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  1. Ok so it will eventually syc? Ill bare in mind ill stick ps4 till this is fixed so no issues here
  2. Is there a forumn of games where ps4 trophies are having issues i can check? I was worried it might not support ps4 trophies or well at all.
  3. And are there any issues since i have tons of ps4 games i need to platinum, i stil have ps4 but i unplugged it.
  4. thanks for update as is stated i don't keep up to date forumns i only hear tidbits from youtube or discord so ill bare in mind!
  5. Is this a new thing or is my profile messed up i never heard of a new level update and i dont frequent forumns so can anyone clue me in?
  6. What games can i buy only from us store on playstation? Ie chrono trigget, xeno gear parasite eve. Im looking at buying some games i can only get from the us from the ps3 and ps4 store on us account so i can play or try. I already bought parasite eve, journey to west, chrono series, xenogear, final fantasy origins. Any other recommendations? Us store only can not get from uk or eu store
  7. On butchers bay if you beat game on hard then load final checkpoint on normal you can get normal trophy and its supposed to be same on athena on most sites yet didnt pop, not a issue since i love the game but sad i couldnt finish
  8. I beat game on hard did all misc trophies tried doing normal as last using checkpoint but nothing happened wtf is going on?
  9. I want to know does it auto save challenge progress cause i dont want to beat final boss again and redo progress for platinum... be so dumb if there isnt a autosave for challenges completed
  10. Can i just chapter select from homeless to navajo to norah to black sun to kill everyone and get the endings i need or do i have to play from homeless upto the end...
  11. I was so worried that i couldn't use infinite dt because i bought a us copy from some terrible uk Amazon seller, luckily i found out you can load saves on both versions so its all fine and no issues. Just a heads up if you guys were worried like i was after going through so much!
  12. ill join as soon as i buy the game!
  13. I plan on doing this game series platinum so is it still up?
  14. Might look into this game just wanting to know if still active
  15. if logging in doesn't work, please use the create account process, activate a code, place in profile then re-access your account!