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  1. No, unfortunately not. I hope it's temporary. I wish Sony would just come up with better solutions on how to handle their legacy content. Simplify the PS3 store so it doesn't crash the console, give PS+ users a permanent 50% discount when buying legacy content since there are no more sales, improve the download list so that you can more easily access purchased and redeemed content.
  2. It also seems the servers for Soul Sacrifice and Freedom Wars have gone down without warning. Perhaps related to this issue in some way?
  3. Are the platinum trophies for Nioh 1 & 2 fairly easy, or are they just really common (~30%) because most people who play these games are dedicated and spent a lot of time playing to "git gud"?
  4. So I just found out the demo for this game has apparently been delisted from the European PlayStation Store. I guess there is no way for me to obtain those exclusive save transfer bonuses now then? :/
  5. That's just an urban legend though.
  6. If you own the physical release you can at least play an unpatched version without having to pay for the DLC if you want the platinum trophy.
  7. I would still love to see a limited physical release via EastAsiaSoft!
  8. The screenshots of the Sigma 1 remaster from their website also seem to indicate they're basing it on the Vita port, with less detailed character models and textures.
  9. Yes, but it's in Japanese. And a tweet by Team Ninja regarding the lack of blood in Sigma 2:
  10. Team Ninja has confirmed reduced difficulty for the Tag Missions in a new interview with Famitsu, so hopefully no unobtainable trophies this time around. They also confirmed that they've lost the source code for the original (non-Sigma) versions of the first two games, and that Sigma 2 will once again feature purple mist instead of blood (despite the latter being an option in the Vita port).
  11. It's fair to ask for missions that can no longer be done in co-op with real people to be rebalanced, especially when there's trophies attached to beating them and you simply can't do it with AI partners. I don't think anyone is asking for the main campaign to get nerfed? Anywho, here's a tweet where they confirm the physical release is "Asian region" only:
  12. Someone asked Koei Tecmo on Twitter and they said there were no plans for a physical release. However, it seems Japan will be getting a physical release: Also worth noting that this is exactly what happened with the Nioh remasters. Koei Tecmo originally said no physical release, then some time later it was up for pre-order in Japan, and eventually in Europe and North America as well. So let's cross our fingers for this to make it outside of Japan, or at the very least be import friendly.
  13. Does it work with Remote Play using a Vita, and if so can you use the touchscreen in place of the touchpad? That would make a big difference.
  14. It also seems they're not releasing this physically on PS4, for some stupid reason.
  15. The Xbox achievements lists for all three games are out. As per the official website:
  16. I just pasted the link. But you might have to make sure it's the full link and that it doesn't have any additional information on it (like how it sometimes adds information saying you accessed it via a newsletter etc).
  17. Pix'n Love is publishing this in Europe:
  18. It shouldn't be. You just need to play 100 Free Play matches online from what I can tell. There should be local co-op and vs CPU.
  19. So it's a bit like Persona 4 Arena Ultimax then. Does it include the story from the first game as well?
  20. From what I've read, it actually includes an arcade perfect port of the original Bubble Bobble as bonus material!
  21. Seems like this is getting a physical release, with English support:
  22. I wonder if it's got the latest patch on disc?
  23. I would assume it's the new one that just appeared, yes.
  24. Asia is getting a physical release with all the DLC on disc too.