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  1. I get screen tearing in this game which is annoying but I'm enjoying.
  2. Sure there are some issues with optimization on PS5, but this game has a unique story and gameplay that I think any fan of space fiction would enjoy. I am about halfway through and think the game is at least a 7.5/10. It is slower paced and dropped at a perfect time for me as I have been playing very fast paced games recently like Hades and Deathloop. Gameplay takes some adjustment to get used to, but once you get the feel for the Jett it clicks. Really enjoying the experience right now.
  3. Similar thing happened to me, it said I was missing one and it ended up being one of the motorcycles that was not even from the DLC missions. Go through all thing to fabricate and look for a little empty box in the bottom corner when you select it and that means you have crafted it or not. I imported a platinum save so its weird how one or two of the main items you have to fabricate twice.
  4. That is correct, hold both at the same time and just slowly surge around with scramjets on until it unlocks. You'll have to find the sweetsop so surge doesn't overload.
  5. If you are having trouble with this, you can hold breaks and surge at the same time and go slow over level ground so you have more turn control and the trophy will pop.
  6. That will help tremendously, thank you.
  7. I'm not sure what to look for here. I did a bunch of the regular ones for 64, then died so my counter reset, but I did get the trophy. What are these 7 special ones and what do they look like?
  8. Not to me. Loved all the launch games. It was much better than the PS4 launch where we only had Cod Ghosts and Killzone: Generic Fall. Demon Souls, Astro's Playroom (which was the best pack in game since wii sports), Spider Man, Sackboy, Bugsnaxx, and The Pathless were all great launch games that kept me busy for the winter season. Plus the load times and 60fps frame rate is a huge upgrade from PS4.
  9. Are the three 0% trophies glitched? I tried to carry a brute but it won't let me grapple it.
  10. I have almost 40 hours and I cant even get past 1275 light. I am unable to do the grandmaster nightfall strike for that trophy since you have to be at least 1325. What am I missing and how can I get better gear faster? Doing nightfall strikes aren't dropping better items anymore. I have tried to look up stuff about it online but can only find info about old seasons when the light cap was lower. Thx
  11. Awesome, I will probably play the main story from scratch, then import my Platinum save from PS4 to save myself a ton of grind and then get those last three trophies playing the content if that is how you get the new schematics.
  12. Yes I did. I think it was because I never directly killed Frank before beating the game. I stumbled on the fireworks stash without even meeting him in his studio. Trying to kill him now to see if that was it. Edit: That was it.
  13. Killed all visionaries and beat the story and this did not unlock.
  14. Yeah it has higher resolution and a 60fps mode. However, I don't see much of a difference in the 4k resolution mode compared to the ps4 version. In fact, I am seeing more visual bugs in this game than I did when it first launched on PS4. 60fps mode is what I am playing on now, but everything is blurred due to the resolution scaling down. This "upgrade" just felt half assed to me compared to other upgrades.
  15. It's not even the lack of plat incentive. It's the lack of fun playing it for that long unless you really love the game. There are too many other actual good SP games out there for me.
  16. Lol after posting this I beat the last level and got the last hat. I forgot about that hat since its been like 6 months since I have played it on ps4. Thanks!
  17. I collected all 8 hats and the trophy didn't pop. Didn't have this issue on the PS4 version.
  18. Don't fix something that isn't broke. I bet they will improve upon the formula, but not expecting big gameplay changes.
  19. Yes it is funny, and apparently there is no character limit for devs on their platinum descriptions lol I also agree, there are so many easy plat games in the recent past. I am guilty of doing one or two, like my name is mayo, but I don't understand how you want to buy crap games just to pad your stats here.
  20. Please for the love of the ancient gods tell me if you already got the MP trophies on PS4 when you log into the servers they auto-pop on PS5. I want to 100% the campaign again, but do NOT want to touch the MP again with a 10 foot pole.
  21. I was on the PS5 version of the game, and my friend was on the PS4 version and we able to boost together.
  22. Yep! This is how I boosted it with someone with PS4 while I was on PS5.
  23. I stay far away from anything that is live service.
  24. I think you are getting extremely unlucky. I played through the game twice and never had a single glitch. Honestly I would just uninstall and reinstall the game or reset your console and try again. You shouldn't be getting these issues.
  25. Make sure you enable 2FA ASAP. That would have prevented this from happening as you would have to enter a code that is sent to your phone in order to log in.