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  1. For those struggling, trying endless new things to click makes no difference. If the upgrade is available, you'll see it right there next to the game on the home screen. There is clearly a store error in some SIEE regions. You have to figure they're trying to work it out, but it's new ground for everyone involved. It didn't upgrade for me in UK but I created a Turkey region PSN account to download the PS5 game and that worked right away (it shows version 1.02 so no idea whether the Oral History trophy is still bugged - it was patched in 1.05 for PS4). If you do this, you can still play and earn trophies on your normal account.
  2. I don't think so. I did the supernova run first and didn't get it then, so I believe Signal Point In Space is the trigger for that trophy.
  3. Loved this game. Did not expect to plat it when I started, but cleaning up was much easier than I expected. The only two story trophies I was completely locked out of on my first run were Mightier Than The Sword (because I put Abigail in power) and The Cartographer (because I didn't turn in Phineas at the start). This is the route I pieced together from other information I found to fill in those gaps pretty quickly - I've not seen it described this way so hopefully it helps save some time for anyone who made those same decisions! It took me about 90 minutes. Credit to this speedrun video in particular: - I used this for my Supernova playthrough. It's really well explained and will help you sail through it in about an hour. - Leave Reed in power. (I had a save point just before this decision, but follow the video to get there quickly if you don't) - On Groundbreaker steal the seal from Gladys's safe (as explained in the video) and take it to Udom and offer to turn in Phineas to get straight to Byzantium. - After dealing with the cartographer, Sophia will ask you to send the tracking signal from Phineas's terminal. Do this - you don't need to talk to Phineas. - Return to Sophia and get the mission "Signal Point In Space". Complete this mission (instead of Radio Free Monarch) and the trophy for saving Edgewater will pop after you watch the Chairman's video. Signal Point in Space is loooong if you complete the faction quests for MSI and Iconoclasts. HOWEVER killing Sanjar and Graham (quickly running out of the area afterwards) ends each questline prematurely, and is all you need to do. You do not need to recruit Nyoka if you know where you're going. You need to kill some Marauders in the station though, so bring ammo.
  4. We pronounce it "pow" like in "power" and "gi" like in "gift". (You can hear me say it a few times in the first 20 seconds of this: I never even realised there were other ways at first, and when someone said "po-jee" to me the first time I was kinda confused! But I understand that how you read it will vary quite a bit by region. The name is made from the initials of "Puzzle On Word Games, Inc" which was ... blah blah blah... boring company history. Anyway, when we came up with the name, it immediately sounded to us like a dog's name, hence the dog mascot. You'd say "Here Powgi-boy! Who's a good little Powgi?" But I guess that works for the other pronunciations too. For what it's worth, I pronounce "Ubisoft" as "oo-bee-soft" and "Linux" as "lie-nucks". Many people would consider these both to be wrong. There's not really a right answer, but we say "power-gift". If you say "pawn-ginger" or "poggy" it's cool. Language is a wonderful thing. That's why we make word games
  5. Wow! Thank you for figuring this out and letting me know.
  6. OK thanks, that would be useful. I suspected you'd found a bug using touch screen and buttons together (if the game receives the same input twice in the same frame, weirdness could potentially happen in our older games - but never seen it break this badly). If you only used buttons I'm out of thoughts for the time being and will await you reporting back.
  7. Thanks for the tag. That's the solution. Not heard of this before. This is the first trophy and the one with the most achievers (as expected) so it's not a common glitch for sure. Have you saved the puzzle by quitting to the menu, or did you solve this all in one session. Did you play with buttons, touch or a mix of both? Do you recall whether you used the undo button, or if you used a hint/fix previously? After you fixed, the I button was still crossed out as if they were all placed. Were you able to select it again to continue completing the puzzle a second time. Skipping this one for now won't lock you out of the platinum, you can get all the others and then return to this when we know how to fix it.
  8. It should not be a surprise that POWGI games are not be pushing the limits of the console As long as back-compatibility works as advertised, we won't need a PS5 version.
  9. It will be on PS4 and Vita. The Vita trophies were pushed live early. To be fair, it'll only be 3 months between Crypto by POWGI and this, and... something something pandemic excuse... That said, we're aiming to release new POWGI games in October and December too. Still plenty of ideas!
  10. Both PS4 and Vita on August 25th. That's why it's a few weeks away - we're trying to make sure everything is right this time
  11. Sorry this has been released way too early. It’s not even confirmed yet but we’re aiming for August 25th
  12. We did not get early codes for this game so there's no Day 1 guides I don't even have a copy on my own console yet. But there's nothing missable and you can't mess anything up by having a go. I guess technically if you decided to find every single word without using a hint, you'd miss the "use a hint to find a word" trophy and have to reset to get that one, but anyway... Anyway, the race to be first to plat is wide open for once. Go go go!
  13. This is what's happening for me as I used a key. It shows as purchasable at full price, but if I redeem a second key it says I already have it. Sounds like it's working for real money purchases. Shame if the keys don't work, but I'll probably not ask them to mess with anything again...
  14. The game is back in the store. Can someone please let me know if they can download the Vita version?
  15. It was deleted from the store on Friday. We don't know why. Seems to be back again now.
  16. I don't have an explanation for this. Friday they said it was fixed, and it was for a while, but then it disappeared from the store completely - including the PS4 version. Sorry... but I'm baffled.
  17. Great news - although 12 times? That's dedication! Thanks for letting me know. I think this is coincidence but I will look at this particular situation just to make sure. Good time to mention that the sequel is out on Tuesday? Probably not...
  18. Hey, it's not that we don't care, but I genuinely don't know what the problem is. Over here, we've obtained all the trophies multiple times on both development and retail equipment. PSNProfiles reports that 93% of users have the trophy. Part of the testing that Sony does before we can publish a game involves them checking that trophies are awarded, and recently we actually had a game fail for awarding a trophy without strictly meeting the requirements. We can't just change it so it keeps trying to award a trophy if there's just one that you're missing - that definitely wouldn't be allowed. There's no feature to remotely award a trophy on PSN. All trophies are awarded from the console and I don't believe even Sony has the facility to add or remove trophies from a profile. Debugging trophies on a released game is difficult (and yes, sometimes it behaves differently when it's published to how it does on a devkit). A trophy can fail to pop many times but will only actually be awarded once, which makes it very hard to get enough information. Users won't remember what happened just before it failed, because they weren't expecting it to fail. In most cases, if we find a workaround, you'll just be happy to get the plat and move on so there's no way to know for sure whether that's actually what went wrong. Trophy guide writers tend to be our friends with this. We don't provide any information, so they have to work out exactly what unlocks each trophy - and usually do it multiple times. If there's a problem, someone usually picks it up pre-launch. One guy in particular is immortalised in POWGI history for his help in diagnosing a problem with a game in the past. We sneaked his name into a trophy title in the next game. I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but he says it's his proudest trophy. Anyway to point... there's enough evidence to suggest that the problem is specific to a very small number of users (now 2) so we have almost nothing to go on to solve it "properly" and finding a workaround for you guys is what we need to do. The best thing you can do is revert the game and your console to the same state it's in just before other users achieved that trophy: delete save data, delete game, update system software, reboot console, download game, launch game, go straight for that trophy. It's a pain, I know, but at least it's a trophy you can get right away after opening the game - not a 100% completion award or anything! Personally, I recently had a trophy glitch in Fallout 76. The best Bethesda could do is reset quest progress so I had to play it again, but it still didn't work. There's no more they can do - and even this was unexpected. Most games don't have that facility! Like that, we'll help as much as we can, but I don't have a magic wand.
  19. I have no further update other than they're working on it. Sorry Now 9 days past release date and no sign of it on the store. Believe me, I'm just as frustrated as you are. In slightly better news, the next POWGI game should be out in August. On Vita and everything.
  20. I'm still waiting for an update. Sorry...
  21. Sony have spotted the problem but I don't think it will be fixed today
  22. Should be already out. Not sure why not. Am chasing.
  23. Yes, you will automatically get the cross-buy entitlement if you already own it on PS4.
  24. Yes, Tuesday.
  25. Yes, Vita is back! Pic-a-Pix Pieces 2 will be cross-buy from launch (next Tuesday, 30th June) and Crypto by POWGI should have the Vita version added within a few weeks. We will be supporting Vita for as long as we're able. In other good news, a PEGI price hike which looked like it might spell the end of small Vita games has been changed to something more affordable. Our biggest concern is that the only Unity version which is supported by Vita will soon be incompatible with other consoles. Hoping this will have only a small impact but it remains to be seen.