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  1. I've already pre-ordered it! Love the box art! 😀
  2. Seems there's only one. Which is a good thing since the game seems to be plagued by microtransactions, creating an uneven playing field.
  3. That's good news! I hate online trophies with a passion!
  4. Only one online trophy? Or are the career trophies also online?
  5. So, is there a chance of a physical Japanese release happening, maybe even with English support?
  6. I honestly don't care about the lack of a platinum trophy. I'm just happy this is being released. However, I would love to know if it's possible to switch the voice acting in MM8 to Japanese. The English dub is just awful.
  7. I would love to see a physical compilation disc with all three games on it and some nice bonus material.
  8. Oh yeah, I remember that one. Too bad it's still in there. And no offline co-op, But I already own the game on PC and 3DS, so the only way I was gonna triple dip was for either the trophies to be easier this time around, or even better the laser sight being put back into the game. Unfortunately, it looks like the latter is still a 3DS exclusive feature, which is a shame since laser sights beats cross-heir any day of the week.
  9. Any difficult or time consuming online trophies?
  10. The Asian version is supposed to be in English too, isn't it?
  11. I really enjoyed it. It's basically a prequel movie to Castlevania III, divided into four parts. Something tells me that the inevitable Blu-ray release will be presented as a full-length movie instead. Actually, if I'm not mistaken that was the original pitch too.
  12. No. It'll be a remake. The base story will be exactly the same and definitely not "totally different". Having a new battle system doesn't make it any less of a remake. It will also not take the Compilation into account, as confirmed by Nomura. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a reimagining - a "what if", alternative timeline type of scenario. That's not what Final Fantasy VII Remake (it's official title, by the way) is going to be.
  13. I'm curious. What exactly did they lack, in your opinion? I mean, they're 99% the same arrangements but with real instruments. The only major difference I can think of is that the original MIDI versions sound digital and automated. If you prefer that to the dynamic and organic vibe that comes with actual people playing instruments, that's totally cool. Outside of technical limitations in regards to older video game music, I think Hans Zimmer has played a big part in people enjoying a more digital and mechanic orchestra sound. But I really cannot think of how these tracks could possibly sound any better with real instruments played by real people? Especially not if you're someone who appreciates the Distant World concerts and such.
  14. You're calling other people naive without even having the slightest understanding of the work that went into remastering this game. Yes, it has new textures. No, not every single texture has been updated. But to give an example, the clothes look far more detailed now. Digital Foundry did a good comparison video. Have a look at the soldiers armour. It's quite a big difference there. Character models now have individual fingers and cast proper shadows (as opposed to round generic ones like in the PS2 version). Then there's the added depth of field, creating a more realistic view of your surroundings (it just doesn't make sense to have a building that's supposed to be far away look as sharp as the flower pot next to you). Of course, they've also added a new fast forward speed option, auto-saving, vastly improved load times and the map overlay which greatly improves the overall gaming experience. Not to mention new camera options. All of the HUD and UI has been updated too. But more importantly, you're completely disregarding the improvements in the audio department. No, you cannot get a fully re-recorded soundtrack with a real orchestra by playing the PS2 version using an emulator. You also get the option to choose between Japanese and English voices. And last but not least, the game engine is tied to the framerate. This was, for better or worse, the case with many games during the PS2 era (including Final Fantasy X and its direct sequel). It'd take a whole lot of work to get the game running at 60 fps without introducing a whole new set of bugs and glitches. And it's not like it would have improved the game. It just wasn't worth doing and most people wouldn't have noticed it anyway. It's not a fast-paced game. That's not to say complaints about the price they're asking for it aren't valid, but to call this a lazy cash grab and a poor remaster is just plain ignorant.