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  1. There's likely to be another big patch in March. Hopefully that provides a fix as I really do t want to delete my profile but I will as a last resort.
  2. Nope, none of mine unlocked.
  3. Did the trophy work for you after you deleted? I'll do this as an absolute last resort after I've played through Hitman 2 and Hitman (2016). Hopefully they've patched it by then.
  4. UPDATE: Trophies/AchievementsWe’ve resolved an issue that could prevent the “Reach Mastery Level 20” achievements/trophies from triggering, despite players reaching that milestone. In some cases, this issue could also prevent PlayStation players from earning the Platinum trophy. Players that have been affected should unlock the relevant trophies/achievements when they launch the game after installing the 3.11 patch. A snippet from the patch notes. It's not specifically mentioned but hopefully it fixes the bugged mission story trophies as well.
  5. UPDATE: IOI are aware of this issue and are investigating a fix, as per a post on the Hitman Sub-reddit.
  6. Yep, Full House is broken for me aswell. I'm in Chongqing at the moment but kind of nervous to carry on in case I get another glitched trophy. Hopefully IOI will fix it but I haven't seen any real acknowledgement of the issue on their part yet.....
  7. Thinking of picking this up in the sale but not sure how up to date and relevant the guide is at this point. Any insights as to how the Platinum is as of December 2020?
  8. Best thing to do is get a friend or someone you know who has the game to invade you by setting a password between the two of you. It only takes a few invasions to move from black tendency to pure white, takes all of about 5-10 mins max
  9. This sounds like one of the most unfun and terrible trophy design ideas I've seen in a very long time. Its up to them what they do with their trophy set of course and if they want to reward the absolute hardcore of hardcore of their player base with the Platinum then fine, that's up to them but to me, a games Platinum should be accessible to anyone with some skill and time investment within reason. Im not saying a platinum should be easy or short at all but I never see the point in devs locking the Platinum trophy behind frankly insane grinds and time investment because I genuinely think the trophy community is bigger than most industry folks think. With Twitter, Reddit and sites like this, people love to show off their platinum and that can only be good for the game and get it in front of new players. Like it or not, and I don't personally care but there's a lot of people who'll pass on a game if the Platinum requirements are stupid. In short I guess I just think it's a missed opportunity when a dev doesn't make the Platinum at least reasonably attainable with some skill and time. Before anyone replies with anything to do with EZPZ games, I know that there are a lot of games with very easy lists etc and there will always be a few people who want to really earn every platinum etc and that's totally cool too. But I'm probably speaking for the majority imo.
  10. Seen a lot of comments where people have insane records like 100-1-0. Haven't played fifa since 19 so don't know about volta but is it easier to win games online in that mode. Hard to imagine having a record like that in an online mode 🤯
  11. Really that's a bummer if that's the case! I always went back to the nexus to get back to soul form. Played the entire game that way, I have no idea how it isn't perfect white tendency, especially considering I killed some npcs in other worlds by mistake and still ended up with perfect white tendency in those areas. If I read it right, tendency carries over to ng+ so surely considering the world is already white, I should only need to kill one boss? I think the only trophy I'll miss is the satsuke one so maybe I should just move on and try again in ng+
  12. We'll I definitely need 4-1 to be pure white as I have to do the sword side quest that only shows up in Pure White. My issue is I've defeated all bosses except the very last one and have no idea what else I can do to get Arch stone 4 to be pure white?
  13. Looks like they changed the requirements for The Prestige trophy. Is it now harder or easier to attain?
  14. Hey guys. Okay so this platinum is confusing the life out of me! I've beaten all bosses bar the 1-4 one but only 3/5 arch stones are pure white tendency. Arch stones 1 and 4 are neutral and just white respectively so I don't know what to do from here. Am I better off making the world's pure black and then beating the phantoms to bring it back to pure white or is there another way to get the world's to be pure white. Not sure how they are possibly not pure white when I've helped all NPCS and beaten all bosses in those worlds.
  15. The Volta Division 3 has a higher completion percentage on the PS5 version than the PS4 one already. Why is this? Is it because the save transfers to the PS5 version thus unlocking that trophy or have they made any adjustment to the requirements? This is the only trophy putting me off the game 😬