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  1. Best to wait for the next update and confirmation that this problem is solved by devs. Playing at own risk right now. Luckily I was already 50+ hours into the game and could clean up the plat with a second character fairly easy.
  2. 51 hours into the game. Also only Pyro Bombs or how it’s called in English for all accolades. Lost everything today. Great. Really enjoyed the game, grinded 10 hours today, and now everything is lost. Even if they restore everything, my enjoyment is completely gone.
  3. Midnight games are also pretty enjoyable in my opinion.
  4. Just download and play the PS4 version of the game, not the PS5 version. If you never start the PS5 version, there won’t be another trophy stack added to your profile.
  5. If they would remove region stacks, I would be totally fine with the trophy system and all these easy platinum available nowadays. If I create a German account, there should be only German or in this case EU trophy lists be allowed for my account.
  6. In my opinion Sony should just remove trophy stacks and region stacks so you can’t platinum a game more then once. Would eliminate most of my concerns. My 7 years of trophy hunting, can be easily beaten within 2 weeks now by stacking every game 10 times. lol
  7. My rarest trophy is Micro Machines (PS4) platinum with only 29 achievers on PSNP. While the game is pretty annoying to plat, there are also some crucial bugs which makes it impossible to get the trophy now. Me and some others got really lucky here.
  8. People complaining about every bug and everything nowadays. Boycotting publishers for their games being a bit broken or something. Meanwhile they are buying these shitty zero effort games 6 times for a useless platinum stack. Can’t image how much money Ratalaika makes a year with almost no effort. I see people in the leaderboard above me, having more Gold trophies, then silver and bronze. And I think to myself: „Oh wow, what a high quality so called gamer.“ Sorry. I’m done bitching now. Have a nice day.
  9. I hate how every second release nowadays is a <30 min platinum. I hoped Sony would change this, when the PS5 released, but it even got worse so far. 50% of the PS5 Store is just platinum cash grab.
  10. Every other game with cloud save is an instant platinum pop, but Team17 telling me it’s not possible. That’s just a lame excuse. Hopefully we will get a patch one day.
  11. The 4 man trophy doesn’t work in Online Coop? Reading this thread also makes me wonder if this game even has Online components? If this is offline only I have to skip, even though I wanted to play this
  12. A couple of weeks ago they released a patch for all of the trophies. All of them are now obtainable if you start from scratch. However, if you bought every cosmetic item before the patch went life, you are screwed. Devs only reply with generic useless messages. Now I am sitting here and wonder if this will ever be fixed or do I get punished for completing the game „too fast“. Kinda annoying tbh, because all of my friends got the platinum now, but for me it’s still unobtainable. My biggest fear is, if they add more levels and more items soon, I have to spend another 100 hours for this trophy probably. Everyone with the same issue, or any solution?
  13. I did it today too. While furious feed wasn’t very effective for me, Firepower was my way-to-go. The most important thing is, using your invincibility frames very well and learning to lure enemies effectively. Luckily I got FPS on Mamaback. That’s pretty much the strongest perk and I could shoot mama down in just one use of FPS. I finished with 5 lives, so FPS wasn’t entirely necessary, but helped a lot. Still not gonna go for double platinum. Game stressed me to much.
  14. Yeah. After around 30 matches, I got all ten. Still kinda annoying. Time for Mamaback now 😅
  15. Gridfall hasn’t worked for me. I did it in Carnado. Here are some Tipps I can give you. -Fill your Hero Vehicle as fast as possible -Make sure your Hero Vehicle doesn’t get destroyed, getting a new one can take 1-2 minutes which is a waste of time. -Every 2-4 Hits you can use your Breaker (L1). You can easily destroy 2-3 people with one charge. -Stay near the tornado and blast everything you can there, most players are near the tornado. -In endgame (last 30 seconds), people often try to lift the pillars in the middle around the tornado. That’s your chance to Kill even more. -Many players leave the match before the end. It’s more likely you have to kill 5 enemies, not 8. Important Tipp: Don’t go for hero vehicles to fill up the L1 Breaker. The lag in this game is horrible, you can get destroyed one hit by a shredder not even facing you in your perspective. But you still need to kill all individual enemies, so it’s still luck. But I hope this helps a little bit. I got it this way after 20 matches or so.