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  1. My game is locked for like 11 more hours. Review copies?
  2. From the Tetris Effect Support & FAQ Website, "Owners of the PlayStation 4 version of the game will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for US $9.99." No thanks.
  3. Been a year and a half and something may have changed, but yes, my friend was in the same room as me when we did this on both version at the same time.
  4. Glad I found this thread, I healed during a boss and immediately closed the app. My backup was from an hour before and didn't want to redo.
  5. All free, but I am at the point now where I wish they would stop lol
  6. Dang for a second there I thought there was a PS5 version of this out and I didn't know about it.
  7. Bought this 2 days ago and just got the plat. What an amazing game.
  8. Got the game on PS5 a few days ago and you can disable motion blur
  9. How could that be considered cheating? What if you just wanted to transfer your save to have everything unlocked in-game for an updated version of a game you just want to mess around in? It will auto-pop trophies, regardless if you intend it to or not.
  10. If it cannot sync the trophies on PS4 to the server, are people that have this issue unable to sync any trophies at all? Or just unable to sync for this game. If its the former, that's a HUGE problem.
  11. Seems crazy that this wouldn't be a requirement from Sony to even release the game in the first place.
  12. Super pumped to play this again. Beautiful game!
  13. Yep, did this and the stone dragon by activating with the heirloom. I wonder if there is another boss out there we haven't discovered yet.
  14. I got my PS3 for Christmas in 2009 then bought tons of games and all the consoles ever since. Probably around 10k.
  15. I believe the issue here can be summed up as a Have you tried lowering the difficulty? No penalties for trophies.