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  1. Did You Find That Humerus?Solve every puzzle in "Bones" (not "Bonus"). Otherwise the joke is, err, broken. Numbskull.
  2. Tuesday, December 17th.
  3. It's out on Tuesday, October 1st ( We try to keep cross-platform releases within the same week, and it's Tuesdays on PSN, Thursdays on Switch. A collection of all POWGI games would mean there are no more POWGI games, so that's not going to happen any time soon We've considered some smaller bundles but I don't think it's fair to existing players to do this at a significantly better price. You can't do "complete my bundle" on PSN, you're totally blocked from buying it if you own any one of the games already. So if we did, it would really only be for extra store visibility - definitely not to annoy the awesome people who already supported the games.
  4. I found "ends with X" the easiest to do quickly. Every X is at the end of a word, so you have a handy visual for where a word ends. It's also easiest if you work from the edges of the puzzle as there are fewer overlaps and limited directions a word can appear. "Whatever The Weather" (#22) has many easy-to-spot words and its shape makes their placement quite predictable. If you're not a native English speaker I understand this could be difficult, but under 2 mins is doable so you'll get there under 3 after a few goes.
  5. Still need help with head-to-head? I need it too. Will add you now. I'm on UK time but fairly flexible.
  6. I'm told it's visible on the US Vita store now.
  7. It's cross-buy so you should find it in your download list if you already bought it on PS4, or you can push it to your console from the web site. I can see that it's not appearing on the Vita storefront which, unfortunately, is not unusual. I will poke Sony and try to get this updated.
  8. ♥️ You seem to have not played any of the Pix games yet... they're half price still but the sale ends today! Look out for Link-a-Pix on Vita in the future, that's basically the same puzzle as Piczle Lines
  9. This is tagged as NA but is EU. This is tagged as EU but is NA I'm sure you meant "Pic-a-Pix Series".
  10. Can you tell me what happened leading up to this? Did you get Wheels In Motion after puzzle 1, but not Fair Play after puzzle 4? Did you go through those four puzzles all in one session? Also just to make sure: the nine-letter words that are needed for the trophies are all related to the four-letter word on the menu that led to that puzzle, e.g. for PLAY it's ORCHESTRA, not CARTHORSE.
  11. The general advice is to close and restart the game immediately if you spot a trophy has glitched. We don't know exactly what causes this, but it seems to happen when you jump quickly into playing and earn a trophy very quickly after the game has launched, like the system has not finished initialising the trophy system. The game code will only award each trophy once per launch, so if you make a 9-letter word and don't get a trophy, no number of extra 9-letter words will cause it to pop until you restart the game. If we learn enough about the issue to make a patch that avoids it completely, we'll do that. In the meantime, I hope you don't find this too much hassle.
  12. No "Full Set" this year makes me happy.
  13. Can you follow these steps please? This should be the most reliable way, avoiding any network issues and giving the system plenty of chance to be ready to talk to the trophy subsystem. Put console into airplane mode Close and restart the game Leave the screen on and go and make a cup of tea. It should only need a few seconds, but give it 5 minutes or so. Open a puzzle you have found no words on yet Enter the 9-letter word The trophy is awarded when the joke appears, so to be safe don't instantly dismiss that screen. Once you get it, you can turn Wi-Fi back on and sync trophies.
  14. That is a bit drastic, but it would probably work. The bad news: if you've already completed the game and found 100 9-letter words, and the trophy did not already pop, it is unobtainable without resetting your save data. If you have 9-letter words left to find and the trophy didn't pop yet, you have to close the game and restart it, and then it should be awarded on the next one you find. At least, the game will tell PSN to award the trophy at that point. The trigger for the trophy is the joke screen, which doesn't appear the second time you find the same word. It also doesn't appear if you find a different nine-letter word than the one that appears in the title of the puzzle (e.g. CARTHORSE instead of ORCHESTRA). I think we'll probably patch to make this easier to work around, but obviously that won't be instant. I'm keeping a close eye on how many people it affects. It shouldn't ever happen, but it clearly is. More people have the 2nd trophy than the 1st. To reset save data, see here: If you have PS Plus, back up to the cloud first if you think you'll care about filling in the blanks in the game at a later time.
  15. We've had this reported a couple of times on Vita, but simply restarting the game and finding a nine-letter word did the job. The game remembers that it has awarded a trophy until it's closed (as a precaution against hitting a rate limit) so the restart is necessary. I think there is a system delay in registering trophies when the game first starts, and if you're eager then this trophy is awarded very quickly and it can glitch out. It happened to me with Word Sudoku, but not since. It only happens once the game is published - we can't reproduce it during development, which makes it impossible to fix. We always try to make games launch quickly and get you playing as quickly as possible: no splash screens or other fluff slowing things down. (I know this isn't particularly obvious on Vita, but it's as fast as it can be - there is a roughly 15-second overhead that we just can't do anything about). Anyway, as a consequence it seems that occasionally trophies can be skipped if you rush in, because the game just starts too darn quickly! As for PSTV, it's just a Vita with a big screen so I suspect you just got unlucky with the initialization after reinstalling. Anyway, glad to hear you got there, and thanks for reporting this.
  16. We've actually had lots of requests for an Asia release, purely to add the extra stacks, and also seen much excitement in response to this. I don't know why these all came through at once though. I don't even know release dates for most of them - but I know the publisher is going to stagger them! Sorry it created a ton of tedious work for you all at once. I think someone at Sony must have pressed the wrong button.
  17. Congrats on the plat. Indeed, the medal is for finishing a puzzle without fixing errors. You can actually press fix to see if there are errors and still get it, as long as you say “no” on the pop up. There is no time limit. Anyway, 67 mins is a decent time to solve one of those massive ones legitimately.
  18. Hopefully later this year!
  19. Are you asking how we work so quickly? Experience, team chemistry and caffeine.
  20. Sure, do either of these work?
  21. Yes, it will be cross-buy. The Vita version has touch screen controls. The PS4 version has 1-4 player co-op (and everyone gets trophies). Easy is subjective, of course. Most of the trophies are for solving 9-letter anagrams. And I know that nobody would ever dream of cheating...
  22. Similar but different. Both games produce color pixel art, but the logic rules are different. The most obvious difference is that in Piczle Colors you paint every square, whereas in Pic-a-Pix you have to work out which squares remain white. If you have a Switch, you can get a demo of Pic-a-Pix Deluxe. You can also read how to play on our website.
  23. There are 100 puzzles, like this one: Every word you find has to include the middle letter. Most of the trophies are for finding the 9-letter words. Up to 4 can play on PS4, and all will receive trophies (like One Word/Word Search). PS Vita has touchscreen controls. Cross-buy, of course. Release date is June 4th.
  24. The Vita storefront is not updated often, and even when it is some games are skipped. You can usually find the game you want with search, but it's easiest to browse and buy with a web browser, then go to Download List on Vita.
  25. Sorry I only just saw this. Hopefully you got there anyway, but here's the next logical move. In the 4th column the remaining clues are 1B/2B and what's left to fill is --B---. There are only two ways this can fit: BXBBXX or XXBXBB. Either way, you can mark X in the second spot (i.e. make it -XB---) and this gives you new information for the intersecting row. You never need to look to adjacent puzzles for clues!