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  1. Thanks for the suggestion but this didn't work either. I brought Becket back and then switched back to Sofia.
  2. Yep, done that a few times. Restarted the PS4 too. Done that a few dozen times :(
  3. I am at the very last step of Sofia's final mission and just need to talk to her one last time but she is not responding. I can use "Customize" to give her a hat, but "Interact" just triggers a one-way line, not a conversation. Prior to that, I'd made it part way through the dialogue choices but it suddenly cut out. The mission is still shown as in progress and says that I need to "Talk to Sofia at C.A.M.P.". I've tried server hopping at least a dozen times, removing her console and rebuilding it, progressing other missions... what else might give this the right kick to let me finish it?
  4. I'm afraid I just don't know how soon it will be. The delays are beyond our control right now. The game is done, but some parts of the publishing process are more greatly impacted by working from home than others.
  5. Tomorrow, May 19th.
  6. Our games are not rated in Germany. Official age rating systems are only required for boxed physical games in most countries, so digital stores implement it as they see fit. For 3+ / 7+ games, we don't need an USK rating if we have PEGI. May 19th. Tomorrow!
  7. Yes, all the usual suspects are on the case We ask them not to publish the guide before the game is released though.
  8. How did you know? Pic-a-Pix Pieces 2 is almost ready
  9. This is due to PEGI fee changes. The impact on Vita is unfortunate, but coincidental.
  10. I've been assured that if you purchase the PS4 game, it will come with an entitlement to the Vita version later. I'm afraid I have no idea how long that might be. The game is done and submitted but parts of the process have been more greatly impacted by the current situation than we have.
  11. It's a codebreaking game featuring quotes by famous people. Some screenshots here: Release date: Tuesday 19th May.
  12. Thanks for persisting. The on-device store seems to be updated only occasionally. Some games don't appear under New Releases... some don't appear in the alphabetical list of all games... Browsing and buying on in a browser is much more reliable. You can push the download to your console or go to Download List to get it.
  13. Not sure why it was delayed but the release date in EU ended up being Thursday. If you can't find it on-device, here's the web link:
  14. Thanks for the concern, but we're only ripping off ourselves Release date is March 17th (next Tuesday). $7.99 and cross-buy. I didn't expect these trophies to appear just yet. I've pushed some info live on the web site to make it "official". These did indeed previously appear on Nintendo 3DS. We've tidied up some of the content and made the interface a bit snappier. Had loads of requests to port this (despite the lack of POWGI dog) so I hope you like it Chris
  15. One word in the phrase is changed so that it still sounds the same, but has a different meaning. We tried to make the result silly or surreal, instead of testing your spelling or whether you understand the difference between "there", "their" and "they're" correctly. The examples we give on the store page are: NUCLEAR WAIST: Using "waist" like the middle of your body, instead of "waste" like garbage. STRIKE THE RIGHT CORD. The phrase "strike the right chord" (using the musical word "chord") is an English saying meaning "do something that was considered perfect". The new phrase says "hit the piece of rope on the right". If this didn't actually need any explanation, you'll definitely understand the game! But even if not, you'll be able to solve the puzzles with a little persistence, and maybe learn some new English phrases along the way.