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  1. Would you like some cheese with that whine?
  2. Considering how fun the game looks, this list is pretty disappointing. Oh well, I don't buy games for the trophies like I used to and can't wait for the PS5 version. I know I could just get the upgrade but by the time I get around to playing it, the PS5 version will be out anyways. I also heard that the game saves for this particular game do not carry over so no sense having to restart, especially with that grind trophy.
  3. Kids are not the target audience for Crash lol. This game targets nostalgic adults who grew up playing the notoriously difficult (for the time) games when they first came out, who should by now have developed the skills to play through the majority of this game or at least have the focus and determination to keep playing after the frustration sets in. Just because a game isn't gory does not automatically make it a kids game. Also Ratalaika single handedly destroyed any value platinum trophies ever had and wrecked trophy hunting for everyone. What is the point of having a lot of piss easy crap platinums everyone can get in ten minutes of playing? That being said, there does not need to be two extremes in terms of difficulty, which is what, imo, makes AAA games so good. They are easy enough that the mass audience that they appeal too can get their platinums, while being long or just difficult enough that casual players won't necessarily achieve them and then the next game comes out that takes their attention away. This is not a AAA targeting mass audiences, and they certainly don't think of children as their main consumer. If you don't like it, don't buy it. That's the advantage of capitalism; you can make your own decisions.
  4. It should pop when you are back in the quinjet and you can choose your next mission.
  5. Not matchmaking with anyone and just playing with AI. Technically still online I know.
  6. You probably have. I've read that a lot of people are having trouble with it unlocking. In my experience, I didn't play much online, and all of my trophies popped when they were supposed to. I kept a tally of the hives I did and it popped right when I hit 50. All I can say is keep at it and hopefully it unlocks for you soon.
  7. Good job! I'm so excited for this. The trophy icons look great. Sad I'll probably never get that beautiful platinum image for myself. Oh well, can't get them all.
  8. God I loved the trilogy and the demo for this one. Never platinumed the other games and I sure as heck probably won't be skilled enough to go for this one. I will at least attempt some time trials so that I'm not giving up before I even give myself the chance to try, but I am going into this with the mindset of 'this will never happen in a million years'.
  9. You can. I used the very first one. Can't remember what it's called. "Let the games begin" or something like that. It only takes about 15 minutes a run. I finished all mine in three days and wasn't that bad. I also really love the game though so if you get bored of it maybe just break it down to do it over a longer period of time.
  10. I actually can't remember dealing with many games that glitched on me. I've been pretty lucky. The only one I can think of that gave other people trouble was the collectible trophies in Lego Harry Potter. Platinumed both games three times across multiple accounts and never ran into any issues having to restart. I've heard a lot of people had to with like 99% completion due to missing gold bricks or whatever.
  11. I got Tentative Peace last night after doing two more elite villain sectors. I lost count of how many I did before the patch, but it feels like it was around the 15 needed. I also have not had any issues with trophies popping when they should. I got the level 25 trophy at 25. I got the 50 intelligence files at 50. I've also played 95% of the time solo and only did a few multiplayer missions, so idk if that affects the trophy counts. Just working on the 250 hero levels and 50 hives. I still have a ways to go.
  12. I managed to get the last disc version available at the time from bestbuy. I went back after I had already ordered and saw that I should've gotten a charging station but eh I'll get one later. I think the plan is to get Demon Souls to play with my bf so we are probably going to wait to see how the console activation works if it's the same as PS4 so only one of us needs to buy the game digitally.
  13. GaaS games are literally designed to be released unfinished lol. That is the point of adding more content. No one remembers when Destiny first came out? I love the game. Been playing everyday since launch and having a great time. Just a few days until I get power level 150. No technical issues here on my old model PS4 either. All the hate is completely overblown imho.
  14. 0 - A Summer with the Shiba Inu 1 - Concept Destruction 5 - What Remains of Edith Finch 6 - Ratchet and Clank 7 - Crossovers by POWGI (NA) 8 - Bubsy Paws on Fire 9- Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom This was an ok game. Better than I was expecting, though I wasn't expecting much. Glad I got it for cheap anyway. This will be my last game. I had some things this week come up that I had to budget for so I wasn't able or willing to justify buying more games just for this challenge. A 7/10 isn't too bad considering I pretty much gave up gaming for over a month because I never felt like playing anything.
  15. I have been playing this game non-stop for the past week. Unfortunately there's no in-game timer so I don't know how much time I've put in already, but I also wasted a lot of resources on crap I didn't need and accidentally upgrading gear when I was trying to dismantle it. It is tedious as heck getting upgrade modules, and polychodrones or whatever they are called (I've been calling them Pocahontas because I can't ever remember). That is the main grind other than repeating missions. Difficulty is like a 4/5 because even on the highest difficulty I am kicking butt, but the time needed is a huge investment. I also haven't had any trophies like the intelligence one glitch on me so far, knock on wood. Edit: I'm playing this is on a new profile which is why you won't see it in my list.