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  1. Today. At least we hope so! Should have been yesterday but it was bumped. We're not sure why.
  2. This is NA. EU just went live.
  3. They were, although they are being phased out and only a few are left. If games aren't updated regularly, they get removed from the App Store and we decided to let that happen and focus on other platforms. The new PlayStation games contain more content than the iPhone games too, for example Crossovers has 60 puzzles on iPhone but 200 on PlayStation.
  4. Lol, that's just the trophy set icon, it's not a store asset
  5. How's this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/a6sbm06jew94on3/Banner_No_Logo.jpg?dl=0 Edit: Removed link to that PSD, it's a mess. Let me know if you need it and I'll make a tidier one.
  6. They are crosswords with only one letter missing. After finding the letters, you rearrange them to solve a clue. This is an example: http://www.powgi.com/puzzle-crossovers-2017-04-11/
  7. Playing legit for the first time, probably 5-10 hours. On a second run or with a guide, I think it's doable in an hour. There are 200 puzzles and you have to solve them all, but they're pretty quick once you get into it.
  8. Yes, there's a Vita version, the trophies just aren't live yet!
  9. Next Tuesday, April 16th. It is cross-buy with Vita, as usual, but those trophies haven't gone live yet.
  10. Yes, very much like that.
  11. It's really interesting to see what a difference it makes depending on whether you've played classic first or color first. If you start with color, the logic for classic just makes sense. Each clue represents a block of color and adjacent clues of the same colour have to have a gap between them. Otherwise that "1Red,1Red" would just be "2Red". In classic puzzles, it just so happens that every clue is the same color, so you use a subset of the solving techniques. But if you come from classic, there's this whole new subversive rule that different colors can actually be next adjacent to each other without a gap and it's mind-blowing. The perception is that it somehow bent the rules to allow colors, but really it didn't. Picross is much more commonly found in black and white in print media, because then you only need a pencil, not a set of crayons, to solve it, and I think this just carried through to the digital versions. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Pic-a-Pix Classic. It's available in Europe already. We think it goes live at 4PM EST in North America.
  12. Yes, these puzzles are single-colour.
  13. Yes, definitely cross-buy
  14. The problem does not fix itself. The publisher needs to contact Sony. Whenever this happens, please report it to the publisher.
  15. I can't possibly endorse the spam fix method But if you must... The color selection is ordered by frequency, so the one that's selected when you start the puzzle is the one that is used most. Curious - how did you track the completion time so accurately?