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  1. ok thanks pal ill just avoid those games, i dont want another strike or problem, i am honestly relieved i haven't gotten perma banned of leaderboards! i almost had a heart attack which may sound pathetic over a trophy site but i really love the community and the boost threads and trying ot get on top of the leaderboards
  2. ok so ill try finding a guide to hide the game trophy and once ive done that get a trophy and everything should be peachy?
  3. thanks for being cool man,i was rally upset about this since ive worked hard to get on leaderboards, if i hide it will i be allowed back on leaderboards again?
  4. don't know, i didn't pop it myself, i joined a friend on cod waw who had the game hacked and we would play on multiplayer for some fun, then he invited me into the 3rd dlc map i can't remember name and then the trophies started autopopping against my will i was not involved or asked for it to happen. check how many i have done myself in the game and assume i had to cheat! i have told moderators before and was told it was ok, now i find a dispute and am being told i am a cheater. if you want to challenge me as a cheater go a head check everyone of my trophies and say i am a cheater or that i autopop! i have done every game on my list legit except for a few trophies on waw which i didn't voluntarily get the choice to do legit, to be kicked of leaderboards cause of that is honestly so petty since ive worked hard on so many games to get myself on leaderboards. why would i autopop a game i was practically finished with? and why would i autopop one game that isn't even hard when i have done some extremely difficult platinums?
  5. Sarsky Call of Duty: World at War i didn't auto pop those trophies you have 0 proof to accuse me of doing it or that i did it myself and kicking me of leader boards for that is just petty and spiteful.<br /> <br /> if you have any problems contact me instead of creating petty disputes and actually look at all my other trophies and don't you dare punish me over something so menial.
  6. Is anyone else struggling to select or highlight things cause the cursor flies a million miles a hour? I literally have to carefully tap x just so i dont go through several layers of text or actions
  7. I want to know do i have to do it online or off
  8. Literally quit game, click dont accept terms and condition accidentally lose all my game data no back up... Seriously i spent all day leveling up classes to get it all lost... Anyone else have issue?
  9. I was told by friend that even in offline mode you need Internet connection to finish which is stupid
  10. Does anyone know why at the end of a level the game bugs out then literally nothing happens then disconnected? I have done Newyork chapter 2 three times kept crashing then disconnecting in game. Anyone else having this issue
  11. Just finished hell and hell! Just easy mode and devil hunter left!
  12. Lucky im on mission 17... I got to fight nightmares ffs... Any advice for him?
  13. Just noticed you got platinum congratulations bud!
  14. You did hah easier then dmd? Damn man im opposite i can get style and maintain easier then avoiding hits plus i loved royal guard till hah stopped allowing it... Literally its just spamming in a corner. But seriously man congrats on progress be proud! Mission 16 now on hell and hell... Not looking forward to cebereus the stupid cave dog boss... Seriously i know you can just rocket run but my issue is that its so easy for him to hit you and getting there will be a bitch... This for me will be my worst even with sin trigger!
  15. Mission 14 now hoping to be done this week if lucky but knowing my luck i will probably mess up so much so 2 weeks maybe who knows