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  1. I did do this as Moze admittedly, but have you tried to respec or unequip your pets?
  2. When the boss is in the inmune phase Deathtrap will only focus on the boss, you have to bait the normal enemies closer to deathtrap while the boss is actively moving around. It's a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it you can get into a rhythm, and you should get the trophy in around 30 minutes depending on how many kills you managed to get over the course of the story. Good luck if you try it again!
  3. Thank you very much! Happy to help save people time! I never recalled any Borderlands trophy being missable, so I looked everywhere to see if there was some way to access Deathtrap in a combat encounter!
  4. The 'Good One, Babe' trophy that you get by watching Deathtrap kill 50 enemies is not actually missable, as you do not need another playthrough to get the trophy. Rather just fast travel to Negul Neshai and head over to the final boss of the area. Deathtrap will always spawn in the arena too and can one shot enemies with a powerful blast. So just run the fight a few times while being sure to get the normal enemies that spawn in the fight as close to Deathtrap as possible so he does his attack on them rather than the boss, and when you run out of normal enemies just damage the boss and more will spawn. Rinse and repeat until the trophy pops!