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  1. It seems that even 8-10 am during a weekday are considered "busy hours" now.
  2. But it's apparently the US version of the game, which is great. Too bad it's not looking like it'll be sold separately (unlike AC6).
  3. It's a pre-order bonus for Ace Combat 7, I believe. It's the PS2 version, emulated just like other PS2 games on PS4 (Wild Arms 3, Jak and Daxter etc).
  4. Did you check this guide:
  5. Yeah, although if you've already spent the time to get all the trophies in the DLC version you can 100% this version in just a few hours.
  6. This update was originally going to include a boss battle with the president of Square Enix. It had its own trophy too, but for some reason it was scrapped and the trophy (which had been registered already and couldn't be removed from the list) was changed into the one for defeating the Rulers of Yore. I can see them add it back in later down the road. Adamantoise also seems very multiplayer friendly. I also wouldn't rule out recycled bosses from Episode Ardyn via INGEM. I'm kind of disappointed they didn't bother to add any more story to Comrades.
  7. Thanks for the information. Going to try it out once save transfer works as intended.
  8. It seems all the new boss fights are really difficult even if you had powerful gear in the original DLC.
  9. The issue seems to affect all EU players. Someone from the UK should be able to confirm if it's language related.
  10. Yeah, if you don't update the game you should still be able to access Comrades in offline mode and earn trophies. But the AI is terrible and it'll be difficult to get some of the harder trophies without help. I wonder how the save transfer is going to work in relation to trophies. I hope the repeat trophies will auto-pop for those that already obtained them in the DLC version of Comrades. Some of them were a real grind, and if you've already unlocked them then I guess my worry is that you're more or less forced to start from scratch if you want to earn them again because your current character is way past the point where they would trigger.
  11. Just a heads up, the new trophy list is full of spoilers. As for the returning trophies, I hope those of us who make use of the save transfer won't have to create a new character and start from scratch anyway or else they won't pop for us because we're past the point where they trigger.
  12. By the way, all of the guest cooks will add a recipe in your main game save that Ignis can then cook for you, so it's worth aiming to get all of them and not just Kenny.
  13. I got all the trophies now. I kind of got OP and wrecked Ifrit in about 10 minutes. He didn't stand a chance. At least now I'm ready for the standalone version! Weird how no trophy list has been announced for that yet.
  14. I already got one! And I've unlocked 10/13 sigils. The last two before Insomnia are gated behind urgent missions (level 70 and 80 respectively). EDIT: Got them done with the help of someone else, but thank you anyway! Trying to get that Tainted Club from the Dark Flan but it won't drop *sigh*