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  1. Has anyone else this problem with the PSN chat? :


    I am in a group chat for some boosting, set up by a guy who is friends with me on psn. In the goup chat I only see his messages though. I am not friends with the rest of the people in the group. He is clearly communicating with the others in the group, but I cant see their messages. Really weird, and I never had this happen before

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    2. TheYuriG


      yeah, sort of like what discord does with messages from blocked people? I could see that working, yes

    3. Lorajet


      What worked for me is that the OP added everyone who answered to a "group", that way we can post and see everyone else's posts.

    4. thelapsukainen


      Can confirm that you can't see group chat messages from people you are not friends with if you have set your messages to friends only. Really dumb but it is what it is. -_-

  2. on your profile there is a blue Icon with an H on it. On the left side right above the latest trophies, thats where one can check how many trophies you have hidden
  3. Far Cry: New Dawn is coming out tomorrow and I literally couldn't give less of a fuck.

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    2. NanaCheese94


      Should have been a DLC if it really is the same world just post apocalypse. They could've saved the zombie dlc or smth. 

    3. starcrunch061


      Christ - they really pump these games out, huh?

    4. MidnightDragon


      Pretty much all the reviews say it’s more of the same.

  4. This is how our new palm plant looks like after almost 2 weeks of cats biting at it every time i dont look. I planted some cute plastic flowers to cheer it up lol Also I’m watering it frequently in the hopes to negate the cat damage and have it grow a little. The plastic flower also help prevent cats from moving the dirt



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    2. Deleted Bitches

      Deleted Bitches

      This cat loves water. I'd just be doing her a favor by squirting her. We did that for a while. At first, it startled her so she bolted. Now she just stares at us. I meam, when we turn the shower on, she comes running from anywhere in the house and jumps in. She's a mental little cat.


      What kind of cat does this?

    3. NanaCheese94


      lmao well every cat is different in that way, they are just lucky they are so cute so we always tolerate their behaviour xD From my experience new things are always interesting in the beginning. usually when I get a new plush animal or smth it gets kidnapped and tortured a little while until they let it go. So my hope is it will go the same way with the plant lol



    4. starcrunch061


      @Phil I have a crazy cat like that myself. It's like it has the spirit of a dog residing in it.

  5. And yet so many people seem to have the Crash Bandicoot plats, it's not rare at all. Normaly thats what specifies an easy game. And people often say they dont like the Batman games because they are "casual" or too easy in general
  6. yeah get ready for a hardcore difficulty new game plus or some shit...This is why I don't buy games with season passes anymore until many years later. 1. it's cheaper then 2. I don't have to deal with DLC shit anymore. Far Cry 5 was the last time.
  7. I read online that they used the same engine for all 3 games or something, which messes with the colliders in the first game alot. Basically, Crash sometimes even falls off flat surfaces and has very weak grip in general. That makes levels like High Road etc a lot harder. But for me the most frustrating parts are the few savepoints, and some levels seem to drag on forever.
  8. For me it's definitely Crash Bandicoot. I only played the first one so far, but I regret ever starting it. I had a Crash Racing game for Gamecube when I was a kid, that had also some platforming in it, so I was pretty exited for a Crash game since I never played the originals. But I hted every second of it, just trying to get through the story was infuriating enough, no way i'm gonna get through the time trials.. I also find the Fighting challanges in the Batman games very hard. It's very frustarating, because those are some of my favorite games, and I'll probably never plat them Oh and also: Furmins and King Oddball. Just don't do it. Most levels are actually pretty fun to figure out, but there are 1 or 2 levels that are so extremly finicky and require a lot of luck that it's not worth loosing your hair over it tbh. Especially since it doesnt even have a a plat
  9. I voted for difficulty related, but imo the S or Star Ranks is pretty much the same to me. In hindsight, I should have voted for that actually.. hm.. I hate multiplayer too, but my relationship with MP games has become much better since I joined this site and use the boosting more often. It's still a pain in the ass, but when it works then it's amazing. I got some pretty rare, cool trophies because of boosting
  10. hmm, maybe I'll finally start sorting my Pokemon cards this weekend. I'm planning to sell all the doubles in bulk someday, but I need to sort them by series first :/


    1. tjoe1bkhjtqxm


      Hey what games are you playing right now? 

  11. Hnnng I'm back on the drug guys



    1. tjoe1bkhjtqxm


      Time to get triple platinum on the Witcher 3 complete edition NA stack 😃

  12. Just finished this game today. I normaly don't play visual novels, because I'd rather read a physical book, the combination of sound, and text and having to click is annoying to me. I really enjoyed the story of ZTD though, I didn't expect it. It's why I took me a whole week to finish though, because it is kind of exhausting to just read and watch cutscenes. The Escapeg rooms were a nice cistraction in between, and really enjoyable for the most part, and I loved all the theries about probability and chances. I actually learned quite a bit. For example, I can now explain the Monty Hall Problem without having to understand the mathematics behind it. It's possible the themes of time travel, multiple universes etc don't interest the same people, so I can understand if others find it lame. So yeah for anyone just looking to start playing this game, i would recomend to play an hour or two of it without skipping. I'll go look up some trivia about the characters etc now lol
  13. I had trouble with the flying leves too in the beginning, but it's a case of doing it over and over again and finding the right pattern. It still was the least enjoyable part for me, but very doable in the end. Spyro two was pretty anyoing though, for multiple reasons, but mostly some of the orb challanges were really infuriating, and I did have some trouble with the supercharge sections in all games, but that's just because my reflexes aren't as good as they have been
  14. thxs for being so generous I'd absolutely love to see another Batman Arkham game, I love them so much! And another Kojima Metal Gear, but that's probably a pipe dream
  15. yeah fuck this shit... I wish I saw this earlier, but then... it would't change much. i still have to redo the entire skull island shit... How come nobody before us seems to have had this issue? I can't find much online. Maybe some fucked up patch?