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  1. Incredible 😀, thanks and congratulations again!
  2. Beautiful work, congratulations! If I then implement the% discount sorting, I will stop using psprices! Great!
  3. I am almost certain that platinum will still be available after October 31st, I think the internet connection is sufficient to check the time. We will see ...., I do not want to give false hope to anyone
  4. Avalanche should be contacted for information
  5. Although it is known I would add Uncharted 3 and The last of us for ps3.
  6. Send all a message on facebook, referring to that post. Someone answers .. https://www.facebook.com/microids/posts/10152841978042405
  7. I have written several times to the customer service of microids but I have never received an answer. http://www.microids.com/EN/contact