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  1. A very fun and pretty easy platinum. Only one trophy gave me issues, it would not work on Vita but worked first try on the PS4. Highly recommend if you like platform games, had a fun time with it.
  2. US code please. Happy Holidays!
  3. Hi, Welcome to Linux. To view hidden folders/files in terminal type ls -al For the second question ls -l /bin > file.txt to save a list of files in directory to save to download folder ls -l /bin > ~/Downloads/file.txt
  4. Totally, in the last 3-5 years I've purchased almost 100 Atari 2600 Carts, 20 Coleco, a few SNES and some N64 and a couple Gameboy. Would much rather buy some old school games then most of the current stuff. Hell, I play my Atari and SNES more then PS3 or Vita. Trying to find all the 2600 carts, other than prototypes of course, got a few gems. Lots of good old school stores in Hamilton area, so my friend and I go a few times a year. There's a few in our area as well, about 3 or 4 old school gaming stores so that helps. My friend just picked up a Genesis and buys NES games all the time. So yeah, I'm a huge buyer of old games. Pre 95 was a great era for gaming.
  5. Is it just me or has there been more issues with this game then any WWE game in memory. They should have just made it for PS4 and skipped PS3. Had it on preorder but wound up cancelling after hearing all the complaints about missing things. Sucks, but I'll wait till I get a PS4. Hope you can get the trophies. Good luck.
  6. Batman 2 was fantastic, can't wait for 3. Harry Potter was good, but very easy. Just grabbed Hobbit and LOTR myself. Marvel however is awful for PS3, but the Vita version is much better. The flying controls on PS3 Marvel are brutal, and the only reason I didn't platinum it. The control are much smoother and works better for Vita. :-)
  7. Easy fix, once the servers close send out a patch file for the game that unlocks the online trophies instantly. Or even better idea, no online trophies. I hate playing online and it just ruins the games (See any WWE online trophy). It sucks when you pick up a game and find out it has online trophies and the servers are either dead or don't work at all. Like I said, once the servers are dead just release a patch to pop those trophies.