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  1. I don't know if anyone mentioned it, but if you are having a hard time in story mode (hard mode), 2x health boost and 1x health regenration is insanly overpowered.
  2. Overwatch. Too lazy for the struggle.
  3. The Legend of Zelda - Minish Cap
  4. I don't like if devs won't do trophys for big DLCs. Kinda unrewarding... I'll still play it soon, I learned to enjoy the game and not the trophys.
  5. About 300 hours, 56/56.
  6. Got my plat. 1 month 2 weeks... enjoyed it. 300 hours. Don't give up. Just do it as long as you have fun.
  7. I'm almost done, 6 left. 300 hours right Now. Definitely not impossible. Just choose great and exact measure spots. And be patient. Just do it if you have fun by doing that.
  8. Behind his legs. Be quick.
  9. Wow. I don't understand how this does not include any troohys. I'll play it today anyway, just kinda unrewarding.
  10. Hahaha nothing compared to me, in 6 tries I got pink rathian 3x gold crown and 2x small crown.
  11. Still grinding big kushala and mini nergi here.
  12. Low ranks aren't worth farming, and this is a thing you care about to do at the point you maxed your gear and you got nothing special to do anymore.
  13. This salt. I have to agree, if you have no fun doing it, why Continue? If you have no fun doing it, just go on with the next game. I learned that the hard way. But with MHW I felt really bad to stop - and I did not wanted it to stop. So I decided to go for the plat, and I have fun by farming crowns. Even if I won't get a crown a day or two.
  14. Well they are not stupid and know there are enough people willing to grind crownes. They don't want to gift us the crownes tho, so they'll give us just the three maps for now.