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  1. A good reason for using the new „trophy tracker“ function is to pin missable trophies into one extra „list“ so you can keep track of them more easily imo. I probably won’t use this feature otherwise.
  2. I had a crappy character and sat in this little room on top where the lever is located. Bagley died like 100 times while I always waited for my Drone Hack to be ready. No enemy enters the room and Bagleys deaths don't matter. Pretty Easy but took some time.
  3. After every race I waited for 15 minutes until I appeared in the leaderboard before I closed the game.
  4. Yes, you are missing the required DLC. You either buy the Car or wait for another event next week.
  5. At least 20, but I can’t give the exact number because I did a bunch on game release and now years later, I completed 15. If someone has 20 and the trophy bugged for him, he could try checking old records, how I did.
  6. This trophy is still buggy. I couldn’t drive the event today (missing DLC) and just wanted to check my old records. I went page by page and pressed square to see my record, when suddenly the trophy popped out of nowhere.
  7. I’ve killed the saga boss 8 times, a couple of unsuccessful runs and played legit to survival day 100 and I am level 29 now. I can say I pretty much experienced all the game has to offer and still have to grind 21 levels. This will be a very boring grind from now on. I feel like you get the most XP, when you do saga mode and go for the most days possible + Boss Kill.
  8. While going for the Paw Paw Trophy you just need to play a game with a pet. You either buy the complete edition for +10€ then regular price and make this an easy free trophy or you play through the saga mode 10 times what is pretty hard for an average player and needs a lot of time. (you need to grind the game anyway but you lower the platinum difficulty by a few points by spending 10€) What the hell? I see a new trend evolving, because obviously no one complains about this.
  9. The Game released for XBox exclusively. They released it for PS4 1 year later as a complete edition. While you can only buy the Complete edition, the DLCs are basically free.
  10. For 2 days now I can’t do any progress on any challenges. What the hell happend? Can’t complete dailies and Crew Challenges. Nothing counts. I started 4 weeks ago and never had any trouble.
  11. Final Fantasy XV (45%) Plat, but didn’t touch a single DLC and never will, because it’s impossible to 100% the game now.
  12. This isn’t the first time this happens. Sony servers didn’t update or published the list yet. The trophies you earn will sync when the trophy list will become available in a few days.
  13. If you count every Breakthrough game bought according to this side by game owners (38438) you’re hourly wage for programming these games is 38438€. Sounds like a good deal.
  14. You can just use a moon ball for less gravity and make it easy from the stage to the garden by yourself. I did it solo this way. Stay on the stage and jump (you will jump pretty high with the moon ball) -> open Glider to fly to the gardens (use the wind between the buildings to stay at that height)
  15. Image these type of games without a plat, sales would drop more than 99%. That’s the point where everyone should realize getting scammed by a broken trophy mechanic nowadays. I also had the time where I took a lot of these easy plats when they released once a while and some of them were really enjoyable, but now they release a bunch of them every week. And it’s funny how they can make thousands of dollars by releasing student projects.