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  1. Was playing on normal, I encountered Emperor's Talisman, I only encountered Orlov on the lower areas of the Path of Sheriruth, Hope Diamond wasn't as common.
  2. I found Hope Diamond from those diamond appearances so I'd assume you can also find Crystal Skull as well, however it's all on chance whether you encounter them. I kept running into the level 35 one until I encountered Hope Diamond, and luckily I encountered Crystal Skull from reinforcements. I beat the last palace before I went to mementos to find them.
  3. I didn't go on a rainy day, and they are rare so it'll take awhile before you find them. What dungeon are you up to on the day?
  4. I found them at the Path of Sheriruth in Mementos around area 11-13, use a treasure trap and keep going around til you find them.