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  1. This shitty trophy took me about 4 hours... there is not really a trick to easily do this. For my part, i just ran in the first house where the guy were sleeping and took him out. Then i circled clockwise around the map until i fugired out the best route for myself. It's just a little bit luckbased... There are several youtubevideos for getting some tipps and good routes.
  2. Checked your profile, and agree that's kind of weird. Showing 14/51 (20% completion), but displays only 7 or so... i guess it's just a bug, and will be fixed the next days. However, the timestamp isn't linked to this site. It's linked to you PSN Account, so you can go on with this game and come back another day to check your PSNProfiles account.
  3. If the game chooses to spawn 2 bulls into your horde on insane, you're done anyways... the spawn is awful, the bulls are way to overpowered imo. I did some chapters like 20 times... if you are very lucky on rng the mission is pretty easy on insane, but if the spawn is unlucky you can get screwed in the first minute of the game... Overall i like the game but i wish they would patch AI on the previous state. They are just useless now and i don't want to play with randoms...
  4. There are people out there who didn't enjoy rdr2 as others did. And yes the controls ruined the fun for me. There are other aspects that lower my fun with this game too, but that would just kill this thread. I accept your opinion for enjoying this "masterpiece", but i didn't like it. Every gamer has his own preferences on games. But at least we agree that the online mode was just a stupid waste of time ^^
  5. Story was ok... But i didn't have a good time playing this game even in Singe-Player because the controls were so bad and clunky. Just ruined my fun. I guess if GTA 6 shows up with the same shitty control as RDR2 and GTA5, i will pass on this one. Just hoping for good 3rd person controls on the next rockstar game. But i guess that won't happen.
  6. I already changed my PSN name when the function released... but PSN Profiles is having a hard time to change it too. I give a like, even though i already changed before you mentioned. And i take the like back for calling my 9 year old wonderful account name stupid and silly. Feeling really sad now. Awww... you know what.. take your like. I'm in a good mood, because i finished the worst and most boring game in history called RDR2.
  7. I could grind all archives/intels with respawning it by leaving the area and fly back, but i am having a hard time finding sentinel intels. Everytime i come across one of these sentinels, i can collect it but i can't setup the respawning routine. Does anyone know a good spot for these? 17 more to go, but if i can't set up the respawn, this will take ages to find. Most annoying collectibles i've ever collected.
  8. Well i got my platinum too... if you perform well in Showdown, Showdown gives more xp i guess. If you just want to chill, Gun Rush is a good option too. Just a matter of which you are more into. New Account Name is: xIRockyRock (this Forum account is blank).
  9. Showdown Large gives way more XP. You get 20 XP per Kill. Just rush in with a shotgun, to get 20 Kills a match. 400XP + Bonus for finishing the mission ~200XP equals 600XP per match. Gun Rush is only 200 - 300 XP if you survive a long time.
  10. Surprisingly Tokyo were the easiest 2 missions for me on insane. Also i never dropped any frames on Tokyo 1. Working on Moscow 2 right now. I have no idea how to stand the first encounter in the parking garage.
  11. Usually u should get enough money on your way to level 50. I just played Showdown (large) for straight 40 hours or something and could clean up everything else with the money and gold earned there. Sometimes there are little events from rockstar for making more money and gold, what comes in pretty handy for that, but you should have it without these events too. Be aware, the multiplayer is one of the most boring grind i've every had in my life. Have fun ^^ For the 5 camp improvements you can just buy 5 different flag colours, whats pretty cheap... Most expensive are the stables for your horses.
  12. With every patch i logged into the game and was disappointed trophies are not popping. Killing an enemie with that specific weapon never was an option for me to try out. Thanks for the tipp, finally be able to platinium this game. I hope i can just use any sniper of the 3 variants, because i don't know which one locked the trophy for me. Otherwise i have to grind them all again ^^
  13. Yes. The AI is useless with the newest Patch. I am kind of angry atm, cause soloing is now nearly impossible. And playing with others makes me just more angry.
  14. @SWE_GHOST thanks for the offer, but i feel like i'm getting carried if i cant do it solo but in a full squad. I do it solo and hope for the best
  15. I am just playing with bots... but they patched them somehow and it's way harder since the last update. Hopefully i get the trophy popped by playing with bots cauz i have no friends to play with. They really should implement to display whats the highest completed difficulty, just to be sure it counted properly.