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  1. I'm guessing it at least includes all the patches so far on disc?
  2. Do you have the disc version? Downgrading the game to 1.0 would do the trick. Otherwise, I've been told the guide has been updated to reflect the latest patch's damage output values.
  3. The damage values have decreased quite a bit with various patches since the game first released. The combos listed in the trophy guide will work for version 1.0 at least.
  4. How difficult are the trophies that are/used to be unobtainable?
  5. I wish they could have delayed the physical release to make sure it shipped without all of these issues...
  6. I'm getting strong Metal Gear Rising vibes from the tone of this game, even if it may be unintentional. Seems like it's one of those "stupid fun" games. But I'll probably wait until it goes on sale before I pick it up.
  7. I'd like to get started on this game to get it off my backlog, and most people seem to argue that one might as well complete the Free Edition first as progress carries over to the full version. From what I gather, some trophies will auto-pop, and others require you to do certain tasks one more time to get the game to check if you're eligible for the trophies. But I'm wondering about the added difficulty of working towards all those A++ trophies, since I would assume you keep the online ranks from the Free Edition. Will the AI bots still be pushovers at that point?
  8. The ability isn't tied to any server afaik. It's just RNG via offline lootbox data.
  9. Here's hoping for a physical release on either PS4 or PS5.
  10. Lost in the Rain is notable for being the only physical release of this game with full English support and has become something of a collector's item now.
  11. Could it be that you don't need for the score to actually register online in order to obtain the trophy? I know that with certain games, it's just the act of attempting to upload a score that will trigger the trophy to pop rather than an actual online verification. Maybe someone could try to upload their score while being offline to see if it works?
  12. No, unfortunately not. I hope it's temporary. I wish Sony would just come up with better solutions on how to handle their legacy content. Simplify the PS3 store so it doesn't crash the console, give PS+ users a permanent 50% discount when buying legacy content since there are no more sales, improve the download list so that you can more easily access purchased and redeemed content.
  13. It also seems the servers for Soul Sacrifice and Freedom Wars have gone down without warning. Perhaps related to this issue in some way?
  14. Are the platinum trophies for Nioh 1 & 2 fairly easy, or are they just really common (~30%) because most people who play these games are dedicated and spent a lot of time playing to "git gud"?
  15. So I just found out the demo for this game has apparently been delisted from the European PlayStation Store. I guess there is no way for me to obtain those exclusive save transfer bonuses now then? :/