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  1. Prototype (PS4) The First Thread Unlock the web of intrigue Looking for mindless sandbox games to play in between the serious stuff. Decided to give this try. Looks like a lazy Remaster because it looks just like a PS3 game.
  2. Fallout 4 So I have the plat for all 3 console Fallouts now. New Vegas is still the best. This one had the weakest endings, as they all managed to be basically the same no matter what you did, something New Vegas was a lot better at. Still an enjoyable game, any kind of stealth build basically breaks the game though. Not a hard plat, just time consuming. Would love to see Fallout 1 and 2 get modern day Remasters. Need 4 Speed I've been playing this series since the first game came out all those years ago on the OG PS. It's a decent enough discount title. The series will always have a soft spot for me. Would love to see another game like Porsche Unleashed. Maybe do one for various manufacturers, Ferrari would be good to do. I'll get the next one when that one is on sale too.
  3. I'll add this to Divinity and Wasteland 2 as massive crpgs I never get around to playing
  4. For the most part I'm trying to stick to only paying $20 for a game or less the best I can. Maybe $30'for a newer game I really want. Of the last 3 games I bought full price two I haven't played at all and one I've only played a little. So yeah I need to mostly only buy games on sale.
  5. Got my 30th plat with Horizon Zero Dawn
  6. Skyrim: War Hero. I picked the Stormcloaks for this play through even though I'm an elf. Dare to be diffferent.
  7. #30 Horizon Zero Dawn Great game as most of you already know by now. Lots of great little details and a beautiful game. In the next game, would like to see the stealth and melee mechanics expanded on a bit. Did end up taking me almost 80 hours to plat though, getting all the collectibles was annoying. Also, I walked nearly everywhere, which at least meant I had no problems getting XP.
  8. Seeing a lot of persona 5 love. Played the first hour myself, . My first game of the series. Pretty slow start hope it picks up the pace soon.
  9. Finishing Horizon Zero Dawn mostly
  10. Here are my last few. I vow to not buy any games for above $30 and preferably $20 until the fall because I have way too much to play
  11. #29 for Dark Souls 3. Got it awhile ago but it didn't save the plat image right just the last trophy I got. I should have held off trying to plat until all the DLC came out because now I'm starting off a new character for my final playthrough to go through the DLC
  12. Love the music with it too
  13. Just watch my childhood die to out over Roman Reigns
  14. Next yesr ear people can just leave when Romsn comes out since you know he's winning anyway. Romsn has to be undefeated at Mania right? Looks like he's getting the next streak. I should stop watching this shit. Never mind he lost the night Seth won the belt. This still sucks that a guy I've been watching since I was a kid is going out to the next Lex Luger
  15. Surprised California isn't on the list since we love to tax everything here. Whew glad I slide for now since I'm all digital