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  1. Am I set in front of the last main mission or directly into? So, if I miss the side quest for the level 3 laser by any chance, can I get this afterwards or am I stuck into the last mission without no way out?
  2. You can complete everything on one day now if you want. You don’t have to wait a week for the next difficulty.
  3. Played Horizon Forbidden West 3 times (one time Ultra Nightmare) and never ever used a weapon except the hunters bow. Also never used the item box, always gathered new resources. Out of my 500 games I played, I am sure there are a lot of games where I just used the bare minimum to get through.
  4. If you start now you have all difficulties in all DLCs available. You still have to play every DLC 4 times if you want 100% of the trophies.
  5. Actually the Power Gear trophy for collecting 20 of them is missable. Because you can’t backtrack. Found out the hard way. But the game is pretty short, will rush it again with a guide. It’s also pretty solid so it doesn’t bother me too much.
  6. If you want to play right away and just need a guide how to obtain all trophies, you can check out Powerpyx‘s website. Im sure there are already other guides out, but Powerpyx is usually the first one. https://www.powerpyx.com/the-last-of-us-ps5-remake-trophy-guide-roadmap/
  7. It’s tied to imperial rank 4. Once you reach, you get this challenge.
  8. There are 4 challenges that must be completed for the „It’s a bird“ trophy. One of them is „I can see my house“. I have the other 3 challenges (non finished yet). I haven’t unlocked this challenge yet, but I am max level and finished the story. Powerpyx says this challenge comes naturally with your character level. Does anyone know the real unlock criteria?
  9. Sleep 4 days and visit him… repeat. If you ignore everything else and sleep right away, this won’t take too long. unfortunately there is no faster way. Mine was level 8 in year 3 as well, level 10 in autumn year 6.
  10. Friend of me got platinum: -No missable trophies -no glitched trophies (see last point*) -Challenges are easy -Trophies are Easy in general -*keep co-op for your last, it messes with the counters Thats all you need do know.
  11. Right from my not so finished guide yet. Sent an item 50 XP (once a day) Talk to a resident 20 XP (once a day each resident) Eat at bistro 20 XP (once a day) Eat at dinner 20 XP (once a day) Finish a request on the board 20 XP So basically yes, talk to everybody every day.
  12. Thanks I played the first year and a half casually, having fun, experimenting, etc This took 30h or so. Then I rushed the platinum in another 20 hours. I bet you can even be faster. But for a casual player I would estimate the platinum time so 60-70 hours. A bit faster then Friends of mineral town but still lots to do.
  13. I don’t know… maybe I just wasn’t ready for this game or it wasn’t what I expected. I tried a few different weapons but in the end stuck to one of the starting weapons because it’s too good and there were no reason to use any other gun. Map was very irritating to navigate at first, once you figured it out it’s just became a walking sim with way to low movement speed. Fast travel took ages even on PS5. Enemy placement was created by someone drunken. You fight your way through a mission with enemies at level 7, randomly became level 20 in the next area and then suddenly dropping to level 5 in the next area. At least it hasn’t had any bugs left, when I started and I could complete it without issues. (I expected a cyberpunk style Diablo clone shredding through hordes of enemies)
  14. Just completed the game right before the DLC announcement... i didn't really like this game and now i have to come back. Hell no, hopefully the trophies are relatively fast to obtain but i doubt it.
  15. Don't get too excited, this guide will take at least 2 weeks to be ready, because there are a lot of tables to create and a lot of informations must be brought together and i am low on time atm. Thanks Lava_Yuki for your help, i added you to the guide so you can edit it when ever you want. But for a quick peek at the guide.. for everyone thats interestet: -There is no missable trophy -Game is easy as every farmers game (3/10) -Platinum took 50 hours for me
  16. I want to create a trophy guide this weekend. But the game and it’s guide are very complex and english isn’t my native language so I could need some help for translation/logic/grammar… otherwise the full guide will be created by me, you just have to correct potential misspellings. If any native speaker wants to help, I really appreciate.
  17. Just got platinum without any issues, but guides are very outdated, because they patched and changed a lot of things and requirements for quests. Thanks.
  18. Additional information: Even the list is not updated, you can still play the game without worrying… the trophies will be earned as usual and will be synced when the PSN list is online.
  19. There more complex the meal, the more XP you get. You need roughly 16.500 XP to reach level 10 for each ability. Shellfish Soup or grilled fish grants 11XP, where an egg sandwich grants 37 XP. You can do the math from here 😉 Additional Info: When you reach level 8 you acquired 5.300 XP in total. 11.000 to go from here (1000 shellfish soups).
  20. Can’t wait for a game pressing X 1000 times with one trophy per click divided into DLC stacks.
  21. On the main island of the game there is a ship which brings you to the DLC. You don’t access the DLC via menu. Worked for me on PS5 using the Premium PS+ edition.
  22. I am really not in the mood changing my difficulty to easy. But it says you will build up realationships faster. Does this also work for the journey gnome? I am year 1 winter and just reached level 6 with him. If it takes really another 6 years, I’m dying.
  23. For my museum guide I use the one on neoseeker. Everything worked so far. Missing 6 treasures and 10 premium fishes now. Transfered the last missing items to excel for better overview. https://www.neoseeker.com/story-of-seasons-pioneers-of-olive-town/guides/Museum For the cooking guide I use thonky. Just completed my 3rd set of challenges so far. https://www.thonky.com/story-of-seasons-pioneers-of-olive-town/lovetts-gourmet-requests And because I am from German, I mix info’s from a German website in which is also pretty accurate. Just for translation most of the time. As far I can tell, neoseeker has pretty much the same infos as the German side. https://www.harvestmoonforever.de/pioneers-of-olive-town/
  24. I am mid winter in my first year. I need 6 more treasures, 15 fishes and have 600/900 in my encyclopedia. And I am on my 3rd set of cooking challenges. But we all know how it is… you get a lot very fast, but once you reach specific missing objects, it will be a pain. Thankfully there is a complete well written wiki how to obtain everything. Imagine you reach winter, and you just realized the last fish you need is only catchable in autumn… or you need onion and the seeds are only buyable in summer and you haven’t stored any… stuff like this will be annoying.