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  1. Thanks for this, glad they don't have any time based trophies for completing missions within a certain amount of time. This is a surprisingly fun game to play, I did not expect much when it was announced.
  2. I did a renegade playthrough through ME1 and ME2 and I did not romance anyone (I didn't try to avoid it, it just happened since I was being a dick the entire time). I made many random manual saves during various story chapters. Am I able to load up specific points and get a romance trophy, then quit, load the next game, and do the same thing? Or does it have to be a career through all games to get all romance trophies.
  3. (1) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (3) Unravel - No death run will be more difficult than you think (5) Sea of Solitude - Runs terrible, glitchy mess on PS5. (4) Need for Speed Heat (2) Mirror's Edge Catalyst - I really liked this game
  4. Been wanting to play that in VR!
  5. Hype? Are you kidding? If the only game ever released for PS5 was R&C I would buy the system just for that.
  6. I was stuck at one ace left before my plat, what I did was turn on rainbow run and keep restarting the beginning area until the wings popped from the chest. Then I went through the chambers backing up my save in case I died searching for Winchester. It took me about 3 full 5 chamber runs before I found him.
  7. Thanks for the info, I'll probably play it again at some point on PS4 and get both versions done. I would much rather play it first on the PS5 for the added benefits.
  8. I also want to know this because I'm playing it first on the 5 obviously. Wouldn't mind a freebie when I transfer the save to PS4.
  9. After 3 hours last night when it unlocked, I can say it lives up to the hype. This is the most fun PS5 game I have played so far, and demon souls is right behind it.
  10. I have been looking forward to this game, glad it is getting great reviews. I recently got into roguelikes thanks to Risk of Rain 2 and Enter the Gungeon so this has me pumped. No problem supporting the $70 price point for a first party game by a great dev. Go ahead, get angry at me for that, but I have always bought games at launch if they interest me for full price.
  11. There is probably a day one patch so that might fix things.
  12. The bigger question is why was it released in such a buggy state? I get that it is free for plus members, but come on, it could have used another month of work at least.
  13. Did you mean to say quick restart won't spawn NPCs? What is the difference between that and exiting and trying again from the Breach? Both completely change the map.
  14. Nope you can set it to 1 player to make things easier on hard, or set it to 4 player when playing on easy to have more enemies and get more points for gold. It does not lock you out of any trophies.
  15. Can confirm this is true.