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  1. All Activities completedCompleted the Tallneck, Bandit Camp and Hunting Ground in the Cut. All Three things required are listed right in the description.
  2. Fix is live Folks Still needs alot of testing but the three crashes caused by 1.02 are gone
  3. Myself and the rest of the J&D Speedrunning community compiled a list of every cutscene tested on the new patch as well as video evidence of the 3 consistent crash points and submitted them to Naughty Dog Page, if you're looking so improve our chances of a near future patch please upvote for visability at the link here: We gave video evidence and as i say a complete tested list of working/not working cutscenes so the help would be appreciated not only by our runners who put in the work, but im sure a quick patch would help everyone here still gunning for the plat. http://feedback.naughtydog.com/forums/602392-uncharted-the-lost-legacy/suggestions/31198639-jak-and-daxter-consistent-cutscene-crashes-with-te
  4. Only workaround you'll find at the moment is to buy an NTSC copy of the game as they didnt get the update, the speedrunning community have been testing these crashes since the patch released but they seem totally consistent sadly, just gotta wait for them to push another update.