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  1. "Speed Thrills" - Wipeout 2048 --"ELITE PASS any A+ class challenge"-- Rarity: 3.27% This was from last month. Thought I'd add it here. The trophy really tested my skills and planning a lot though. The enemy ship A.I. was pretty darn good. It took many retries to get the execution right. In the end victory came down a single barrel boost at the last second to steal first place. But despite the difficulty, I enjoyed all the dozens of races I restarted. Racing A+ class with a fast ship that literally has no brakes against super competent A.I. while nailing tight corners... yeah, was pretty fun. I'm still not a pro at this game yet, but hopefully I'll eventually plat the game.
  2. Update 2: Platted Odin Sphere Leifthrasir. Good game. Tight formula, but I felt it could have grabbed me more. This may be an horrendously stupid comparison but I lined the game's war theme and dialog to the opening scenes of ff12 and I just couldn't give this game any edge. I guess I'm learning my predilictions: the whimsical nature of odin sphere wasnt as lasting a flavor as ff12's impetus and grit. Again, retarded comparison but it was what popped into my head when my brain cross referenced 'fantasy' and 'war'. Just shows I need to expand my gaming pallete(?).
  3. Platinum #34: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir This was a good game. Not as orgasmic as its 93% Metacritic score led me to believe, but still pretty good. It's casual friendly and that may explain even more of the acclaim. Personally if it weren't for the easy trophies I might have liked it more than I do. After 100%ing Muramasa Rebirth, guess the 'challenge high' kinda stuck. I might replay this game again at a later date and on a higher difficulty level, because I barely felt like I was really playing the game to the fullest (Lots of spamming and basic combo locks while personally almost never dodging). Visuals were nice. The story while dragging a bit due to fragmented and repetitive overview was still good. Voice acting was mostly good. Might not have loved the game to glorified extents but I did enjoy the overall experience somewhat. But if I'm really honest, the endings really didn't do it for me with a game that was seemingly so grandiose. Due to the game going at its own pace, it lacked the impetus needed to feel convincing and truly compelling. The dialogs felt 'read' and stretched with too many pauses instead of being smoothly spoken. But whatevs. Wanted this to be my 40th Platinum milestone, and perhaps I should have waited, if only for the cool pic. Figured I just give the Plat image some use here, since it missed the chance to be a milestone.
  4. Update 1: Platinumed Tearaway. Cute game but underwhelming and overrated.
  5. No emptiness after a plat for me... After researching a game and getting the plat it feels nice to know my gaming sensibilities is being rewarded/validated by a game/plat that added more to me than the time it 'borrowed'(didn't want to be a negative nancy[nate?] and say 'took'). Only 2 of my plats left me somewhat empty. The first one(hitman go) I cheated myself by using a guide for an easy plat. Learned that lesson. The next one was just a depressing game with a depressing ending. The platinum literally pops with the main character on the verge of sorrowful tears. Outside these 2 instances, my other plats were either "hmm, not too shabby" or "hmm, might need to replay this game again on a rainy day for a good vibe." So not much emptiness from plats. Besides the indecisiveness of what to play next, the plat coupled with that personal screenshot is more an accomplishment milestone or memory marker, especially for games that are challenging in a satisfying way.
  6. I'd like a crack at the Spring Challenge. Here are my games: 1) Tearaway (0%)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>100% 2) Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (0%)>>>>>>>100% 3) Hotline Miami (0%) 4) Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater HD (0%) 5) Gal*Gun Double Peace (0%)
  7. Update 6: My last update for this challenge, and with it I got Muramasa Rebirth to 100%. I liked the base game more than the DLCs but the DLCs had a few WTF moments and a few "Git Gud" moments. I even managed to be among the top 40 fastest to 100% the game. As with platting, I now feel slightly less intimidated by harder games. Anyway, I'm done with my list. That temporary missing One Piece UWR trophy is really messing with my OCD though. But I reached my intended trophy goal for this challenge. Might join the Spring challenge a little late if I decide to. All the best to everyone in this challenge and the next.
  8. PLATINUM #32: MURAMASA REBIRTH -Master of the Oboro Style- Difficulty: 7 Enjoyment: 8 In all, I really enjoyed this game. It was nice to play a game that was fun throughout; challenging but not irritatingly unfair. I was never stuck anywhere in the game for more than a few hours, and that was usually against 3 paricular Fury Mode bosses. Fury mode really tested me though. Taking zero damage and avoiding your sword breaking was heart pounding against some bosses. Speaking of bosses, the Raijin fight was awesome on so many levels. It's not frequent that you have to beat a boss by smacking her ass. I got a few chuckles off that battle. Overall, the game was pretty satisfying. Good gameplay and story. And it's another ultra rare Plat for me. I only have 7 Ultra plats and I want at least 3 more. Me: "Oh magic conch shell, will I ever play and platinum Super Meat Boy?" Magic Conch: "Maybe some day."
  9. Yeah, the series is slightly hollow in some aspects. But personally I didn't go in expecting a masterpiece. After doing prep research I knew Danganronpa had the potential to be good but not stellar. So yeah, I kinda agree: not terrible, but not fantastic.
  10. Update 5: Usually don't do mid game updates, but figured I'd do one in light of Platting Muramasa Rebirth. The base game was really fun and really challenging. For doing the Fury mode playthroughs on 1hp, I had to learn the bosses down to a science. The game's awesome though. Great visuals, great combat, great story. I do wish each boss had their own special music instead of the generic but it didn't hurt the game. Will tackle all the DLC and try to 100% in the coming weeks
  11. Update 4: Just finished One Piece Unlimited World Red. As I said, I won't be pursuing the one ad hoc trophy barring me from the platinum. Will collect it when I get myself a PSTV. But other than that I've done all I can with the game. Generally speaking I thought the game was okay, dislikable here and there but mostly found the game to be competent. As this is One Piece, I wasn't expecting consistent quality or a conclusive definitive experience. My below average expectations for this game made me enjoy it so much more. So yeah, it beat those expectations. As a side effect of the colour density and camera(well, loose analog sticks) I threw up while playing the game. Never had a game cause such a thing before. But I developed moderate resistance to motion sickness as a result. I'm moving on to Muramasa Rebirth now, hopefully for a not too strenuous plat & 100%. This is the last game on my list, and judging by time, might be my last game of this season's challenge. If I'm not too pressed for time, I'll try to enjoy this one more. At the very least I want to plat this game. Hope everyone else is making dents in those trophy lists.
  12. Review: -Reach Level 15? Yep, goal achieved -Reach completion rate of 70%? Yep, completion rate now at 82% -Minimum completion of 20% for all my individual game? Yep, that goal was reached -Get all my games to C-Rank or higher? Um, almost. All my games met this goal with the exception of Hyper Dimension Neptunia Re;birth 1, whose save file was stuck on my computer and I had trouble accessing it. So, barring the Neptunia thing I actually achieved all the milestones I initially set up. What I 'wasn't' expecting was that I'd get my Trophy Rarity below 40%(now at 39 point something). In all, it was a great trophy hunting year for me. I hope this new year will be just as good or better. Also, congrats to everyone who reached their 2017 goals.
  13. Update 3: Just got my last Platinum for the year with Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. I did the blind playthrough for the story and it was pretty good. The first class trial had the most impact for me personally since everything was new and I wasn't expecting plot twists that early. Game had an interesting cast and motivations. Truthfully, the game was approximately what I had expected it to be: "good but has room to grow". School Mode took a little extra fortitude tho. Not a bad experience overall. Now, I'll be moving on to "One Piece Unlimited World Red", but as I initially posted, due to one inconvenient trophy I'll be aiming for one trophy shy of the Platinum. Hope the game is fun though.
  14. A bit late with this Plat overview, but here it is: PLATINUM #28: STEAMWORLD HEIST Difficulty: [4] -- Enjoyment: [7] I honestly can't complain about this game since I got over 70 hours out of it. But that's also a cause for concern: 70 hours of simply bumbing up the difficulty and chasing ineffectual hats. The game could have used some variety (gunslinger minigames, anyone?). The dlc should have also been part of the main game. Still had fun. PLATINUM #29: BASTION Difficulty: [5] -- Enjoyment: [6] I know many love this game; I thought it kinda good. For an Indie game, it's well done. Just didn't click with me in all directions. While the narration was smooth, after a while I wanted to hear other characters speak. But full and singular voice narration is better than no voice narration. Decent game. PLATINUM #30: SHOVEL KNIGHT: TREASURE TROVE Difficulty: [6] -- Enjoyment [8.5] This game was a lot of fun. I had actually been worried about my Platforming skills, but I stuck with the game and enjoyed it. Memorizing all the stages and boss patterns was a good work out. Plague Knight gave me hell at first cause his movements were wild, frenzied and seemingly random; figured him out though. The lesson I learned with the game is that with the Phase Locket, all things are possible. I'll say this though, I'm unsure if I'll go for 100%. The Dlc just doesn't draw me. I'm guessing it's like 6 extra playthroughs but for a total of 2 bronze and 2 silver trophies. Maybe I'll revisit it down the line. But generally speaking, the game was pretty satisfactory.