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  1. Guys on forum "TrueAchievements", i also copy it here if it is useful: " Now that I'm more awake, I went back through all of my runs and incorporated data points from everyone that posted their results. The help is much appreciated! Will update the solution shortly, but posting the information in here as well: Total Score: 1,544,750 = A+ 1,487,410 = A Max Combo: 424 = A+ 348 = A Damage Incurred: 14,466 = A+ (Guilty115) 19,802 = A (MemoriesOfFinal) 20,020 = B 25,754 = B 35,191 = C Battle Time: 00:46:53 = A+ (Silver Mitsuki) 00:50:47 = A (ArkhmInmate0801) 01:12:XX = C (SilverArrow20XX) "
  2. 3 days I keep beating but nothing, today when I read your post and I decided to try, in the end I managed to beat, my main pg is lv81, 1100 atk and 1500def with fierce sigil. Thank you all for writing here, even if I do not participate a lot on forums, and sorry for my English! thank you!
  3. Yes, I managed to get the last Maduin with minigames and finally I managed to take and thank you (sry for my bad english!)
  4. Hello, I need to complete only for Maduin , if someone very kind for 5 minutes to give me a hand? Maduin Psn: Stormend09
  5. ok, I took the trophy and I put 7-8 hours to finish and thank you yes, I took it once that I reached it +370,000 Kw (376,000 Kw) Total hours on ComRades: 34h Thank Again guys =)
  6. I've found everything in the map, now I just have to do that 369.587kW? now i am 50K+ sry for my bad english!