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  1. The PS3 version is fine. There is no PC version. Sadly, most of the ones sold in the EU PS Store are based on the original PAL releases. I believe they did this because many of them offer multi-language options not found in the NTSC versions.
  2. The version released on PS3 and 360 is a proper HD remaster. Widescreen, updated UI and all. It got a physical release in Japan only, digital elsewhere. It's also playable on Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility. It's arguably the best version of the game out there. No issues. The version on PS4 is the PS2 version running via an emulator and as such offers nothing beyond what the original version on PS2 did apart from an increased resolution. The issue here is that this release is based on the PS2 version originally released in the region it's being sold in. In other words, the EU PS4 version is based on the PAL PS2 version (50 hz). This is the case with most PS2-on-PS4 releases, sadly. The EU versions are brute forced to play at 60 hz, but since they're coded for 50 hz they come with a 50 fps cap and you get frame skipping issues. None of these issues are present in the North American release.
  3. Really easy trophy list!
  4. I'd like to know this as well. Although I can't imagine too many people are playing this.
  5. What I don't get is why they don't just patch in stuff like invasion boss fights and hourly/daily/weekly towers into the game, to be triggered offline via RNG. It can't be that hard?
  6. I usually buy all multi-platform games for PS4, but I'll make an exception for this out of sheer principle. Dishing out bans left and right to the few people who are going to bother going for 500 Ranked Wins is a surefire way to make sure your mostly dead online community stays that way.
  7. Nice! Congratulations!
  8. Oh, wow. Being banned for boosting a game that's probably quite dead anyway. I was gonna grab a physical copy of this for PS4 via LRG, but... I might just skip it (maybe pick up a copy for the Switch later to have it in my collection without having to worry about trophies).
  9. Only 2 online trophies and they're easy to boot? Nice!
  10. Now, if they could only release Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R as well so PQube can bundle them and give us a physical release just like they did for Switch, that would be great. Kind of weird that Arc System Works is prioritising the Switch over PS4 here. At the very least that game should also come to all platforms, which makes me wonder if there's a deal between them and Nintendo preventing that from happening.
  11. Japanese Castlevania III also has a superior soundtrack. EU/NA: vs. JP: It's really hard to go back to the Western OST after you've heard the Japanese one.
  12. Glad it doesn't look too hard. No loot boxes in this game. It should be there as a customisable move day one, I think.
  13. What a terrible trophy list.
  14. Wow. They can put all kinds of languages on the Switch cartridge, but can't be bothered to include them on the PS4 disc because...? Pretty much every single PS4 game they've released this gen has been either 1) broken and in need of patching 2) received a superior port on a different platform shortly afterwards or 3) been digital only.