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  1. Many, myself included, leave the console in sleep mode without exiting the application, in this case if the game does not crash the trophies pop up without problems.
  2. I downgraded 2 months ago and it worked perfectly, the links just checked them and they are fine, take out the translator and copy and paste the link on Charles http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net/gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA03617_00/72/f_6c3faab1ab7f2485076aa29f7a982d99c8acdd4de8822c9072b736cb8e8fbdb9/f/EP1001-CUSA03617_00-MAFIA30000000001-A0109-V0101.json eu version
  3. Remove the translator who eats a piece of link: ::D in italian: Togli il traduttore che si mangia un pezzo di link
  4. I downgraded to 1.09 and maybe in 4 runs I should platinum it. Too bad that this problem is not mentioned in the guide, perhaps it would be appropriate to report it
  5. Incredible 😀, thanks and congratulations again!
  6. Beautiful work, congratulations! If I then implement the% discount sorting, I will stop using psprices! Great!
  7. I am almost certain that platinum will still be available after October 31st, I think the internet connection is sufficient to check the time. We will see ...., I do not want to give false hope to anyone
  8. Avalanche should be contacted for information
  9. Although it is known I would add Uncharted 3 and The last of us for ps3.
  10. Send all a message on facebook, referring to that post. Someone answers .. https://www.facebook.com/microids/posts/10152841978042405
  11. I have written several times to the customer service of microids but I have never received an answer. http://www.microids.com/EN/contact