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  1. I'd also like to know if they've patched it
  2. Hey all Just wondering how achievable this platinum is now for a brand new player?
  3. I had the same problem but luckily Rockstar updated the game with two new Treasure Maps from the PC release two patches ago. If you Google them you'll find them. They count towards the challenges, assuming that's why your looking for it.
  4. Hey all Maybe one for the veterans but will the new update affect any of the base game trophies? For example making some of them unattainable like Destiny 2 did for a while or making them significantly harder or more time consuming?
  5. So you don't have to buy the game twice?
  6. Nice one, i felt that it was an important enough update to have its own thread
  7. Hey all In the newest update Rockstar have made it so when you do missions in replay all of your stats and inventory carry over. I did a replay mission and had full Deadeye, Stamina and all 10 of my Chewing Tobacco and all of my guns! Im not sure if you have your own horse aswell as the mission i did didn't require it however its probably a safe bet to assume it will.
  8. How significant is the rank boost for getting the Ultimate Edition of the game? Its on sale on PSN for 29 bucks but i can get the standard edition for half the price 2nd hand but i wouldn't mind shelling out for the Ultimate Edition if it makes the online grind shorter?
  9. Going for this again eh JD 😂😂 You must be a glutton for punishment my friend, i dont want none of this trophy this year. Good Luck though!
  10. How is this possible? 😂
  11. I haven't seen anything about a glitch 🤔
  12. Anyone know if the latest update has made the level 50 grind anymore tolerable? Has the update made getting XP easier or faster or more enjoyable?
  13. Weekend League wasnt hard at all but Division 4 was a nightmare for me and ive been playing Fifa since 98! They made the trophy significantly easier midway through the year of 19 by lowering the points requirement for it. I can only assume they did that to better reflect the way the divisions played out over time. Maybe they'll go that route again and lower the requirement mid season. Personally im not chancing that, it took hours and hours of frustration to get that trophy last year and im not particularly hankering for a new fifa so ill keep my eye on this forum to see how those trophies play out.
  14. Ive seen the Fifa 20 trophy list and it does indeed have the Division 4 trophy again, under the name "Divisive Figure" if memory serves me right.
  15. I used to love Raonbow 6 Vegas and Vegas 2. I was kinda disappointed when it went MP only but i hear such good things about it that i wanted to try it. It looks a bit impenetrable now though, the kind of game where everyone is far too good for new players to find enjoyment, maybe im wrong though.