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  1. They clearly don't know how to get the DLC right. The two expansions were none "epic adventures" or "brandnew chapters", like stated in the season pass description. The free dlc was free, so whatever. I won't complain. The first paid DLC, which came out far too late, was complete garbage, honestly. I expected a new story and some fun. Not an 100 floor boring grindy lazy ass garbage dungeon, and a little quest. Also I had again to grind some levels. Just great. The new, second paid dlc came out sooner than expected, by that I mean, compared to the first one. It is... okay. But again, just grinding again some little dungeons, but at least we get to see some interesting little storys. Oh and the colloseum. But I do not have the nerves anymore to grind this. The level cap increase really was not needed. Imo they should have done simply two "standalone" DLC, outside the maingame. No level grinding, no boring endless dungeon grinding. Story.
  2. Literally anything, what does prevent me from enjoying the game. Some games hard modes are just too hard to enjoy. Especially these with just a few to zero checkpoints. I don't want to do that. If I have to always leave a guide open, may it be for missables or collectibles, it's annoying. MP? I don't mind to try it out a few rounds. Even if it's 50, it's OK. But thats it. I don't always want to learn everything about it and get good to earn a trophy. I mean.. I want to enjoy the game. I want to do everything possible and beat every boss. Get the secret weapon. Trigger the easter egg. But I don't want to focus on things I wouldn't usually do.
  3. Well maybe there just isn't a Trophy for every World.
  4. I just got it and I only have a 18,92 GB download. I am in EU tho.
  5. The crybabys are on board again. EA bad, CDPR good. Whatever. List looks fine, I was worried it might be annoying... but it looks fine.
  6. Stop crying kids. God damn it's horrible to read. You buy a game for the game and not because the disk. Simply play Spyro 1 while it Downloads. It still saves 20 GB of Download and you can still sell the game after you Completed it.
  7. Try to jump while doing it
  8. It wasn't even an expensive game. I don't get your point. They said they are finishing it for sure. If you're glad with the refund.
  9. You didn't catch the duck so you have to play it again
  10. Someone posted the guide and it says you have to find it as many times as it takes for the other Person to accept the place of the statue.
  11. Do I have to Complete all of them for 100% or are just the 5 for the Trophy enough to get 100%?
  12. For anyone who is going for the platinum... there is a 2 bucks Endevour Mission map DLC. It's the best place to Level up your characters fast, since it's really easy and gives the most exp (800-1000 per battle). Battles take like 15-20 seconds since you deal massive Damage (at least I did with my Level 50+ characters). I recommend level up every character to at least Level 20, since It will get you many profile customizations and you need 500 levels anyway.
  13. You mean the 50 Plus Ultras? Yea they are the same.
  14. I don't have a PS3 or Vita so.... Steins;Gate. At least Elite comes out in spring
  15. Can confirm. I guess Endeavour should count as well? Didn't test it tho. I mean it's still kinda unnecessary that students won't count.