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  1. Personally I try to keep my completion above 90-92%, which means I try to be playing not more than 5-6 games at the time. Generally I play just 1 or 2 longer-time-Plat games at the time such as Yakuza Games, RPGs, Metrodvanias, etc. which I mostly play during weekends while also playing other 2 or 3 easier/lighter games which I also enjoy and I can play between work breaks or for shorter times at night after work. Also, for games which have stayed for too long among my not completed games, I try to get back to them from time to time and make little bits of progress each time to make it less frustrating (for example, the latest Star Ocean, which you need to complete at least 3 times in different difficulties).
  2. Personally I love trophies. I consider myself both a Trophy Hunter and I always aim to obtain the Platinum Trophies and/or 100% the games I enjoy to play. Some trophies might be stressful at times (for example in the Yakuza games, which is one of my favorite sagas ever) but the satisfaction you get upon completion is highly rewarding. I do have some easy Plats on my list (My Name is Mayo and some Ratalaika games which I have played both on PS4 and Vita) but as my favorite genres are JRPGs and Metroidvanias, most of the games are long and take some considerable time to Plat which I enjoy from beginning to end, so I'd lean towards quality over quantity as well.
  3. I've been playing this game for hours and I can't stop. I was craving for a good old 2D RPG and this one has everything I wanted from a game. Simple yet engaging story, beautiful pixel art and music, giant open world in which you can get lost for hours exploring every possible path, swimming and looting in every river and little caves around. I think I've spent 3-4 hours in the first town only working in the side quests and exploring around. Trophies are non-missable and the expert difficulty related trophy has not felt like a big grind to me (maybe only in the first dungeon, but just upleveling 2-3 levels does the job). Crafting, level up system and so on have also simple yet fun mechanics. If u play on expert, you need some strategy in battles which keep the game interesting. This is just my opinion (I have seen reviews giving 6 over 10 score although I completely disagree with those, for me it's at least a 9), still, I would recommend this game to any classic rpg lover. I feel this game is a hidden gem, I'm very glad I've found it!
  4. Don't get me wrong. Puyo Puyo was one of the HARDEST completions requirements ever in all Yakuza related games. It took me around 3 days of only playing that minigame for maybe 2 hours per day. However the rest of the completion requirements are quite manageable thus overall I think it makes it a less frustrating experience. I believe if you get to beat Puyo Puyo, you start taking the other frustrating minigames much more lightly. The deal with Yakuza 3 is that some of the minigames are rather easy, while at least 3 (for me) were quite difficult, but it depends if the games get to your nerves easily or not. Batting Center (Extra-Hard Difficulty), the Golf minigame (get -5 which I managed to get two days ago, along with a handful of stress) and Pool (due to the advanced AI of the opponents) are some of the hardest requirements so far (although still behind Puyo Puyo) . Mahjong requirement also requires a lot of luck, since getting to 50K points before Dora points needs you to get very good hands and win several times in the same game avoiding to get Ron'ed by your opponent. Still, I encourage you to try! It might not be so difficult for you, so give it a chance! Totally agree! Patience gets you there eventually!
  5. If anyone is still struggling with this, I got it at Dusk, Shrimp bait, threw the line around 50 meters, reeled in until I was standing at 40 mts, and waited there until it hooked. Hope it helps!
  6. I agree that from all the Yakuzas I have played and Plat so far (0, Kiwami 1 & 2 + Judgment), Yakuza 3 is the hardest so far. Kiwami 1 was hard too, but manageable. For me the hardest of Yakuza 3 is the batting center, as I always tend to get 1700 points and then my nerves start getting into me and I start missing, which is very frustrating. Pool seems fine although I have not yet completed it, but letting the opponent do most of the job, then hoping they miss the last or second to last shot and then trying to get the last ball in yourself is a way to get the job done. Golf is hard too, but once you get the hang of it is just about practice. IMHO, Yakuza 3 feels old and clumsy in general, still except for the first chapters which are kinda slow, it's still quite fun to play and try to Plat once you get used to it.
  7. Hi there! What I did personally was getting to red heat mode so that it took longer for Kiryu to lose the heat, then I just made the opponent face me and walk around with him following me until Hatae finally got him from the back and then I moved quickly forward and pressed triangle. I remember I was using the D-pad down command with him (something like go for it or attack with all your might or something similar). It took a few tries but finally he hold him long enough to get the Action. Hope it helps a bit!
  8. After 3 days of playing 3-4 hours each day on Puyo exclusively, I was able to defeat Rulue. I faced her twice before but she beat the hell out of me both times. Perseverance is key!! The developers thou, they never stop surprising me. After getting used to Mahjong (which ends up being not as hard as it seems at first), then overcoming otometal, the car chase scene in Legend in Kiwami, defeating Dural in VF5 and Raxel in Fighting Vipers, and and some other smaller grindy and frustrating tasks and minigames, I thought the worst had passed, but Puyo Puyo proved to be the most difficult completion requirement so far, and the most annoying! Still, the sense of accomplishment once you complete them is great and I love the games so it's totally worth it. I'm afraid to find out that there is something even more frustrating in Yakuza 7 (hopefully not!!)
  9. I'd have to say Yakuza Kiwami since it was a fun, long to get Platinum. Tales of Berseria and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim were also satisfying to get due to the grinding.
  10. I'd say Yakuza Kiwami...The car chase scene in Legend Difficulty was definitively nerve-wracking. Next one on my hard-to-Plat list is Hollow Knight...that will take some time.
  11. I'd have to go for Amnesia Collection and Tearaway Unfolded. I've started both ages ago and I can't seem to get back to them any time soon. They were just not engaging enough for me.
  12. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age! Didn't have the chance to play it yet...and I love JRPGs. Great list by the way!!
  13. Thanks a lot for this info! You've saved me hours of randomly looking of this enemy. So bad I've missed it then I'll have to get this Trophy in my "Mortal" walk-through.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm going for the Zoologist Trophy but I'm having difficulty finding the "Ghost" enemy. I've checking some guides and they say it can be found in the Keep, and they look like Spectres (little Wisps). However I've gone through the Keep hundreds of times already, even to the secret zones, and I just can't seem to find it. I'm afraid it might have been spawned by some one-time Boss or something and I have missed it. It's number 62 in the Bestiary. Do you know where could I find it? Thanks in advance,