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  2. That's a shame, it could have made this the ultimate re-release. For MGS I definitely prefer the American dub, but I would rather play this with Japanese voices. Does anyone know if the Asian English or Japanese copies have Japanese voices with support for English text?
  3. Does this game come with dual audio? I'm guessing it doesn't since it's Konami.
  4. Are the games playable in English, or is it Japanese only?
  5. Yes, it will get a physical release via Strictly Limited Games soon.
  6. There's no reason for them to be in English unless this is being released outside of Japan. At the very least, I think we might get an Asian English copy of this.
  7. Well, the name of the trophy would suggest as much!
  8. Just like on the Switch, I'm assuming it won't feature the Japanese voices? If not, I hope we can at least mute the voices (it's pretty clear Konami didn't go out of their way to provide a good English dub of this game).
  9. It's the kind of trophy that'll be easier to boost in a couple of years when the online population is really small. It's really easy to boost SFIII Online Edition on PS3 now, for example.
  10. The game is finally available in all European PS Stores!
  11. I think there's a chance it'll be sold as DLC though, because if the Jackson estate demands royalties from this it'll be based on the individual DLC sales and not the complete package. It's sold separately on Steam already, like every other game. Yes, it was included in previous compilations but maybe SEGA got burned and had to pay up quite a bit and aren't looking to repeat that mistake. That's my theory, anyway.
  12. Do you have your TV set to "game mode", and have you tried to play it with a wired controller (the charging cable should do the trick)?
  13. I actually think there might be some truth to the rumours about the music. Maybe there's a deal in place to give the Jackson estate a certain percentage of the money earned from each re-release (giving them an disproportionate amount for a compilation)? The Ecco games also aren't in this collection due to legal reasons. You can read about that here. My guess is that whatever understanding they came it involves no more cashing in on the IP without his consent or something like that.
  14. It's a great collection of classic Mega Drive games. The trophy list being on the easy side doesn't bother me one bit. At least it has a Platinum trophy.
  15. I've sent a polite e-mail to Inti Creates asking for an explanation. If you're in either of the countries listed and want to buy the game, I suggest you do the same and maybe they'll actually address it publicly.