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  1. Almost done with Generation Zero and i only had one glitched trophy. Completing every story mission didnt pop properly. I had to do some DLC main quests too (surprisingly not all of them). My friend didnt even manage to pop this trophy
  2. Yeah. I read on reddit that you have to complete the DLC too. You Never had to buy content for a platinium, so i wait for another patch. Hopefully they will fix this.
  3. Completed every contract today (including Rift) und i am on 90%. How is this still a thing? I feel like i have to pay for the DLC for the remaining 10%? But paid content was never part of platinium trophy. Did they mess up?
  4. Oh nice, these are great news. Thanks
  5. I got another question for this trophy "Handyman" and hopefully someone will know it... Do you need to Prestige every class for that trophy and buy the <Prestige Skills> too, or is it enough just to grind every class to level 30 (13 in pvp) and level up these? While the trophy guide says i only need around 100k for every skill, the guide could be outdated here.
  6. Anyone else having trouble obtaining this trophy? My progress shows 16/17 levels completed on apocalyptic difficulty. If i check my mission select screen, all 16 main missions are cleared on apocalyptic difficulty (shown by the icon below). I replayed all chapters and also killed Killington 3 times. Don‘t want to start all over for this >.<
  7. I am 16/17 Missions on apocalyptic... re-done all 16 main quests and killed „Killington“ again. Also visited the Earth again for the final cut scene. It shows all of the symbols for having it done on apocalyptic... Am i missing something or did my Game just break?
  8. Confirmed, 50 Relic Trophy is working... i grinded every missing trophy yesterday. Now i am waiting for the "using a god skill"-Trophy patch... hopefully it doesn't need almost half a year like the first patch.
  9. It's by far not the worst grind ever, but it's really a pretty useless grind. There is absolutly no endgame content so i am running the mission "Laboratory X" (or what ever it's called in english), for hours and i am almost done with my weapons. I know all the enemie spawns and could run this mission blind... Also the game wasn't that great in my opinion so better watching a review next time before buying. Somehow i thought Bethesda couldn't fuck up the Wolfenstein franchise... but well ^^
  10. You can do it without the latest patch (playing on Patch 1.00 (Disc Version)), so i got the trophy for doing one relic hunt. You can do the 50s too... but using a god ability is still glitched on Patch 1.00 and on 1.03... so it's kind of useless doing it... Hope for a patch at any time. I wrote them many times (weeks ago) and never got an answer. Edit: Btw... Patch 1.00 is fuucking unplayable... it crashes all the time and inventory managment and everything is just crap. So i stopped going for the 50 relic hunts.
  11. This mode is just ridiculous. I just did the first 3 missions and leveled all allies to level 5 and i am sure i could beat this with a little bit of patience but i stopped playing for now. Not going to waste 20 hours of trial and error for 2 stupid bronce trophies at the moment. Enemies sometimes eat more then 2 clips while you die in 2-3 shots or 1 nice pump hit. Close combat is almost impossible if there are more then 3 enemies which makes most of your abilities useless. I played this mode for about 5-6 hours now... the only way to succed is staying on distance and taking out one by one. This isn't fun anymore. There are some broken mechanics i used but this won't save me from the last boss encounter. -You can stun lock enemies with your rapid fire shotgun so they never shoot back. -Bring your Phoenix to camps or outposts to clear most of it with 20mm rounds which are super powerful against infantary or spawn your predator tank (don't know the exact name). -Always stay on distance and shoot in small bursts to save ammo and be more accurate (most enemies are shotgunners or rocketlauncher guys, so they won't be any threat). -Enemie projectiles are never hitscan so you can just move in circles for not eating a bullet (sometimes they still get lucky and you get punished by losing half of your health bar).
  12. I am playing on Ultra Nightmare Difficulty and about half through the game. This is fuucking annoying shit. You die most of the times in one hit and you need about 3 magazines to kill an enemie. This is frustrating trail and error shit to do here. And if i think of the last boss encounter, this will be impossible for me. Maybe i am trying to speedrun the game on easy tomorrow and doing the last mission on ultra nightmare. But i think the last mission ends with killing the last boss, so this will still be impossible ^^...
  13. This shitty trophy took me about 4 hours... there is not really a trick to easily do this. For my part, i just ran in the first house where the guy were sleeping and took him out. Then i circled clockwise around the map until i fugired out the best route for myself. It's just a little bit luckbased... There are several youtubevideos for getting some tipps and good routes.
  14. Checked your profile, and agree that's kind of weird. Showing 14/51 (20% completion), but displays only 7 or so... i guess it's just a bug, and will be fixed the next days. However, the timestamp isn't linked to this site. It's linked to you PSN Account, so you can go on with this game and come back another day to check your PSNProfiles account.
  15. If the game chooses to spawn 2 bulls into your horde on insane, you're done anyways... the spawn is awful, the bulls are way to overpowered imo. I did some chapters like 20 times... if you are very lucky on rng the mission is pretty easy on insane, but if the spawn is unlucky you can get screwed in the first minute of the game... Overall i like the game but i wish they would patch AI on the previous state. They are just useless now and i don't want to play with randoms...