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  1. It's not even the lack of plat incentive. It's the lack of fun playing it for that long unless you really love the game. There are too many other actual good SP games out there for me.
  2. Lol after posting this I beat the last level and got the last hat. I forgot about that hat since its been like 6 months since I have played it on ps4. Thanks!
  3. I collected all 8 hats and the trophy didn't pop. Didn't have this issue on the PS4 version.
  4. Don't fix something that isn't broke. I bet they will improve upon the formula, but not expecting big gameplay changes.
  5. Yes it is funny, and apparently there is no character limit for devs on their platinum descriptions lol I also agree, there are so many easy plat games in the recent past. I am guilty of doing one or two, like my name is mayo, but I don't understand how you want to buy crap games just to pad your stats here.
  6. I was on the PS5 version of the game, and my friend was on the PS4 version and we able to boost together.
  7. Yep! This is how I boosted it with someone with PS4 while I was on PS5.
  8. I stay far away from anything that is live service.
  9. I think you are getting extremely unlucky. I played through the game twice and never had a single glitch. Honestly I would just uninstall and reinstall the game or reset your console and try again. You shouldn't be getting these issues.
  10. Make sure you enable 2FA ASAP. That would have prevented this from happening as you would have to enter a code that is sent to your phone in order to log in.
  11. Sorry, they publish great games and make great consoles. I have had my fun with the ps3 and only use it once in a blue moon. The last purchase I made on it was probably 7 years ago. I agree they shouldn't shut down the service, but people are hardly going to stop buying from Sony if they are a PlayStation fan.
  12. Bought: Demon Souls Sackboy: A Big Adventure The Pathless Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Immortals: Fenyx Rising The Sinking City Resident Evil Village Returnal Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Mortal Shell Subnautica: Below Zero Got via free upgrade since I owned it on PS4: No Man's Sky R6: Siege Maneater Control Crash 4: It's About Time FF7 Remake It Takes Two Jedi Fallen Order Metro Exodus The Persistance Doom Eternal A Plague Tale: Innocence
  13. How does this game even work lol Hold R2 to go forwards, L2 for backwards? X to change tracks?
  14. FYI there was a handful of trophies that did not autopop for me. The ones that didn't were the chapter specific trophies from chapter 9 onward, and upgrading my equipment fully as well as getting all collectables from chapter 9 to the end as well.
  15. I must of done something weird back when I played this on PS4 and got the plat. I uploaded my data on the PS4 version of the game after downloading from my PS plus cloud. Went to PS5 version and downloaded the save. Got most of the trophies except the collectables and any missable chapter trophy from chapter 9 onwards. Gonna mop up the rest.