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  1. alright i see i appreciate your comment, thats a very good case and point, i do think there needs to be room for discussion on the issue, maybe finding a way for cheaters not to exploit as in clear evidence that someone was attempting the platinum but there would need to be proof and would take up a lot of unnecessary time. a potential idea would be to apply my 1st strike idea if certain conditions were met such as maybe before a specific achievement date. etc.. before knowledge of hacked lobbies or discussions of it. and a clear sign of effort or progress towards the platinum instead of purposely popping all trophies. but that again is all subjective and time consuming and is inevitable ineffective... what a shame... but i still don't think you should be removed from all game leader boards, i think at least removing people form the world, country and that specific games leader boards instead of all games leader boards is more fair, i mean if you were rank 1 in fastest achiever for a game but another game was autopoped, doesn't seem fair to remove from the other games leaderboards cause of it without hiding but again thats just my opinion. world and country sure, all game leader boards... nah.
  2. Thanks for your oppinion and your contribution its been inciteful, you made some good arguments. Its not a perfect idea and you certainly helped me realise but ill love to keep seeing others ideas and oppinions! Alright il give you the benefit of a doubt, this is just a discussion, nothing to worked up over, im currently uk so im pretty sure i dont need a break or sleep if i am akready doing so
  3. Its a discussion thread, regardless of how popular an oppinion is i dont have to give up or just agree with mass majority just to please others, ive been relaxing watching tv, playing video games during the course of this thread. If i wasn't interested or engaged un communications I would not post or reply on thread. I dont know if your comment is sincere or not but it comes of as rude and dismissive to everything i have been saying, i am entitled to discuss or debate my points regardless if you agree or not. I am not obsessed or emotional over this and i would appreciate it if you didn't make any implications against me.
  4. Also to elaborate this point, just cause i platinuned games before psnp doesn't mean they are invalid or irrelevant to my milestone just to validate your point, I understand you are saying i was unlucky and picked a random game and joined a hacked lobby and could happened any time in that scenario but thats not a justification.
  5. Sorry for thinking earlier you didn't read the thread! I played cod waw before psnp, i wanted the plat with some friends but a guy autopoped my trophies like others, i loved and worked hard on it like some might have to and to have to hide it and mess up my progress and tracking sucks, its not fair. Plus i think in general 1 game can not mess up or effect an entire leaderboard system even in top 1000, a single game wouldn't encourage or mean life and death. I think personaly a condition or warning for 1st strike based on what i said with a whitelist system should be put in place and would allow users to not be hold acountable for other peoples actions, its so obvious if someone blatantly autopoped all trophies since you can turn of console while happening to prevent further damage. Hence the reason i came up with the idea with 1st strike with preferably white list games. I think you and everyone has made excellent points addressing this issue and i thank everyone for there contribution! You guys make the community great!
  6. I agree and understand but people shouldnt have to ruin there milestones, tracking, ranking, stats and everything for something that wasnt there fault, its annoying that all your trophys get out of line and everything is changed just to prevent false leadetbiard stats. Hiding trophies really mesess up your profile for no good cause or end and tracking. Its not lenient to say hide games, fuck up stats just to please others, i have aready elaborated on your statement in other replies, please read! I said 1 strike rule flag that game, dont remove all leaderboards just remove from that game for 1 strike thats it, preferably on white listed games, 2nd strike hide. 3rd banned I think its only fair not to associate and punish everyone equally if people didn't hack/auto pop trophies themselves. Its pretty obvious and for 1st strike system people can dispute, ill copy and paste replies if people dont want to read thread properly.
  7. Its not fair to be grouped in with everyone just cause cba or too much effort or my leaderboard points. Most people with auto popped/hidden trophies aren't in the top 1000 world rankings and dont fit or meet the criteria if they do for your concerns. The main point is adding an additional system in place that acknowledges for a 1st time strike that someone has that game flagged with a icon and removed of that specific leaderboards, i think preferably with a white list for specific games with reported moddees or hacked lobbies. If people are concerned about a free/easy plat exploit it would be obvious and people would easily rat them out. Again adressing world leaderboards and points, regarding statement 1 that if someone did autopop 1 game under 1st strike concept and 2nd strike hide games, how would that necersarry overhaul the leaderboards/ranks? It would be meaningless in progress and rank... The main issue is that because of one game autopoped against your will, removing you from every leaderboard especially with games with hackers/modders known on it is unfair, plus if you worked hard to be on leaderboards on other games, why is it fair to get removed of them cause if 1 game? Thats just stupid! Mess up one game lose leaderboard ranks on every other game... Seems fair. I don't think it would be hard work to implement if mods can simply apply a set up.
  8. Most people who cheat wouldn't make it to the highest leaderboards let alone be in a position to be the highest rank player/world leaderboards, as i said a 1st strike implementations whether a whitelist ir not could be a good way to not to punish someone who hasnt willingly autopoped trophies, there was no free pass anywhere mentioned or me saying its ok to cheat, my issues are more concerned with people who were forced autopoped if anything.
  9. i tihnk that should be optional but if you don't have a family or child account and you want to track your trophy milestones and stats using this site it really sucks especially if the game is known for hacked lobbies and modders and it jsut a 1st strike offence, not a multiple offence. im saying as a 1st trike basis rather then a reoccurring pattern, it would be a additional feature on the site not a overhaul, it could be a system for whitelisted games if people thought it was a good idea but not an excuse to repeat over and over. im saying for a 1st strike on a game thats been flagged they are removed from that specific games leader boards and it can be considered a warning, or if people are worried about people exploiting and using this a as a free pass for getting a platinum a "white list" is created for specific games you can be allowed 1 strike and your'e simply removed 1 time only for that specific games leader boards, then i can respect that for a implementation so no one can exploit the system.
  10. i think people might not be understanding me... as i ahve said remove from that specific games leaderboards, if people dispute to be put back onto the leaderboards they have to proof why it isn't autopopped, im not saying overhaul current system, im saying for a 1st strike basis, simply remove them from that specific games leaderbaords. i think people are heavily misinterpreting the point of what i am trying to say. i am not saying people get a pass im saying people will be removed for that games specific leaderbaords as a 1st strike bassis.
  11. the idea is to remove them from that specific games leaderboards, especially if its a game with hackers and modders for a 1st strike.
  12. what if the individual didn't intentionally cheat or use a different save file? is it fair to make them hide there games and associate them as a cheater or hacker when they didn't voluntarily or willingly hack there trophies? the problem is, is that anyone who hides trophies are automatically acknowledged and considered cheaters and hackers even if they didn't do so themselves, and i don't think its fair with the current system to incriminate players in general regardless of context or reasons of how there trophies were autopopped. i genuinely think that it would be fairer and more considerate to players in general if for a 1st strike they're simply removed from the leader boards for that specific game. plus when you hide your games it messes up with the trophy milestone and level system and tracking in general. i see thats a good statement, however i was thinking only for a first strike system, then second strike hide the games after, due to games with modders and hackers. the fact that people who end up getting autopopped cause of these people don't get affiliated or associated with real hackers and cheaters. there has been discussions for white listing games i heard but it ultimately leed no where and i was thinking adding a 1 strike rule system where instead of 1st strike hide games you get removed for that specific games leaderboards and have a flag symbol next to it and any after no excuses.
  13. hmm... i din't think about that in that sense that's a very excelent point, however if they did cheat that game and its been reported/flagged it should have a flag symbol next to the game and that person will not be on the leader boards for that specific game. etc. if MW2 was autopopped user would be removed only form that games leaderboards and on their profile it will have a flag next to the game a little symbol to say that they autopopped instead of making people hide there trophies and messing up there milestones and tracking of trophies.
  14. that's kinda why we have report and disputes? im saying instead of removing entire leaderboards we just remove for that specific game if someones flagged for a game, not change the entire system format. so if someone has cheated on a game they are removed from the leaderboards for that specific game adn if they want to dispute they can to get on the leaderboards for that game instead of completely removing them from all leaderbaords. if the person has cheated more then 3x they are perma banned all leaderboards. in order to tell if they cheated or good at cheating the game in questions trophy list should be reviewed.