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  1. It came bundled with my PS4 and I enjoyed playing the co-op. Don't think I would have bothered to complete it solo.
  2. FIFA 16 - 195 Hours GTA V - 143 Hours Far Cry 5 - 117 Hours https://www.playstation.com/en-ie/explore/ps4/my-ps4-life/my-ps4-life-video/?psid=OvuxYi0SoQ
  3. It's possible to do solo. Just have to create a second PSN account.
  4. Tried a few before settling on the Vector as my first choice. Used the .50 cal as my sniper and floated between the SPAS and Compound Bow as my third.
  5. Need help with Brothers In Arms and Changing Lanes for the Platinum. Happy to help out in return. PSN: rebelkiller93 GMT EDIT: Got both trophies with thanks to jfdaigle