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  1. I think I know whats wrong: The german descriptions for the trophies are, besides the bs translation, partly mixed. I saw, that I got this „now or never“ a week ago ^^ but the „wear p3 gear etc“-description is with a trophy called: Put your hanz up! The english translation here in my profile is what I should refer to …
  2. Hm, what am I doing wrong? I use the 4th gear (portable 3) and Hanz up notes and max comboed a few songs from portable 3 dlc, but nothing!? Do I have to play a certain song? Did it - among others - with IF and HanzUp. Thanks
  3. Hi there, a day befor the update everything was ok, but now I got ce-34878-0 when starting score attack, a story mission or even trying to watch a replay. I deleted, reinstalled, rebuilt the database of my ps4pro, but nothing. Can not play this anymore :-( bye
  4. Ok, have not unlocked tt, thanks. I would prefer to get „gold“ on every event etc., so it would be nice to know. And to add one or two more lists, regarding difficulty you can select, is not too complicated for a racing game ;-) Hm, I had fun with most N4S games. More with Hot Pursuit or MW2012. There were short comings, sure, but leaderboards and autolog where there. Lets see what they patch in?
  5. After having finished several events, I am not able to see my own times or the place (except once at the end of a race) I finished the race!? Just a check mark, regardless if I came in last or first!? A racer without any leaderboard, not even showing my own? Where is autolog? But ok, now I can choose to wear f***in puma shoes - in a racing game that does not even support wheels ^^ I was so hyped for this! This is so disappointing! Tell me this will unlock later or that I am missing something.
  6. Oh, thank you. Could have guessed this ;-) Just started the game for the first time an hour ago.
  7. Hi, I just tried to create a session for Most Wanted on Vita, but the game only appears for PS3!? Maybe I‘m doing something wrong, cause I have not yet created one!? Would like to do the „takedown a friend“ and own „speed list“ trophies. bye Alkuk
  8. Thank you for the advice. The „Brothers in arms“ Trophy seems to be bugged, but easy to get when creating a cabal. I think I‘ll wait for the Patch 2.0 to come to console before I really dive into this game.
  9. Joined cabal, but no trophy ^^ No cabal mission to restart for me!? Can I find cabal missions only under the cabal menu? hm ...
  10. Hi, new player here. I’m also looking for a cabal. Will try to join second.chance. greetings
  11. I had the glitch too! Later I tried to do it in one run, but no luck. Don‘t want to discourage you though. Maybe I did something wrong ^^ Just make sure to do it exactly as people over here say. Will try it myself, because how good the game is :-) At least they could patch it, that, when you have the gold trophy for upgrading all runes, this one unlocks. But no ...
  12. My LR games copy came in yesterday. A little underwhelmed by the menu and settings. Just a few options, and no „stage“ option to change the background when playing, and the design is ... But ... gameplay seems to be fine at first glance. What I really would like to have, is the „classic mode“, where you play in 2D like the DJMax games. Saw this in a review of the PC-Version. Is this available to switch already via update or pc only? thx Alkuk PS: Lets hope we get an update for PS systems soon ^^
  13. Hi, Maybe I‘m lucky and someone can answer my question. Could not find an appropiate answer on the net. I played through all songs I unlocked via story mode, that is, 13 in the first, 14 in the second and 3 in the third „section“. That‘s 30 songs. Now I read there are 46 songs in the base game!? I cleared almost every song on all difficulties and looked everywhere for hidden spots etc. Do I just have to rise the playcount to grow the tree more? Last trophy was „the new tree“. Thanks Alkuk
  14. In addition to the above, no trophy seems to unlock anymore. Have done several things like 5 seconds jumping on the ring in the village, also „nice hat“ and other things. But no trophy nor any feat unlocks. will stop playing for now...
  15. Maybe no one reads this anymore, but same thing happened to me right now. I played for an hour a couple of months ago and just wanted to play a few levels today. I downloaded cross save data to play on PS4 and saw the feats issue with specter knight. Sounds like the exact same feats OT mentioned, are unlocked for me. ^^ Not really motivating, maybe I start over, I‘m just 2+ bours in!? Great game btw.