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  1. Hopefully not based on the 50 Hz version here in Europe, like most European PS2 on PS4 games sadly have been.
  2. Indeed, since Nintendo owns the rights to Twin Snakes.
  3. I feel like we're getting far more new, and more importantly new quality games this generation too though. It's a bit overwhelming.
  4. I hope they keep the transfar option so that people who don't want to redo all those dog tag related trophies in MGS2 won't have to, yet leaving the option to just do everything all over again for those who want that "challenge".
  5. It's very similar to Adventures of Mana's list, which makes sense.
  6. The ideal steelbook would be based on the Japanese box art, and have the logo on the back - and come in two variants: one with the heroes and one with the villains.
  7. At least we get a slipcover with the Amano logo artwork for ours. Even if the steelbook itself is the most boring variant out of the three (I'm not a FFXIII hater, but Lightning again... zzZzzzZzzz).
  8. I'm having fun with the beta, but they really need to fix the network issues. It takes ~5 minutes to find a match as a party and every once in a while you get a match that runs at 5 fps.
  9. I'll be getting it regardless. I just feel like the trophies are incredibly tedious and no fun at all. But really, the worst part is that the worst ones are online only unless offline ranks count.
  10. I'm actually having a lot of fun with the beta. My biggest gripe with the game so far is not being able to remap the buttons as I see fit. Who thought it was a good idea to lock jumping to the circle button?! By the way, do the Gauntlet matches count as Ranked for the trophies? I'm assuming they don't, but you do rank up and get graded when playing them in the beta at least.
  11. Does it add the trophy list to your profile?
  12. 1) Metal Gear Rising Expensive DLC and unstable performance on PS3. A PS4 port running at 1080p60 with all additional content included, much like the PC port, would be much appreciated. 2) Asura's Wrath Yet another game with expensive DLC on PS3, including the bloody ending! The visuals would benefit from a bump in resolution too, I think. 3) Nier RepliCant Would love to play it as originally intended, with the younger protagonist and Japanese voices. Good incentive for people who already own NieR Gestalt on PS3 to double dip as well.
  13. As other have already mentioned, it's not the fact that the game is full of multiplayer trophies that's the issue It's that they are long, grindy and boring trophies - and some will most definitely never be obtained without boosting.
  14. Yeah, no way anyone will ever get all of these legit without dedicating most of their free time to it and ignoring other games.
  15. The game is over 100 GB with all the patches and DLC released so far. I would love for them to release everything on 2 discs, but sadly it'll probably be the base game + season pass vouchers. Here's hoping they at least find a way to include all the patches on the disc!