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  1. Its because the playthrough you finished on Normal is now in New Game + itself, hence why its 'reset' to 0 Killed. Its still the same save file, nothing wrong with it at all
  2. - Crikey, yeah I can imagine that would get lonely (the night-time job) - over the last 2 months that I've been back in work, I've noticed that whilst I didn't really play anything for a few weeks, (my partner instead taking the console for most of the gaming, which wasn't much anyway) but it soon set into a routine where I was enjoying my gaming a lot more, knowing that I only had few hours etc. Granted my hours have been changed to early mornings so its slightly different now, but I can almost guarantee that you'll find it easier and better with more standard hours Might take some getting used to obviously but fingers crossed!!
  3. - Oh I'm sorry to hear that (about the disability), hope its at least manageable That's good though, I like watching YouTube when playing games that don't have much story, lately however I've stopped, lack of concentration I guess hah On a side note, I still haven't gotten myself a Vita again, was going to get one this Christmas but nowhere bloody sells them now aside from online and I'm a bit dubious buying consoles online.
  4. - I can imagine you'd feel like you need to game more (or want to might be better put), after work the last 2 weeks I've been playing more regularly now. I think if you put your mind to it, you'll quickly feel less tired and then you'll be able to get some gaming time done As you say, an hour is better than nothing at all
  5. I personally never had any issues when I played it on my old account, might have just been lucky though. I don't even know anyone else who's heard of it, let alone played it ha Hope redownloading fixes it
  6. - You lucky sod Nah that's pretty good in all fairness, you seem to be able to manage your time well at least - Haha OR You could turn each and every game you play into a Drinking Game
  7. - Yeah that's understandable, sometimes its best to play at night, quieter as well like
  8. - Oh crikey, sorry to hear that! But as you say, sometimes its better to let go and just escape from that environment (whether its Family or Work related). Arrghh, hate people who deliberately target someone, such a******s! Nah you'll be great! Just keep your chin up and don't get put down if something does go wrong, the next Job will jump out of nowhere!
  9. - Oh crikey
  10. - Nice and simple lol
  11. - Wow, yeah I can understand the annoyance with that. Its bad enough for me prior to getting back into work, I had a backlog of around 70 games, which now I've gotten down to around 15 (mainly via selling games I know I bought just out of impulse) - I'm now starting to realise how precious the little time you get is, and how often you WON'T be able to play the games you buy. Very stressful hah - Oh that's not too bad then Yeah weekends seem to be the biggest gaming time for almost everyone, you don't need to think about work/education so you can relax! - haha, that's not creepy! If you're happy then its awesome Sorry you had a bad time at your last job, can imagine it was horrible when you started to hate people more etc. Last proper job I had I worked under my Father - who was an a*****e - made work horrible for me and when things went sour, he just told people at work that I "couldn't cope with it". Needless to say I don't regret never seeing him again. (sorry I know that was a bit out of left field, but it felt okay to say ha). Ever since then I've been gaming almost non-stop, until I got back into work, starting to miss the days where I could do whatever the hell I wanted haha But yeah, as for the routine and the gaming habits etc, that sounds like you're having fun doing it (Good luck with the Job Hunting too!) Couldn't agree more
  12. I never finished it, because I didn't enjoy it. I will however say that the game itself isn't actually bad (from what I played of it), I just didn't, enjoy playing it for some reason. I don't think it deserves the amount of hate it gets. Might try it again at some point, see if my opinion changes or not.
  13. - I'm sure its something your body will get used to, its a similar to what I'm having at the moment, been a few years since I last had a permanent job so it took me by surprise. Especially at the start I think its probably best to focus on the work side, because once you get used to it, you'll find yourself suddenly with the gaming urges hah - I can imagine that's stressful and time consuming! Good that there are times where you can relax and get some gaming done, even if its only small portions here and there Especially this time of year, bet its hectic for you!
  14. - Wow, quite a schedule! At least you have your priorities on point Only eating once a day though? oof, I'd be dead on the floor hah - Oh god, maybe you could put an alarm on your phone for every 3-5 hours, just to make sure you eat? - Yeah I can understand that, sometimes its better that way I suppose, makes it so you don't have to play in short bursts (especially if you play longer games, would be annoying having to stop after 2 hours of barely getting anything done in the game)! ALSO - JUST WANTED TO ADD; THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO'S ADDED TO THIS TOPIC, ITS BEEN A REALLY INTERESTING CHAT!
  15. - Ah I get you - yeah the Prince of Persia games always left me feeling a bit mehh as well. Weirdly though I enjoyed the cell-shaded one that everyone hates. I understand what you mean about needing to finish a game/film because otherwise you've wasted money too. Personally, especially lately, I've been falling out of bothering to get 100% on games though, more so if I haven't enjoyed them - you've got the patience of a saint if you're making sure to Plat them all! And you speaking of Playstation Plus has reminded me that my subscription ran out the other day - really must get on that! - Damn pay day being 2 weeks away! I've not played Bladestorm, hope you enjoy it more than PoP at least! Especially if its 150+ hours!! - Yeah that's about right for most people I feel Do you play many long games, or do you prefer shorter ones? - It was a great game in all fairness Ah I get you, with my luck I'd be surprised if even 1 hand was decent