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  1. Christ that sounds awful as well, im not that hardcore
  2. Holy shit I just read up a little on classic mode without spoiling much, but that sounds insanely difficult It's basically No gel run all over again but even more unforgiving. I think I'll take Akumu over that any time Thank you very much!
  3. What the fuuuuk what is classic about that, thats just mean Yeah, Trauma is a fitting name indeed, they sure gave me one lol! Maybe I'll give Akumu a try sometimes, at least I can upgrade my weapons this time
  4. No, not them they were annoying but managable. I think the guys I mean don't actually have a name, but they have a huge hook and a charging attack. You fight two of them at the same time in a small room. Anyways, I'm not looking forward to any of those sections in Akumu, I think even the very first zombie horde fight around the water tank will be absolute hell
  5. Thank you! Not even gonna lie, that plat is my proudest possession Thank you both! It's already going really good
  6. Thank you! I'd say my favorite game is definitely Arkham City. I don't think I ever had as much fun with a game like with the Arkham series. My favorite Genre is Action Adventure and RPG. I am a sucker for time consuming Open World games, and grindy stuff in general (well, as long as it's within reason) Favorite Character is really hard to say, but It's probably either the Joker from the Arkham games or Geralt of Rivia. I hate Ruvik as an enemy so much... Oh but now I remember the fight where I rage quit for about 3 weeks was in the Keeper level, where you fight those double Trolls or whatever they are. That was peak bullshit imo, even worse than the parking lot or Octopuss bosses Thank you!
  7. Thx, I will keep it in mind! I had huge problems during the sections with a lot of Zombies, especially in the last level of the game. After going through that, Double keeper was a piece of cake and the actual end boss almost laughably easy. For the most part, it's my own fault the backlog keeps growing, because I just can't resist a good discount. And now I also got gifted PS+ which doesn't help with all the free games^^
  8. Definitely will do all of that at some point, I still got a huge backlog of games to go through first though. I still have Evil Within installed and I'll probably go back to it at some point, but I was pretty burned out after forcing myself to a blind playthrough with no gel upgrades lol That was dumb as fuck, especially because I did it on survivor and not on easy
  9. Thanks a lot! I really much enjoyed playing all of those, Dishonored is definitely one of my all time favorite games and I hope I'll get aroudnd to play the sequel soon! Same with Evil Within, altough I kinda hope it focuses a little less on zombie horde fights this time around. Congrats on your double platinum in that game btw, I have huge respect for anyone who finishes it in Akumu once, let alone twice^^
  10. Thank you! I already love the base website, so I'm sure the community around it is just as great!
  11. Aww another cute cat avatar!! Maybe I should join that club too :3 thank you! Oh hai! back ;D thank you!
  12. Thak youu
  13. Thank you! If nothing else, at least we don't have to deal with decreasing player bases or shut off servers^^
  14. Thank you, I love you profile pic!
  15. Thank you, likewise