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  1. First one that comes to mind is NHL 18. Stupid online servers.
  2. Don't forget Recore! It was so weird but i liked it oddly enough. Totally agree Sunset Overdrive needs to come over. I played a little New Super Lucky's Tale on Xbox (gamepass I guess) and found it quite charming so I'll pick this version up at some point.
  3. Did you actually think a Mario game came to a Sony console? I am very excited about this myself and if it's the right price I will pick it up day one.
  4. After thinking long and hard about it, I have decided that my personal end date for this event will be June 1st. I always have a hard time sticking to lists and I'm getting burnt out a little. I kind of want to do the summer backlog challenge, but it's more likely that I will just casually pick games I want to play while sitting around waiting for work to trickle in. Thanks to the host for setting this event up, and I think I got enough points for the gold badge but I might be wrong about that.
  5. Cooking - Kingdom Hearts 3 (Ultra Challenge) Dancing - Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Ultra Challenge) Crafting - Bioshock (PS4) (Ultra Challenge) Hangout - Wreckfest (Ultra Challenge) Read - Danganronpa 2 (Ultra Challenge) Learn - Assassin's Creed Origins (Alternative {Ultra Challenge?}) Get Ready - Akiba's Trip (Ultra Challenge) Solve - LA Noire (Alternative {Ultra Challenge?}) Stay Home and Watch - Jurassic World Evolution Bond - Family Guy Back to the Multiverse (Ultra Challenge) Workout - Persona 5 Royal Fight - Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Travel - Lego Marvel's Avengers (Ultra Challenge) Game - Alice Madness Returns Finally got the platinum in Alice. Felt like I was fighting the controls more than any enemies. I am definitely done with the game though maybe one day I'll go back for the dlc.
  6. I used to start new accounts every time I felt like I let my backlog get out of hand, but I have finally settled on a permanent account where I no longer care as much about trophy completions and care more about story completions. Also your completion rate will always be inaccurate as long as you have games that you haven't started yet. So I would say just pick some games off your list and complete them. It is also really fun seeing your completion rate break new milestones. I recently broke 70% so I started up some other games I had in my backlog for years and never touched.
  7. Got the platinum in Diablo 3. I will go back to the dlc another time because I remember my bf had trouble with it and I'm a bit Diablo'ed out right now after all of those bounties. No idea what's next.
  8. Got my third platinum: Jurassic world Evolution! Such a fun game and I am very proud of myself for platinuming a tycoon style game. Love them.
  9. I personally am enjoying this event as I am working from home, and after each day is done I settle down and game with my bf. My issue is I never know what game to play and I spend more time looking through my library than playing anything. This challenge has made it so I have goals to work towards and feel more productive with my time. Otherwise I feel like a rolling shit ball because my games are also how I escape and get away from all the bullpoop in the world right now. I also got a new gaming buddy cat named Frank. He is amazing and I love him so much already. He is certainly helping with not feeling like such a shit ball. As for the event itself, I should be looking at getting the Jurassic World Evolution platinum in the next day or two. I just have one more mission and a few miscellaneous trophies to clean up. I'm hoping the database trophy happens naturally alongside them.
  10. Please count me in as well. I'll do my list closer to the event. Thanks.
  11. I just got my second platinum. Hangout - Wreckfest (ultra challenge) Now I have to decide what next. Hardcore mode in Diablo, AC Origins after being inspired by the Valhalla reveal, or one of the other ones. 🤔
  12. I'm making another change to my list. I tried playing Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion XL for Get Ready with Me and I just...couldn't do it. Its so terrible. So I will be switching it out. I will go back to my original idea of Akiba's Trip (vita). I'm reluctant to have two vita games on my list since I haven't been wanting to play it lately but maybe this will push me back into it.
  13. Got my first platinum for the event! Crafting - Bioshock (PS4) ultra challenge
  14. I'm sorry I have to make some drastic changes to my list since I really don't want to play like half of the ones I chose. At least now I will post my justifications and if they fulfill the ultra challenge requirements. Cooking - Kingdom Hearts 3 (Ultra Challenge - cooking mini game) Dancing - Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Ultra Challenge - dancing mini game) Crafting - Bioshock (PS4) (Ultra Challenge - inventing is the same as crafting in this case right?) Hangout - Wreckfest (Ultra Challenge - precisely one online multiplayer trophy) Read - Danganronpa 2 (Ultra Challenge - multiple endings for trophies) Learn - Assassin's Creed Origins (Alternative {Do these still count as Ultra Challenges?} - set in historical time period) Get Ready - Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion XL (Ultra Challenge - trophies for alternate costumes) Solve - LA Noire (Alternative {Ultra Challenge?} - playing as a detective solving mysteries) Stay Home and Watch - Jurassic World Evolution - based off the Jurassic World movie(s) Bond - Family Guy Back to the Multiverse (Ultra Challenge - playing as Brian and Stewie from Family Guy) Workout - Persona 5 Royal - lots of action Fight - Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls - have to kill lots of certain types of enemies for trophies (treasure goblins) Travel - Lego Marvel's Avengers (Ultra Challenge - hub worlds are open world style; let me know if it doesn't count for whatever reason) Game - Alice Madness Returns - I have to get this game done because it is so neat and I don't know why I stopped playing, but unfortunately not ultra rare
  15. I just got hired as an underwriter assistant about two weeks before I had to start working from home. I was only trained in the very basics and being trained over screensharing and phone calls has not been fun. So I've been stressing over that a bit but it's not too awful and then when I'm done for the day I chill with my bf and join him playing some video games. That's pretty much my entire life right now. Oh and every second week his kid stays with us and plays Fortnite while we chastise him to do his schoolwork. Fun times.