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  1. Thank you everyone for confirming, and for being so patient.
  2. I don't have much of an update, I'm afraid. We're still trying to find someone who can figure out what has gone wrong. Just know we're still chasing it.
  3. Sony say they’ve poked things - is it working yet?
  4. I've just raised this with a different department at Sony, in case that hurries things along. Please keep reporting it to consumer services
  5. I was just sent this one: https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/mixups-by-powgi-trophy-guide/
  6. Thank you for reporting it. We are still chasing it from this side too. I’m not sure what needs to be done. For sure, the game will become available to you eventually if you purchased it. I’m sorry this is happening.
  7. I'm afraid I don't have an answer yet. Our publishing manager checked all is correct at their end and said you should call Consumer Support: I don't know whether that will be helpful, as it sounds to me like it's just things not quite syncing up in "the cloud" yet. We usually get some kind of launch issue, but it's usually with Europe region cross-buy, so this is new. I'll try myself later (just need to set up a US region Vita).
  8. Thanks, are you running the latest firmware 3.70?
  9. What is the error code please? I will investigate.
  10. We've actually considered this but decided to leave it the way it is. The current rule, taking you to the "first unsolved category" is the correct thing to do for those who want to 100% the game. It only feels like it's jumping to the beginning because you're skipping over categories. A few extra taps for a trophy shortcut isn't too much of a hassle, is it? I didn't see this until I did my platinum speed run. It can happen if you hit X at just the wrong time at end of a puzzle (or are hammering it to get through quickly...). Wait for the Next button to appear and you're fine.
  11. 1. We get allocated download codes for internal use and to provide to media partners. We cannot sell these codes - you will have to buy it through the store next week. 2. Yes, a guide is possible. The puzzles are themed and all have one correct answer which does not change.
  12. Yes, also coming to Vita - with touchscreen controls - on the same date.
  13. February 12th.
  14. Hi everyone! Release date is Feb 12th. It will be cross-buy with PS Vita (but only PS4 trophies are showing so far). Definitely cross-buy. It's an anagram game where you have to find three words from a theme, with the letters from all three words jumbled together. There is always one solution that uses every letter. This is an example puzzle: You'll earn the platinum by solving every puzzle, but there are more categories than trophies so - for those so inclined - you can take a short-cut route to earn the plat quicker. We estimate it will take about 10 hours to complete it legitimately, but I'm sure there will be guides that can get you there in under an hour. It's not "find as many words as you can" from the letters, there is a fixed solution to each puzzle. As it happens, we were discussing how we'd make a game that's more like Boggle just yesterday...
  15. PlayStation Store in Europe lists the game as PS4 only, but it's definitely cross-buy. I can absolutely confirm that you get both versions when you buy this - it's just a glitch on the store listing, and we're trying to get it fixed. The "BUN" bit at the end of the URL tells you it's the cross-buy bundle versions