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  1. Thanks for the feedback. We get comments like this both ways. Some found Fill-a-Pix to be a real grind, for instance, and I get that. (I still haven't done the Vita version myself!). The time trials were particularly disliked, because you can end up completing the same puzzle multiple times after you already figured out the solution, so we stopped doing that. Sometimes trophies don't fit all that well into the puzzle structure we've already established. It's just not possible to have 120 trophies - one for every puzzle. But "Complete page one", "Complete page two", etc, is quite dull. I don't know how much it's appreciated, but we always like to try to use some colour in the trophy titles, and cherry-picking certain quotes made that possible. (I'm particularly pleased with "Papal Account"). You're right that we understand trophies can influence whether people purchase a game. I have to admit, I waited to see what the trophies were for Spider-Man before deciding whether I wanted to play it straight away or wait a while. I can't believe I still haven't bought Tetris Ultimate for PS Vita, but the impossible trophies keep putting me off. So we've tried to strike a balance here. If someone would like to buy our game for an easy platinum, I'm definitely not going to discourage that. We're a tiny studio making niche products, and it's not easy making a living from game development. But for the majority who want to play it "properly" (because they actually enjoy word games!) they'll earn the platinum for solving all the puzzles in order, and I hope that will still be satisfying. By the way, the next Pic-a-Pix game (early next year) has no short-cuts. You'll have to solve everything again - there's just no time trials!
  2. Thanks for all the positive comments everyone. I love this community, and I'm so glad we decided to bring games to PlayStation. Really wish we'd looked into it sooner, but I wasn't sure how well it would be received. (We tried to publish on Steam one time... and that did not go down so well). Anyway... as it looks like I set the wrong date to release one of the trophy sets, I may as well start hyping it up! Here's the preview video: Each quote has between 3 and 8 words missing, which are the words to find in each puzzle. It plays like word search, except there's only one word in each grid, and the letters it's hidden in are only the letters that make up the target word. It's more challenging than it sounds, but I'm sure someone will make a guide almost instantly There are 120 quotes to complete, which is twice as many as in other versions of the game. Each trophy is one specific quote. You'll get the platinum naturally by working through the game, but for those inclined to short-cut things, you only actually need to reveal 32 specific quotes for the platinum. On PS4, up to four can play, each logged in to their own PSN Profile. Trophies are awarded to all players - same as Word Search by POWGI. How's this one:
  3. Yeah. We weren't going to say anything just yet... Kinda spoiler-y.
  4. Surprised to see these trophies so early - it's not even fully approved yet. I'm afraid the release date we're aiming for isn't until December 18th, and that may still slip in NA.
  5. Hi The NA Vita release was a day later than we expected (not sure why, but it's definitely on the way). I'll be looking out to make sure the trophy list follows too.
  6. In North America, the Vita version appears to be delayed. We're trying to push this through, but it might not be available until tomorrow. If you get the PS4 version, cross-buy will still work.
  7. It's available now. Doesn't appear in New Releases (we're chasing this with Sony) but you can search for "sudoku" or "powgi" to get right to it.
  8. This is the PS Store main image with logo removed. If you need something a specific size let me know and I'll make one.
  9. Awesome idea
  10. The Switch bundle has DLC to add extra puzzles but when we do PlayStation versions they will include all the content up front. Word Search (in that format, at least) doesn’t have any extra puzzles right now.
  11. We actually had lots of requests for Sudoku on PS Vita after releasing Word Search, so that's what we did! I'm stunned that there aren't already more sudoku games on Vita - it's a perfect fit. The bundle coming to Switch contains 6 other games. Of those, One Word (a word search with just one word hidden in its own letters) is already underway for PlayStation and we'll probably do more too. Personally I think Mixups and Word Maze are a good candidate, and also Kriss Kross (from another bundle) but I'd love to hear what everyone thinks. The individual game format for PlayStation means more trophies, of course! Plus, we can focus on the ones that work well with button controls, so PS4 is always included.
  12. It's out next Tuesday, 23rd October. It's supposed to be four trophy sets, although from how this one has come through I'm not sure whether the region split will be there. The US region was very late being approved, so perhaps it will be as intended after all Trophies are awarded for solving specific puzzles. If you go through the game start to finish you will definitely get the platinum, but I know somebody will quickly write a guide that helps to shortcut this! For those inclined to compare it to other versions, this is a unique build for PlayStation with 240 new puzzles. Some of the 9-letter words have appeared before, but all the underlying puzzles are new. Also, for the first time in Word Sudoku you'll be able to turn the words off and just play... plain old sudoku. It's $7.99 and cross-buy for PS4 and PS Vita. If you don't understand what the game is, here's a thrilling video of us solving a Word Sudoku puzzle (from the Wii U version): Any other questions just shout!
  13. The game is definitely not playable on PS3. I was surprised to see this too
  14. Congratulations on the platinum! Each player has to “complete” all the puzzles for the trophy. You can’t just drop in when one is about to be awarded, but you do only have to be present to get credit for completing a puzzle. Even if you find no words, you’re OK. Everyone has their own save file and the orange paw print changes to show a colour per player when 2-4 are connected to let you see who has finished which puzzles. Someone who starts as Player 2 can then continue in solo and fill in the blanks if necessary.
  15. Thanks for sharing the link here. PlayStation Store seems to update in random fashion. It's visible on the Vita console but not the web site yet. For our last release, this happened the other way around. It'll catch up by this afternoon I'm sure