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  1. Got the Yakuza: Like a Dragon plat!! :D

    Such an amazing game, I really hope there will be a sequel, but it's hard to imagine how they will do it.

    Those jrpgs kind of all have the problem that it's not good for marketing to have all the same party members again.

    I'm really gonna miss those guys :( Especially my baby boys Zhao and Han Joon-gi <3

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    2. NanaCheese94


      @PooPooBlast i would definitely reccomend keeping Saeko in your party as an Idol, or alternatively Eri, because without an Idol you're not gonna make it in the true final millenium tower. On the other hand, until up to that point you are pretty free on who you have in your party, as long as you do some basic grinding. Unfortunately Adachi and Nanba fall a bit flat in the endgame.


      For the true final millenium tower you definitely need to have all elemental attacks available for all your party members. My final Team was Ichiban(Hero), Zhao(Gangster), Joon-gi(Host) and Saeko(Idol). Joon Gi could probably also be another class, I've seen enforcer being reccomended. Bring a TON of HP and MP items, don't have too good to use syndrom and use them after every fight.


      I have had 5-6 classes maxed on each character and max weapon upgrades on Zhao and Joon-Gi. imo those people who say it's easy at that point are just really lucky, because if the Ai decides to do something at the wrong time then it's over.


      I think I prefer the jrpg combat, but thats because i'm a button masher and get easily stressed out xD but I will try and go back to Yakuza 0 soon, maybe I'll get warmer with the combat now that I've mastered Nioh at least :P When I played before I was absolutely crushed by the first boss even on normal difficulty..

    3. PooPooBlast


      Woah! Much appreciated for the tips man :)


      And oh wow didn't expect you to recommend anything other than hitman for Joon-Gi Han because I heard that was pretty op but I suppose if you want elemental attacks that's the way to go. And you're right I think Saeko will be a must for the debuffs and healing so she'll stay. 


      Nonetheless, thanks a lot! It's probably something I have to play around a bit to get a feel for it. 

    4. NanaCheese94


      In my true final millenium run Joon was unfortunately the only one who was a bit hard to play in the end. His speed is his best aspect, besides his hair of course :D Zhao as Gangster is my favorite, he got one ult skill that hits all enemies that is absurdly powerful.


      I think the reason why enforcer is recomended for Han is because that class has some pretty powerfull hit all enemy attacks too, as well as a really good single attack ult. As a host, he is has access to powerful spells of all elements, that are great for crowd control and against some bosses, cause he obviously also has a magic boost because of the class.


      But I'd definitely reccomend just enjoying the game and not worry about these things too much until the very last challange, because that will require you to grind all the jobs anyways and you'll get a feel of whats useful in each class

  2. You're gonna have to grind out some kills doing bounty hunting quests. Those gradually unlock once you finish them. Here's a good guide for that
  3. Just finished the main story of Yakuza: Like a Dragon and I must say, I haven't felt moved by a games story like that in a long time! Seriously, the main character and the main bad guy are both amazing.


    If you're a fan of Yakuza and feel put off by the new game mechanic style, don't let that stop you.


    I'm gonna do the grind for the plat now, because I like RPGs, but tbh this experience was worth it for so much more than that

    1. PooPooBlast


      Music to my ears! Going to be starting it pretty soon

  4. Anyone around who could help me out in Nioh 2 DLC? Otakemaru is killing me...

  5. yoooo the new weapon in Nioh 2 DLC makes the character do the Naruto run!!

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    2. Raveniteh


      I would have to respec as I use magic and heart and rest is just gear related. Well, maybe for Way of Strong (does this game have Way of Strong?). Ah well, will have to find out once I get back from work and start playing this awesome game again. I am incredibly hooked up on it, yet again.

    3. NanaCheese94


      the new DLC even brought us Way of the Wise :)

      Nioh 2 is really a great game and made so many improvments from the first!

    4. Raveniteh


      Amazing! I need to check that one out once I finish the game. I think I am in the last chapter already but backtracking to finish side missions and other stuff as well. 

  6. well I just hope there will be only original main bosses this time. I was really disappointed by Omi Bozu Clone and Nue
  7. For me something weird happend too, The spice of life (12 variants) and Pretty Spicy now (24 variants) popped at the same timestamp, unfortunately the 24 came up first as well according to psnp. I hope there won't be any problem with flaggin now because of this, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who noted this, so hopefully this thread counts as proof for the future.
  8. Hi there, I'm also looking for Maduin. Is any kind soul still around who could trade it to me? I'll giev it back right away of course! Let me know PSN: NanaCheese94 Edit: Nevermind, I got Maduin by drawing the chessboard in photoshop and marking whats happening on the field lol
  9. I finished the Far Cry 5 Infamous playthroigh for the amazing price of one (1) silver trophy. Truly spectacular!

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    2. NanaCheese94


      It took me about 3 days I think, I started with Jacobs region because that was pure hell. But all the bunkers besides Jacobs, ironically, are pretty painstaking. The Rest is all relatively easy

    3. tjoe1bkhjtqxm


      @NanaCheese94 hey need some help on Nioh or Diablo 3?

    4. tjoe1bkhjtqxm


      Hey how are you?

  10. So, I finally got Jacobs region done in my Far Cry 5 Infamous playthrough. I really hope that was the hardest part, I was getting soooo angry at those shitty trials... Now I'm also almost done with John, and I'm keeping Faith for last, becasue she's probably teh easiest of all 3. I hope Joseph doesnt put up too much of a fight either, because I'm already about fed up with this dumbass trophy..

  11. I started watching Rome, because I like being fashionably late several years to every trend lmao.

    Man, I don't even really know how to describe it, but it's really fun! There are two characters who just get tossed around the historical events like pinball balls and even Caesar acknowledges that those two must have some gods write their paths and refuses to have them executed at some point. The whole thing is absolutely bonkers, and I love how they just casually jump half a year forward in a single cut without any explanation or text across the screen. Also the characters are all very real in a way, they don't talk big like Shakespeare characters, they just do what they want and drama is dealt with refreshingly quick.


    Looking forward to watching more of it, since it's a good side watch while grinding out stuff

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    2. NanaCheese94


      damn, I wish I could build a collection like you guys, thats awesome! But like everything DVDs of shows are way too expensive over here. Ah well, at least I'll probably never run out of stuff to watch, but it's harder and harder to find loooong series to bonge. I don't think sex and the city is my thing, but I'll probably look into Desperate Houswives or Six Feet Under at some point

    3. Durandal


      @Dr_Mayus Believe I had a similar reaction to this. I've been following the "aftermath" of the cancellation of Deadwood for a few years now and there was talk about a movie ever since but it never happened, until now! I just love the show, it's probably the best one I've ever seen. The dialogs and the characters alone are worth every cent. As for my collection I only own about 30 complete shows while some of them are from HBO it is mostly a little bit from a lot of other TV networks. But damn, that's a nice collection! I am really envious now. :)


      @NanaCheese94 It is similar here but luckily there are lot of sales or special deals for older show, which I usually buy. I just hate it to invest time and money into some new show that everybody is raving about only to have it canceled a year later. So buying complete editions is a better in a lot of ways for me. As for long shows to watch, well there are lots of long running shows out there. Sopranos is certainly worth watching same goes for Boardwalk Empire. A special show that I can recommend without a doubt is Firefly, sadly it's rather short. Fucking Fox canceled this masterpiece after 12 episodes. But even in this short amount of time the show did manage to shine so bright! It's a true tragedy how it ended.

    4. Dr_Mayus


      @NanaCheese94 Six Feet Under is great even if the first part of Season 4 is kind of...kind of shitty :( They just introduce some horrible characters that bring it down. BUT then they get rid of all those characters and the end of Season 4 and all of Season 5 are great :D


      @Durandal man I heard about a movie a long time ago but like you I assumed it was all talk. Unlike the Sex and the City and Entourage movies (which just ruined perfect endings to shows) I am looking forward to this to give me an ending to a show :D

      Also I worked at Blockbuster for almost 10 years so most of my collection came from that. Even my HBO sign there I took from a display we had during a sale :P


  12. I just created a topic with the same wish, but closed it now as someone pointed me to this thread. Really amazingly done with all the screenshots. i would just love if it also would use the Trophy Advisor functionality, where it points out to you what would be easy to rack up completion
  13. ohhh alright, didnt see that one
  14. So I was thinking, I always have a hard time on deciding what to play next once I finish something. I have a big backlog of physical and PSN games, but the psn games are waaay more. Unfortunately the Playstation download list is annoying to go through, and frankly I have forgotten half of the games that are in there. So the idea would be a possibility to manually create a list of games that are in our backlog that we want to play, and then the website ranks them according to what would be most doable. We already have the feature "Trophy Advisor" and it could work similar to that. The backlog list doesn't necessarily have to be visible for everyone, but I think it would be a great tool to help us collect and keep an overview of games we plan to add to our normal trophy list someday. What do you guys think of such an idea? I belive the tools to create such a list are mostly present already, (it's possible to make a list of trophies via the trophy case manually, and the trophy advisor already exists)