finish all the collectibles by the end of today so I'm not going to push it. If I started Danganronpa earlier I probably could've finished that one too for #4 but nonetheless I am very pleased with how I did. My goal was to hit 6/10 and I managed 8/10. I do really like the idea of this event and I want to thank everyone involved in making it happen. I probably won't do another one like it because I felt like I didn't have enough games for each number and I can't stop myself from buying games that fit rather than pick from my backlog.
  15. Pretty much any Digimon game for nostalgia reasons. For gameplay I'd say Next Order, just because I loved the first Digimon world game when I was a kid and this is basically an updated version of that. I'm expecting Survive to be an amazing story because it's being done by Spike Chunsoft and I love everything they've done that I've played so far.