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  1. I wish they did what Furi did, gave us the upgrade free regardless if you bought it or got it though PS Plus.
  2. Did a Google. It's a free upgrade, but not if you own the plus version of the game from when it was free a long time ago. That's probably why I'm not seeing an upgrade option.
  3. I own the PS4 version, but it says 19.99 for me on PS5.
  4. I can't believe anyone would do this. It's disgusting.
  5. Lol okay as soon as I 100% it from getting it on PS Plus Extra. Not paying for this though, game was fun, but had my fill.
  6. Happy to report I got it on my second try!
  7. Thanks for the heads up, I know what I am gonna do tonight!
  8. I tested this within the same DRG session after seeing that when my team mate deposited a gem it didn't update for me. What I did was go into solo and grinded quick point extractions and found a bittergem and deposited it. Tracker went up by one as soon as I deposited. It's not an issue with earning another trophy it's an issue with team mates depositing. Not sure if this was intentional after the last update but it's definitely only tracking if you collect one yourself.
  9. My tracker stopped updating on my bittergems. Was in a game from the beginning and a teammate collected one and the tracker didn't update. Still 5/10.
  10. Bittergems no longer track if a team mate picks them up apparently. I just tested this and when I collected them it works but if a team made does it does not add to the counter. Looks like I'll have to solo grind after I'm done promoting everyone to gold.
  11. Bittergems seem to stop tracking if a team mate deposits them. I just played a mission and didn't get credit towards the tracker. Last time I collected the gem myself and it went up.
  12. In Kojima games you normally can't question the mechanics so I completely understand this and its something that he would absolutely do
  13. It still blows my mind they haven't patched these trophies. Every once in awhile I come here hoping to see people saying it works now, but nope you have to jump through an incredible amount of hoops and inconvenience yourself to get them. It really seems like the devs are just done supporting this as soon as they dropped the PS5 upgrade. Can't bring myself to do all these steps for a few dlc trophies.
  14. While the lore may seem daunting to grasp as it is so in depth, one thing is for certain. We can be sure that my name is Mayo.
  15. Its better to finish your crushing run first and then go to chapter select to clean up the collectables after. The nice thing about uncharted games is there are no missable trophies.