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  1. Now, if they could only release Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R as well so PQube can bundle them and give us a physical release just like they did for Switch, that would be great. Kind of weird that Arc System Works is prioritising the Switch over PS4 here. At the very least that game should also come to all platforms, which makes me wonder if there's a deal between them and Nintendo preventing that from happening.
  2. Japanese Castlevania III also has a superior soundtrack. EU/NA: vs. JP: It's really hard to go back to the Western OST after you've heard the Japanese one.
  3. Glad it doesn't look too hard. No loot boxes in this game. It should be there as a customisable move day one, I think.
  4. What a terrible trophy list.
  5. Wow. They can put all kinds of languages on the Switch cartridge, but can't be bothered to include them on the PS4 disc because...? Pretty much every single PS4 game they've released this gen has been either 1) broken and in need of patching 2) received a superior port on a different platform shortly afterwards or 3) been digital only.
  6. Does anyone know if the physical release from Japan supports multi-language? I know the Switch version does, so it would be odd if the PS4 version didn't. But then again, Square Enix aren't know for always making logical decisions.
  7. Rough animation aside, I think it looks fun. Will wait for a price drop though.
  8. It seems that even 8-10 am during a weekday are considered "busy hours" now.
  9. But it's apparently the US version of the game, which is great. Too bad it's not looking like it'll be sold separately (unlike AC6).
  10. It's a pre-order bonus for Ace Combat 7, I believe. It's the PS2 version, emulated just like other PS2 games on PS4 (Wild Arms 3, Jak and Daxter etc).
  11. Did you check this guide:
  12. Yeah, although if you've already spent the time to get all the trophies in the DLC version you can 100% this version in just a few hours.
  13. This update was originally going to include a boss battle with the president of Square Enix. It had its own trophy too, but for some reason it was scrapped and the trophy (which had been registered already and couldn't be removed from the list) was changed into the one for defeating the Rulers of Yore. I can see them add it back in later down the road. Adamantoise also seems very multiplayer friendly. I also wouldn't rule out recycled bosses from Episode Ardyn via INGEM. I'm kind of disappointed they didn't bother to add any more story to Comrades.