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  1. I agree, I would actually love it there was a Horizon crossover but we'll see. Can one of you wonderful people host me for this collectible trophy please?
  2. Does this mean you can now host one time for someone, you can leave and we could carry on collecting?
  3. I would love this feature, there are tons of trophies that high on my trophy advisor that are games my friends played while I let my PS3 be communal during university and I have no intention of achieving or even possible anymore
  4. Hate it, wish I never started it. The controls sucks, there's no instructions. Like starting a job and not being told what to do. Pretty, but feels very unfinished
  5. Anyone willing to doing this legit with me? Don't want to go use another account Edit: completed, but happy to help other people
  6. Absolutely loved getting the platinum for this, and love seeing the rarity drop (I'm selfish). I'm not sure why I didn't have much trouble with it, few events were a challenge but luckily didn't destroy a controller. Good luck to everyone else, definitely worth the time
  7. I just finished the main campaign. I'll be doing the collectibles until you're ready
  8. Close to get through the main story if you need a coop partner?
  9. I love the look of this game. The little details like closing the door as he goes past is amazing! I just hope its not an MMO environment, more a co-op driven story since I'm not gonna be able to buy any of this day one.
  10. Welcome to the forum! Dont think we have many games in common but feel free to add me just in case. Must be happy about united winning the league!
  11. I'm sure you gould get that Limbo trophy!! I should really try and get that one too
  12. How would that work? Each game is ranked against other people's completion. So a ranked based on average completetion would be worthless; if someone just platinum'd easy games against other people that play really well and came close to platinum'ing hard games That was my thinking too
  13. Sorry if this has been suggested before. I was thinking it would be nice to have average rank (S, A, B, C, etc) next to average completion as it would give a better indication that you played game that hard/time consuming/etc to platinum. What do you guys think?
  14. Shouldn't have used my ps3 as a communal one, majority of the trophies in these games I didn't even earn Gran Turismo 5 (will never buy, hate racing sims) FIFA 10 FIFA 11 (Both just dull, and i hate online trophies) COD: Black Ops (haven't liked COD since MW2) Fight Night Round 4 Dead Space: Extraction (Just rubbish, any game on rails I will just never buy now) Every other game I have I'm proud to have
  15. Haha, if I ever get around getting ME1 on ps3 (have it on PC), i'll certainly give it a go! Shame, he too ill to help out in 3. That Javik guy looks just as cool but I don't wanna spend money on DLC haha