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  1. Go for Tales of Xillia.
  2. Not even physical besides for Switch, I did not played it but it doesn't seems like a very good game. I loved Burning Blood tho.
  3. @DesmaBR Hard to choose, but I think I would choose Tales of Xillia. Really sad I missed that game back then.
  4. Nice. But I don't think I'll do it.
  5. To conclude: It's not hard, lined outside if battle do count and you do not have to hear every line. If you did not got it till the end, you did not tried triggering as much as possible lines.
  6. Did you multiply it? Not even close to 250.
  7. It's definitely not just cumulative 250 lines. Everybody would have heard 250 lines from the 4th palace up to the final boss fight. But there are many which did not. I am pretty sure it's either 250 cumulative lines, BUT not every line-type does count or some equal lines do count as unique (like baton pass from Ann to Morgana is a different line system based as Morgana to Ann) But honestly, for everyone who is farming for it: Just and trigger things you did not did already. Explore the palaces and mementod as much as possible, don't run away, always try to trigger new lines. And if not possible, trigger at least some lines, because as you see, most people got it with leas then 250 unique ones so there has to be a reason. It's not that hard. I got it in Mementos just after the fourth palace.
  8. Well, I can't imagine I triggered 250 different Unique lines. That's a lot of lines, and I am sure it were just about 80-100 for me...
  9. I wanted to take Futaba... But the Situation with Makoto was too beautiful.. Couldn't say no.
  10. I got taken hostage many times, but I grinded very much.
  11. I just got it. But far earlier as you guys! I am currently on my way down in mementos, before I really entered the casino. Was focusing on getting the trophy, but did not grind pretty much for it. I think it's just to hear 250 lines in total, but not all do count, just specific ones.