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  1. I already got one! And I've unlocked 10/13 sigils. The last two before Insomnia are gated behind urgent missions (level 70 and 80 respectively). EDIT: Got them done with the help of someone else, but thank you anyway! Trying to get that Tainted Club from the Dark Flan but it won't drop *sigh*
  2. Thanks for the offer. Will the path to Insomnia unlock after I get every other sigil? Or is there some other kind of requirement?
  3. Better safe than sorry! I'm having issues beating the two urgent missions that block sigils in the last area before Insomnia, so unless someone is willing to help me out with those I want to be able to power through them myself.
  4. I just got them! Now I only need to get some more gil to buy the remaining material I need before activating the 30% Cid boost. Hopefully the build I'm going for will be enough to beat Ifrit despite poor AI partners.
  5. Yes. I have a ton of incisors. *sigh* Should probably start a boosting session for people who want to farm together.
  6. I'm trying to get a behemoth tear to drop, but I've had no luck in over 30+ attempts. It's a good game, especially now after all the updates and DLC.
  7. Yeah, I just saw a video on it. I'll try that as soon as I unlock the fight. If that doesn't work, then I guess I'll have to do it the hard way. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't feel so rushed. I'm almost there!
  8. What were you stats and build when fighting him? Also, can anyone but the person who originally reported it confirm that there's a glitch which makes it impossible for Ifrit to harm you if you've got exactly 99% fire resistance? I just got my Lv. 99 Chocobo, so now I'm farming for that stupid Behemoth Tear. I should be able to get my final stones needed for the 30% buff on Wednesday morning (and the update should be live at 4:00 CET on Thursday). But I might just go for the 20% boost just to be safe since I mainly just want to beat Ifrit with ease and not spend too long doing it, if I can't cheese it. Better safe than sorry, but it seems unlikely. They didn't even do that with the Assassin's Festival and they had to remove that due to Ubisoft putting a time limit on it for legal reasons. Like someone mentioned earlier, there could also be a chance they'll have Sony remove the trophies from the database making it impossible to sync them although I've never heard of this actually happening.
  9. Thanks for the clarification! Man, this is such a slow grind. Very few people online. Was expecting to see more trophy hunters doing this at the last minute. It's fun when human players join you. If you're stuck with AI the game suddenly becomes a chore. Are there any current ideal weapon upgrade guides, taking the level cap raise into account?
  10. Seems this has been patched with the March update, that you now have to do all the crafting in one go.
  11. Yeah, it does but you need to redeem and download it ASAP if you want it on your HDD. It'll be patched out next week. I can't imagine them trying to make it impossible to disable trophies earned by people who continue to play it without updating afterwards though.
  12. I thought the boost you bought with daily rewards was permanent? This is all so confusing I'm a bit lost regarding which weapons to upgrade early on. I'm assuming I'll be dismantling them and upgrading others later. At least I managed to get the Kenny trophy early on!
  13. Yeah, it seems the most flexible.
  14. I take it I shouldn't bother too much with trying to get OP while still trying to complete the "base game" (since you can't even unlock chocobos etc). Just save up on good materials and use common materials to upgrade the strength of a temporary weapon (or one of those maces that can serve as a STR boost later). Is Lestallum the best birthplace when going for the trophies?