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  1. there is another way to complete brutal, you can skip most fights, you go up to a wall and constantly raise your weapon, you then will be able to slide threw walls, and when you get to the areas behind it, enemy's wont spawn, there are many speedrun videos that show different routes you can take
  2. yes, the online digital version includes the online pass, I have that and have played online, even on multiple ps3's just download it, launch the game and go online....
  3. this is also a glitched trophy completed the game in one session with 4 players and nothing, it just started level 1 again also, when I tried it once before, the game became slower and slower over time while damaging the final boss and finally crashed
  4. advancing the day, works just fine on the digital version
  5. I also had this problem, I downloaded the game again and updated it, on another ps3 used ps+ to copy the save and it crashed at the same spot on the other ps3 then, I deleted the game on the first ps3, downloaded it again, this time I cancelled the update and completed the race just fine if your at version 1.0, it wont freeze at that checkpoint