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  1. Thanks, the lower DC than the raider is tricky, sometimes it doesn't count for some reason
  2. Weird I did punch the raider during the machine destruction while not transformed and the trophy didn't pop, will have to try again
  3. Apparently Saiyan Pod caps at 10+, I think I locked myself out of the platinum 🤡🤡🤡 Edit: Thank God false alarm
  4. Any way to farm spirit for the skill levels?
  5. Just did the hardest trophies without boosting, now I'm only missing the miscellaneous ones and the grind ones
  6. Congrats, but that's absurdly lucky, in 30h between the betas and the game I never got that done
  7. After 20h on the beta I'd say the only hard trophies on paper are: Invaluable Friends and the one where you need to escape with 3 people on your time machine
  8. Thank you so much, I always considered myself a decent 2D platform player but this trophy made me go insane for an hour and a half, I always got hit by a Pixel right at the end by the spikes but this method worked
  9. This is a joke, must be, no fucking way this remains broken 3 months later
  10. Anyone have an estimate of how long this takes, I'm guessing 30+h even with bots?
  11. Nope, I only realized almost at the end of the game so I wasted a lot of time, but yeah thankfully it isn't needed. If it was needed in both games tho the platinum would jump from like a 4-5 to a 8-9 imo
  12. Yeah that's my hope, hopefully tomorrow when I farm the last characters it pops!
  13. Really hope so, I've been farming this trophy for almost 10h, wouldn't want to lose like half of that
  14. Decided to replay the game instead of farming a level and it's not that bad, I earned about 1500 in an hour
  15. Isn't it 20? I'm doing as you say and I'm only getting 20 per try on the initial portion of the level