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  1. I got mine today. Earned 420 000 yesterday.
  2. When I started this game years ago I was prepared for it to be pretty bad because I've heard so much bad stuff about it but I thought it was alright game. I do have to say though that main character is one of blandest characters ever.
  3. Really big shame. Someone ruining it for everyone else.
  4. Not a premium member so I sadly only have three slots but the trophies I have all have some meaning "...It" in Uncharted 4 because I played that multiplayer over 1000 hours and loved it, and I'm not too big on multiplayers usually. Doubt I ever switch this trophy away. "Bleating Ranker" in Worms W.M.D is a game I find to be one of best modern Worms titles...And I like sheeps. Platinum in LBP3 because that's my first game I fully 100% and despite it being glitchy game I really appreciate that game. The problem was that it just had so many bugs!
  6. Usually something from Ratchet and Clank series.
  7. Didn't want to write anything before Sony confirmed if rumours were true. Sad to see they are.
  8. PSN : RatchetFIN98 System : PS5, PS4, PS3, VITA (also plays a lot of PS2 and PS1. Sometimes Switch and DS as well.) Country : Finland Accepts Blanks : writing psnprofiles is enough for me. I mainly play single player games. Ratchet and Clank is my favourite video game series. However I do like to play Rocket League, Worms Rumble and Destruction AllStars as well. Uncharted 4's mp used to be my jam. Last of Us' multiplayer is great as well. Would love to find someone in here to play Tekken 7 with. Hit me up even if none of these games interest you and who knows maybe we'll end up good mates in the future hahha.
  9. Apparently Turok and Turok 2 might be coming 25.2.2021.
  10. My one of biggest gaming hopes is that Turok would get same treatment as Doom (2016)
  11. Didn't this game spam many new themes and avatars at one point? Probably made money that way.
  12. Secret Agent Clank Whiplash Worms 3D Turok: Evolution LittleBigPlanet 3 Dog's Life CounterSpy Sled Storm ......Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly 😅 It's so bad but I still like it.
  13. Gosh last time I played this was on PS1, gonna pick this up when it comes sale.
  14. I'm glad grounded mode came. Will be a blast to play next time I'll replay the game in coming years.
  15. I'm satisfied as I prefer to get games from plus which I would never othervise buy. 😄 Overcooked for example got lot of criticism for being on plus (I get it why) but I love playing it with my girlfriend!