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  1. I wonder if it's got the latest patch on disc?
  2. I would assume it's the new one that just appeared, yes.
  3. Asia is getting a physical release with all the DLC on disc too.
  4. I'm assuming the higher your rank, the higher the bot rank and the more difficult it'll be to actually beat the bots?
  5. Is it even possible to boost this with others? I've got this in my backlog, but I did try the open beta right before the game released and the matchmaking options left a lot to be desired.
  6. It's a baffling decision to not let players earn trophies for beating the games in online co-op. You have to do it offline for it to count, which probably means solo most people - the least fun way to play these games. What were they thinking?
  7. Online is pretty empty. You'll probably have to find a boosting partner/group to play with.
  8. FYI, this and Odallus are the first two games by the dev that gave us Blazing Chrome. Still waiting for the physical release myself.
  9. Summary: - 1080p60 on base PS4 and Xbox One S - 1440p60 on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X
  10. According to the guide, Twilight Walker and Samurai Legend require an online connection as well, due to the twilight missions.
  11. January 23 in Japan!
  12. I'm more curious about whether or not the Japanese release includes the most recent patches on disc or not. EDIT: Here's the answer
  13. Saw that video a couple of months ago and immediately ordered a copy of the game from Amazon. Thanks anyway! ^__^ Let's cross our fingers that the upcoming physical JP release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles HD will also feature multi-language support! Will gladly import that one as well if it does!
  14. Really sad that the platinum seems unobtainable now, especially since most if not all guides said there were no online trophies.