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  1. When younsay Chris rifle are you referring to the WCX or the Dragoon?
  2. Is there a viable alternative for Village of Shadows without the Stake Magnum? I'm 2 playthroughs in but my first playthrough had dreadful rng for enemies dropping Lei so I'm quite a ways off being able to buy and fully upgrade the STAKE. So it's either use an alternative weapon or do another playthrough focused on getting money.....
  3. Did you replay chapters to get the kills down and then replay the final mission for the trophy?
  4. Is this as annoying as I fear it's going to be? I know about all the tricks like closing the application etc but I'm around chapter 13 now and on some chapters I've had 40+ deaths 😅 I'm really dreading this part of the platinum
  5. Hey all It seems the community has done a great job so far at troubleshooting this platinum. I want to start the game this evening and was wondering if one of you would be able to throw together a very basic guide/roadmap if you will. Doesn't need to be detailed just a basic order of attack for the platinum etc?
  6. How difficult do you guys see this platinum being after the bugs are presumably fixed? I know its probably a little too early to tell etc but I've not played anything of the game yet as I'm going to wait for it to be fixed.
  7. Think I'll wait for some sort of guide before playing this. Seems like it's going to take a lot of trial and error to figure out the optimal route to platinum
  8. There's likely to be another big patch in March. Hopefully that provides a fix as I really do t want to delete my profile but I will as a last resort.
  9. Nope, none of mine unlocked.
  10. Did the trophy work for you after you deleted? I'll do this as an absolute last resort after I've played through Hitman 2 and Hitman (2016). Hopefully they've patched it by then.
  11. UPDATE: Trophies/AchievementsWe’ve resolved an issue that could prevent the “Reach Mastery Level 20” achievements/trophies from triggering, despite players reaching that milestone. In some cases, this issue could also prevent PlayStation players from earning the Platinum trophy. Players that have been affected should unlock the relevant trophies/achievements when they launch the game after installing the 3.11 patch. A snippet from the patch notes. It's not specifically mentioned but hopefully it fixes the bugged mission story trophies as well.
  12. UPDATE: IOI are aware of this issue and are investigating a fix, as per a post on the Hitman Sub-reddit.
  13. Yep, Full House is broken for me aswell. I'm in Chongqing at the moment but kind of nervous to carry on in case I get another glitched trophy. Hopefully IOI will fix it but I haven't seen any real acknowledgement of the issue on their part yet.....
  14. Thinking of picking this up in the sale but not sure how up to date and relevant the guide is at this point. Any insights as to how the Platinum is as of December 2020?
  15. Best thing to do is get a friend or someone you know who has the game to invade you by setting a password between the two of you. It only takes a few invasions to move from black tendency to pure white, takes all of about 5-10 mins max