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  1. Just got platinum without any issues, but guides are very outdated, because they patched and changed a lot of things and requirements for quests. Thanks.
  2. Additional information: Even the list is not updated, you can still play the game without worrying… the trophies will be earned as usual and will be synced when the PSN list is online.
  3. There more complex the meal, the more XP you get. You need roughly 16.500 XP to reach level 10 for each ability. Shellfish Soup or grilled fish grants 11XP, where an egg sandwich grants 37 XP. You can do the math from here 😉 Additional Info: When you reach level 8 you acquired 5.300 XP in total. 11.000 to go from here (1000 shellfish soups).
  4. Can’t wait for a game pressing X 1000 times with one trophy per click divided into DLC stacks.
  5. On the main island of the game there is a ship which brings you to the DLC. You don’t access the DLC via menu. Worked for me on PS5 using the Premium PS+ edition.
  6. I am really not in the mood changing my difficulty to easy. But it says you will build up realationships faster. Does this also work for the journey gnome? I am year 1 winter and just reached level 6 with him. If it takes really another 6 years, I’m dying.
  7. For my museum guide I use the one on neoseeker. Everything worked so far. Missing 6 treasures and 10 premium fishes now. Transfered the last missing items to excel for better overview. https://www.neoseeker.com/story-of-seasons-pioneers-of-olive-town/guides/Museum For the cooking guide I use thonky. Just completed my 3rd set of challenges so far. https://www.thonky.com/story-of-seasons-pioneers-of-olive-town/lovetts-gourmet-requests And because I am from German, I mix info’s from a German website in which is also pretty accurate. Just for translation most of the time. As far I can tell, neoseeker has pretty much the same infos as the German side. https://www.harvestmoonforever.de/pioneers-of-olive-town/
  8. I am mid winter in my first year. I need 6 more treasures, 15 fishes and have 600/900 in my encyclopedia. And I am on my 3rd set of cooking challenges. But we all know how it is… you get a lot very fast, but once you reach specific missing objects, it will be a pain. Thankfully there is a complete well written wiki how to obtain everything. Imagine you reach winter, and you just realized the last fish you need is only catchable in autumn… or you need onion and the seeds are only buyable in summer and you haven’t stored any… stuff like this will be annoying.
  9. In Friends of Mineral Town (FoMT) the platinum is imo easier, because the game doesn’t have as much „mechanics“ as PoOT. Otherwise in FoMT you have to reach the highest heart for every dateable character. That’s where the majority of time comes from. In PoOT you have to max out a specific collection, almost max out the encyclopedia (which means you have to get almost every item in the game once (every plant, every treasure, everything) (900 items)) AND have to complete a very complex cooking challenge. If I compare my spent time with what still has to be done I think both titles will take 100-150 hours depending of your knowledge of the game. As a SoS veteran it’s maybe possible in 80 hours. But I can’t say for sure, because I don’t have the platinum yet.
  10. I just read a lot of the games wiki and played a ton now… i am very very sure there is no trophy missable, but there is actually one of the many encyclopedia entries missable if you don’t marry Iori in you playthrough. But just for platinum you can actually miss some of these entries. Filling the museum is a huge task, and filling 900 encyclopedia entries is even longer, but this can be easily done with a bit patience. The real challenges comes with completing all of Lovetts request, where you have to cook specific meals which can become pretty complicated later on. UPDATE: There are actually 3 missable entries. You get presents for marriage with Damon and Raina. You can marry one, divorce and marry the other one to get both items. But Iori is hard missable. When you marry him, you meet a new person (and get an entry) but if you divorce you lose the entry again (person leaves forever). So if you want to get absolutely everything above platinum, you should marry three times (Damon, Reina and Iori) with Iori as your last person.
  11. The only missable trophy would be „The Collector“ if you would need a full encyclopedia. You need 900 and if I counted correct there are 974 entries. Filling the museum and this will still take a very very long time. You need every treasure, every fish and almost everything else in the game. Still a good game and I will go for platinum.
  12. Did anyone had the problem where side quests don’t show up in the game. According to a guide there should be side quests in Blossom Hills which aren’t showing for me at all. Another instance where side quests should be located at The Node, they actually show but only if I get really close to them. One mission in Cluster 13 „one more rep“ isn’t showing too. EDIT: One more Rep: I did the first side quest for this bodybuilder guy (anabolic express). Now he has no more quests for me, he only says thanks for getting the job done. This shit is either glitched on me, or they fixed the mission and I can accept it, when I can actually fulfill the requirements? Does anybody know about this? The quest was marked on for level 5, but maybe they changed it in an update. Idk
  13. [deleted]
  14. If you chose different outcomes you enter different ways where you end up. So not getting all collectibles in a single run is kinda logic. Chapter select also makes sense, because of your choices in a previous run, you possibly can start any chapter very different to other players. How to solve this? The only thing I would change here is to skip cutscenes after you’ve seen them once.
  15. So you say the Speedrun trophy isn’t as tight as people thought? That’s great and good to know if I go for the second stack. Little bit of topic, but I do my first playthrough fully blind. In Chapter select, can you see where you are missing collectibles or do I have to remember? Don’t want to open a topic for such a simple questions.