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  1. I want to know does it auto save challenge progress cause i dont want to beat final boss again and redo progress for platinum... be so dumb if there isnt a autosave for challenges completed
  2. Can i just chapter select from homeless to navajo to norah to black sun to kill everyone and get the endings i need or do i have to play from homeless upto the end...
  3. I was so worried that i couldn't use infinite dt because i bought a us copy from some terrible uk Amazon seller, luckily i found out you can load saves on both versions so its all fine and no issues. Just a heads up if you guys were worried like i was after going through so much!
  4. ill join as soon as i buy the game!
  5. I plan on doing this game series platinum so is it still up?
  6. Might look into this game just wanting to know if still active
  7. if logging in doesn't work, please use the create account process, activate a code, place in profile then re-access your account!
  8. just a head ups if logging in doesn't work, please use the create account process, activate a code, place in profile then re-access your account! hope this helps other people... just honestly admins should have made it clear they were updating or something was happening on the front page as a banner or a image or something.! Glad i'm not trouble *^_^* and i hope this thread helps anyone worried! happy hunting everybody!
  9. just had recreate my acount just to acess my psnprofile, it wasn't ever deleted just i had to find a way to re access it was weird i haven't broken any rule or upset any admins i don't understand what happened.
  10. glad i aint the only one, you think first thing first you would make an announcement on the main site or front page r a banner on every page... i mean seriously its qorrying since i need this site for trophy tracking
  11. has someone removed me from psn profiles? cause i can not whatsoever access my account, i tried using my password but nothing happens and my page is still up but i can not access it, is this site under maintenance or am i being punished for something? i don't understand why i can not access my account.
  12. i didn't say 100% i said anyone can review and score the games on a star system, whether or not they like the game and can review it. not only the game whether they like it or not but can also do a trophy review talking about how hard the trophy is, whether its worth the effort or not and if the community on this site like the game and the trophies. it would be like a trophy thoughts after the game is released but instead it shows a score rating system on whether or not people liked the games and the trophies on the game or thought it was buggy, tedious and etc and can be easier to find and see when viewing a game on the site. so if you were to search up uncharted 4, people could rate the game and the trophies whether they liked it or not and you will see a star rating on the games banner and you can see how popular that game is to play among the community and whether it is worth going after or to skip, people can then write reviews which you could check in a review section to see what people think about the trophies and difficulty and how fun the game was and instead of it being a massive thread its a organized review board for people to select and choose from different score ratings and see what people said was bad about it and what people liked about it. similar to a amazon set up i was thinking.
  13. Maybe but instead of people doing a guide it would be a review and a star rating could be shown on the games page abd show what people rated it. It could be seperated into a star rating and a review or be mandatory for both and rating be shown on the games page.
  14. I was thinking that it would be cool if people could give a star rating and review towards games on the site and share opinions on games. so that if people want to boost/play a game they could see what other people have been saying. I know we have game score, metacritic etc but im talking about a rating and review system for trophies and difficulty and a way to advertise and encourage more boosters into playing a game or to avoid a game. Its a simple idea and probably not going to be popular but i thought it would be interesting if we could have a section dedicated to rating games and maybe a review section for player feedbac, that isnt paid to endorse.
  15. then why create videos and put so much effort against him if you don't care? plus seeing someones score doesn't reveal anything about their trophies unless you put effort to go through that... but honestly its up to you, have a nice day buddy happy trophy hunting!