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  1. I wish there was disk version. Oh well maybe in the future.
  2. Type:Rider is unique on it's own right and actually teaches some interesting (even though pretty useless) info. I also liked trophies. Just came back to it and finished it, secret level was my highlight of the game.
  3. Do you think this gets dlc trophies? I really don't want to get this yet because I have my doubts that it can throw lot of garbage out there.
  4. It's free on plus now, is any trophy still glitched?
  5. It didn't even have platinum so I guess it's not worth it. That's okay I dowload every other plus game anyway this month. I would like to hear others thoughts too!
  6. I was wondering how hard is to get 100% trophies in Laser Disco Defenders.. When I looked that game only 2 people seemed to have all trophies from it.