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  1. I'll almost definitely be changing my PSN ID, despite being happy with it, the last few years, my partner has been playing just on my Account, rather than her own, so I'd rather change the PSN ID to match that. It isn't just my account anymore after all.
  2. Not sure about the different endings in Remastered, but you won't get banned for doing it, since its a feature on the System itself.
  3. Hey everyone! I usually play Single-Player games (my Partner does play a lot of Overwatch on my Account though). Always up to add fellow Trophy Hunters though!! - AlexJones_Bankai - (Make sure you add a note to say that you are from PSNP otherwise I'll probably ignore it!)
  4. You need the friend code mate, not your ID name Already got the 3 friends for the Celebi questline but I won't say no to adding more Mine is; 6511 2198 2788 (AlexBankai770 should be the right name)
  5. 1 Playthrough I think there are over 100 in all (could be wrong) so as long as you don't miss loads you should be okay!
  6. Uncharted Trilogy Remaster was my first as they came with the Ps4 I bought
  7. Oh okay, yeah I can see why you'd want to finish them, its just sometimes (for me anyway), I end up absolutely hating the game, which is why I've started trying to drop games. Definitely worth another shot if you didn't like something the first time though, absolutely. Still haven't done much Witcher, my girlfriend is the one who played it hah - keep meaning to try it myself but never bothered. Yeah I feel you man, never been in a position where I can buy exactly what I want, whenever I want, yeah I get way more games now, but that's only because I literally have nothing else to spend any extra money on (suppose it should go into the 'New House Pot' but I need more games damnit! I should really start looking at reviews more, its a pain in the ass just seeing a couple of things, thinking "oh yeah I'll buy this, will be awesome" and then realise you just bought the Surge and... well yeah... haha That makes sense, up till a couple of years back I wouldn't have really touched any of the Soulsborne games (or games of their ilk) but now its what I find myself leaning towards, not sure why though. Hahah oh man, I have so many games installed on my Ps3/Vita/Ps4 that I know I won't play its ridiculous Half of them I uninstall and like 3 months later I'll be like, "NO, I'M PLAYING YOU NOW" - and 20 minutes later I'm sitting there staring at it on the Dashboard thinking "hhm... nope"! Well... ... Yeah I can't really think of anything to say to that Do you enjoy the crappy games though? Or do you just enjoy the 100% at the time of finishing them? I've played a fair few terrible games just for Trophies but sometimes it makes me think, "why bother?" - do you ever get like that?
  8. Ah that's fair enough. Yeah I rarely do my research on games, I just go by gut instinct, which I'd say isn't TOO bad
  9. Oh I agree with that, I usually end up reinstalling games a while afterwards and finding more things to like, its a very strange thing for me. I hated Bloodborne when I first tried it... 3 years back (roughly) but now its one of my favourite games. Ah I feel you, I'm a pain in the ass most of the time Sometimes it isn't so bad since the game might have only been out a few weeks/months so its not SUCH a big deal, but like with Mafia III, I've reinstalled it... 4 times now, and I know I won't play it, yet its still sitting there, on my desk. Its worth like £3 now in trade-in stores
  10. That makes perfect sense, I'm not really sure why its so hard to drop for me, its not exactly a difficult task ha I think the problem I have is that I usually end up re-installing the game like a year later and finding more to like about it, its odd but maybe it works, kinda? Yeah money's a big factor as well, got back into work at the tail end of last year and I've just been buying loads, which is possibly why I'm recently finding more games I don't have a likeness to, really hah Do you ever hold on to them JUST in case or do you trade/sell them straight away? I tend to hold on a little bit, which I guess hurts the money I'd get back too.
  11. Ha, never thought of hiding things I don't have good percentage on... hhmm Oh Cross Edge, wow, I played the hell out of that on my old Account, yeah some trophies are horrible in RPGs, yet I always go back for more Glutton for punishment. I do agree though, some games just aren't worth the time if you aren't having a good time playing them! Hhm, didn't consider mood effecting judgement, I try and get a good few hours in usually so I guess that's a decent amount of time to decide? See I'm not picky at all, I'll try anything once, but some games I just can't get invested in. I can understand what you mean about the 100% thing, can imagine that'd be very annoying!
  12. I understand that, I've been obsessed with Trophies since the early days of Ps3 (when they were introduced) and especially the last couple of years, I've definitely tried my best with a lot more games to get as good a percentage as possible but I usually go for 20% and above, (sounds pathetic compared to some people on here but hey ho xD) and I'm happy with it. The problem comes with, as you said, "unless you want to put a lot of time into things you don't enjoy" - I get to involved with the Trophy collecting and I've some very questionable games just to keep the Trophy popping sound regular but my god is it bad when you're not having a great time. Definitely, do what you feel is right for you, and good luck with that, it'd take a mini-miracle for me to attempt that!
  13. Oh crikey, never actually played Asura's Wrath as far as I recall, something did seem off with the gameplay from what I could tell. Nice plat though! I get you, I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan but some of the games I just can't do anything but the story, some are VERY tedious. Oh that must have been horrible, hate it when you get so close. I think I'd burst into flames if that happened with me ha
  14. Oh my god, thank you. That game ruined me! Its nice the first time around, but unless you don't wanna go in blind, you're bound to miss something, and going back through it, oof, took a long while hah That is good advice!
  15. Yeah I can understand that, personally I can usually only play 1 game at a time, unless one game is Trophy cleanup. I find sometimes that I'll reinstall a game countless times, but still not get BACK into it. Guess I'm weird ha