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  1. Any tips on measuring Baselgeuse? Kinda can not find a good spot and he always escapes quickly.
  2. Solo I am done with both Jagras and Pukei in 5 minutes. Then wait for Rathalos at his spawn point and check out his size. If you think the size is odd, kill it. Or kill it every time if you don't think you are able to guess it. Leave after.
  3. It's a coincidence. The chances are not crazy high... just high.
  4. Well I was thinking in a similar way a few days ago. But MH is too good to let it down. It's not even impossible, just takes time.
  5. It's still not like the quest is giving away the crownes. You have to do them many times.
  6. Not Black Diablos, Rathian is my guess.
  7. @spiddelSorry for the dumb question, but what do you mean with "a few in small monster investigations". What do you mean? Low rank?
  8. Yea, you can. I just got small Tobi, but had already a big silver for Tobi. Also there are a few people which got everything from that quest.
  9. I think so. I got nearly the small crown for him. For Anjanath I got a small one. For Tobi just size updates so far, no gold crowns yet.
  10. I kinda do not have much luck with this quest.
  11. Why they can not just give us a date? Whatever, it ends in two weeks so I guess next week for everyone.
  12. @spiddel Did you mostly use tempered investigations? Or normal HR ones? And how the hell are you guessing the sizes? We've tried to do so but we ended up beeing wrong most of the time.
  13. Can not confirm. Had a small crown and next try it was a big silver. - Did two different investigations now, both with 3 tries and killed everything. 3 new crownes.
  14. Does the same investigation offer differenz sizes? Like, I got the small crown I wanted, but I have two more trys. Can I go for the big one in this one as well?
  15. So far it seems like it will only change by just a little.