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  1. Can't recall for sure, I've never bothered on Uncharted. The only one I know of for definite is Uncharted 2, if you change in through the menus etc, then it sticks for the whole game on the desired difficulty. Not 100% sure on the first game (won't be picking them up again for a while either so I can't even offer any advice - sorry). Oh - seems like Gonzo has helped you though!
  2. Its because on the older games you could only use the Tweaks on the Difficulties that you had already beaten them on. Unlike the newer ones that are way more lenient.
  3. Not had this issue myself but once you get to the 3rd Trebuchet remember (once you've cleared the enemies) to target the gate once more, it took my partner nearly an hour of fiddling around before realising that the reason the rope-post wasn't where it was supposed to be, was because she hadn't fully triggered the next scene. Not sure if this is a major issue or just her being a bit daft ha As for the Trebuchet movement not working properly I can't even comprehend how that would happen, but from what I have searched online there are a LOT of glitches in the Lost City segment of the game. I know this was posted Months ago, but I hope you managed to get past it okay. Can imagine that was a pain in the ass.
  4. I think I started around a year after Trophies became a thing on PSN. At first I had no interest whatsoever, with the odd game giving me an urge, but outside of that it was gaming as I did on the Ps2 etc. Once I started I got addicted,although especially back in Ps3 era I might have been a bit naughty every so often, using friend's saves to help me out, but this last 3 years of the Ps4 have really made me appreciate everything as a whole I don't usually try and get 100% on everything though, since I'm not good enough at most games, but I at least try and get as many as I possibly can from each game.
  5. Only thing I can suggest is to practice it :/ It was real simple on Ps4 but I guess it would be a little more of a pain on a Vita. Sorry I can't help in any way :/
  6. Killing Floor 2, takes a while, but you'll have a fun challenge
  7. Ooh cheers, I've gotten to level 30 a few times since but I always end up shooting constantly rather than taking my time, it will be done! Eventually! Thanks for the tip!
  8. Same combat as every other game though lol
  9. You won't be disappointed, great game. And...Witcher 3 Wild Hunt from above.
  10. Uncharted: Golden Abyss Need to buy a Vita again to try and plat this myself, awesome game.
  11. Been looking into this, seems like a pretty good game. Nice to see no Difficulty related Trophies, sometimes its nice not feeling compelled to play on Harder Modes!
  12. Ahh this is cool Loved Final Fantasy III Did anyone here manage to get into the Beta? Any good to play?
  13. I have the same feeling on PC Gaming, used to be fairly big on playing on Steam but now I'm pretty much not interested unless I can play on Playstation. On a side note... the Pop Vinyls for Cuphead are AMAZING
  14. There isn't a problem... never was one... Genuinely surprised me is all. I was literally just questioning whether or not this game would be available on Ps4 at some point (something that, granted, a Google Search would have sufficed but I was intrigued to see if anybody on here knew more). - Oooh... hope?
  15. But you're playing Resident Evil 7 lol - that's 'scarier' than Until Dawn Phantom Pain btw Well Done!