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  1. I'm late to the party, but man... I hate Tsubaki specific trophies in this series with a passion.
  2. Cooking Mama feat. Ignis! I'd buy it. Anyway, I think this makes perfect sense in the context of Square Enix wanting to release a VR game. Why not? They released FFVII Snowboarding for mobiles, along with Triple Triad later on. It's not like anyone's forcing people to buy this. But more options for VR owners doesn't hurt.
  3. I guess that's one way to look at it
  4. Haha! I'm on Moogle myself. I can't speak for the American or Japanese servers, but the European ones are full of friendly peeps! Honestly, I think part of the reason for why the online community is so good is because it seems about half of it are made up by women. Compared to so many other online communities I've experienced, FFXIV has a much more grown up vibe to it as opposed to a bunch of sexually deprived teenage boys and keyboard warriors. It's really rare to see name calling and other rude behaviour. Just beware, level 1-20 is the most boring part of the entire game (which is why you should have started off with the free trial, which lets you play until you hit level 35 - but what's done is done). The game starts of very slow, although that also gives you a lot of time to learn all the basics and stuff, but really it only gets better. I beat Stormblood last month and this game has now firmly established itself in my top 5 FF ranking.
  5. Wohoo! What server are you on? I see you're from Germany. Shiva is considered the unofficial German server, in case you want to play primarily with fellow Germans.
  6. But I did. Like I said, it's both skill and luck based. It got a hang of the controls quite quickly. It was just a matter of waiting for the RNG to load a run with enough balloons, slower trainer and enough birds that were easy enough to avoid. It could easily have taken me another hour or two due to the RNG. The Remiem Temple race took me an hour to beat. Lightning dodging is easy enough with the crater trick, but takes patience and focus. It's the butterfly catching that's killing me. I've powered up everyone's celestial weapons to the max, except Kimahri's. (Should also add that there is no input lag if you're playing on the Vita, which helps a lot even if the controls still suck.) I love this game. But it's got the worst mini-games in the series by far. They're all bad. Except Blitzball. I actually got pretty good at that. Won the match in Luca on my first try in the HD remaster, which got me excited to actually dive (no pun intended) further into the mechanics of it all and learn how to play. Which is funny because I didn't get it at all back in 2002. Still, the single worst mini game, now that it has a ridiculous trophy attached to it, has to be rope skipping in Final Fantasy IX.
  7. You mean the chocobo race in the Calm Lands with birds and balloons? It's luck + skill. If the trainer gets ahead of you already in the beginning, you're usually screwed. Other than that, it's all about having the RNG produce enough balloons and you grabbing them and dodging the birds.I got this trophy in like 15 minutes. Had far more trouble getting the Remiem Temple race RNG to match my good runs (you will randomly race against one of three times, with only one of them being beatable while grabbing all five chests).
  8. Finally got it. The crater trick works well. It's not really a hard trophy, just a game of patience. It helps doing it on the Vita as well, due to no input lag (meaning that if you press right as you see the screen flash you are guaranteed to dodge). You definitely want to take breaks of 5 minutes or so after every 25 dodges or so. After I counted to 200, I just kept on doing as many as I could without counting and I got to 267.
  9. I'd buy it in a heartbeat, especially if put on a disc (imagine SoulCalibur Trilogy HD, with dual audio this time and no nasty bugs).
  10. Both Psycho Break and Biohazard are much better name for their respective franchises, imo. They give you a much better idea of the general themes of the games. Resident Evil is a stupid title for most games in that series, and The Evil Within sounds super generic.
  11. Playing this right now and I've lost count of the times a race has been ruined for my due to frame drops and slowdown. The PS3 version doesn't suffer from this issue. Certain levels like the Shinobi one are almost unplayable.
  12. Sorry, but that's not a valid argument when there is already a PC port running at 60 fps without issues available. And Dragon's Dogma Online for PS4 is also running at 1080p60. This is just Capcom being lazy.
  13. Seems like this port is only 30 fps. Capcom being lazy. There is no reason for this to not run at 60 fps, especially on a PS4 Pro if nothing else.
  14. I've already pre-ordered it! Love the box art! 😀
  15. Seems there's only one. Which is a good thing since the game seems to be plagued by microtransactions, creating an uneven playing field.