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  1. I had the opportunity to play this game as it was free with PS Plus in May 2020, for Portugal and Spain. - I got the Platinum in around 8 hours, but you can do it in less time depending on skill. - Difficulty - 2/10. Fun 7/10. - The trophy list is really simple, there are 16 levels you must complete, and that alone will net you a silver or gold trophy for each chapter. - There are two more trophies for the collectibles: Puzzle Pieces (there are 5 of them in each level), and Blue Orbs (there are 100 of them in each level). - The Puzzle Pieces are really easy to find, I completed all of them without a problem, because most of them are hidden in plain sight. - The Blue Orbs are also easy to find, but be aware that if you get hit by an enemy during a level, you will lose all the orbs that you already collected. This is the only challenging part of this game, which made me repeat some levels to get 100%. - The final bosses can be a bit tricky, due to some glitchy controls and camera, but if you learn how to beat them, it won't be a problem.
  2. @IBadDriverI Always on time.. this guy never fails! I just wish there would be a glitch like this to get the boring 100 Hectares trophies... Those will take a lot of time!
  3. Finally it popped together with the Plat! So glad I did it! What a boring grind... I would like to share some more info on how I did it: 1- My first strategy was to balance attack, midfield and defender at the same time. This is WRONG, don't waste your time, just play as defender until you reach level 80. Don't use any skill points. 2- Totally confirmed the original post info. I got the trophy when I reached the exact same stats. 3- When I reached level 80 Defender, my Long Pass stat was at 76, you need 79. I played some games, when it reached 79 the trophy popped. I think we get half a bar every 11 games. 4- My strategy was to win, score goals, assist and tackle a lot with my character so the bars would go up faster.. This is WRONG, the best option is to score 3 own goals on the Rio de Janeiro field! This is much faster, as it seems the performance of your player does not matter to the level improvement.
  4. Nice, congrats mate. In those games you played as a Defender, did you assist with your character all the time or just score with anyone?
  5. I am exactly at the same spot. 80 overall as Defender, same stats as the OP, except the long pass at 78. I try to assist all the goals for my team, but I'm not sure if this has any effect. What a grind..
  6. There is no way of doing this online... I also miss this trophy for the plat.. The maximum devices I gathered was 5!
  7. Yes, the trophy popped for me after letting the timer run out in the Ruins.. Altough, this is strange, because I had already died that way before.. So I'm sure this is totally glitched.
  8. Quitting matches after kick off works 100%. I played around 150 complete matches with Alaba, then I was fed up with FUT and for the remaining 50 matches I used this method: Start a Squad Battles match, kick off the ball, then quit. It will add up 1 match to the players on your starting XI.
  9. This is the first time that I already own the free PS Plus games. Actually the 4 of them!! So I'm not happy with this month. Uncharted series are awesome and all easy and fun platinums (No online trophies!). Goat Simulator, also a lot of fun, except the Infamous trophy "Flappy Goat"... I think this is a strategy from Sony to sell more controllers! Lots of them are going to be destroyed with this trophy 😄😄
  10. Hello, Can you please clarify me on this: If I buy a PSN Plus subscription code in the UK, and use it on my Portuguese account, will it work? I know that with different regions (USA - EUROPE - ASIA) it does not work, but my doubt is UK and Portugal are both from the same Sony region? Both countries are from Europe, I'm not sure if Sony consider it this way..
  11. Gran Turismo Sport Middle Earth: Shadow of War
  12. It took me around 6 hours to plat this nice game. You can get all the trophies with just one controller, but it will be faster with two. The mini-games are actually fun to play against other players.
  13. I never saw anyone trying that method, I'm certain that someone have tried that method, probably with no success. Authentic is not that hard to play, you just need to know where the objectives are placed on the map (because they are not shown on the map).
  14. Driveclub, you are almost there... but it is a big grind...