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  1. I never saw anyone trying that method, I'm certain that someone have tried that method, probably with no success. Authentic is not that hard to play, you just need to know where the objectives are placed on the map (because they are not shown on the map).
  2. Driveclub, you are almost there... but it is a big grind...
  3. 1. Red Dead Redemption 2 2. GTA V 3. Ghost Recon Wildlands 4. Battlefield 1 5. Uncharted 4 6. Call of Duty: WWII 7. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 8. Overcooked 2 9. What Remains of Edith Finch 10. Rocket League
  4. Yes, I was also afraid of that "No Manual Save" note, but there is nothing to worry about chapter select!
  5. I ended up re-downloading Sleeping Dogs.. I had some fun with this game, but it is stopped since 2017... I have a physical copy of Far Cry Primal inserted on my PS4, but I find that game quite boring.. I know I will plat it sometime, but I don't feel this is the moment. God of War and Far Cry New Dawn, i bought second-hand copies last week, I'll try them soon too..
  6. Everyone keeps saying God of War is one of the best games ever, but I never played any from this franchise.. so I'm not sure I will like it. I feel your pain.. I have many more games that I think I might never get my hands on...
  7. Please help me to decide which game from my backlog I should go for the plat first... I'm having a really hard time to decide: Sleeping Dogs - 17% complete Teeraway Unfolded - 22% complete Far Cry Primal - 15% complete Rise of the Tomb Raider - 4% complete Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - 4% complete Metro 2033 Redux - 0% God Of War - 0% Far Cry New Dawn - 0%
  8. Killing Floor 2 I gave up, this game was really hard.
  9. Formation: 4-4-2 GK: Peter Schmeichel RB: Javier Zanetti CB: Jaap Stam CB: Lilian Thuram LB: Roberto Carlos CM: Iniesta CM: Zidane RW: Messi LW: Luís Figo ST: Cristiano Ronaldo ST: Alessandro Del Piero Bench: Buffon, Lahm, Lúcio, Modric, Robben, Henry, Ronaldo
  10. Heavy Rain. I know it's easy, but it looks quite boring.
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2 Took me 2 months of my game life... "Não é mole não..."
  12. Horizon Zero Dawn (just waiting for it to be free on PS+) 😃
  13. Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man I'm missing a few trophies, seems really hard to get and purely based on luck.
  14. Battlefield 4 - PS3