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  1. ugh, honestly a little disappointed they couldn't come up with a different name for the Platinum. Actually, most trophies seem to be the exact same. laaame
  2. How would you be able to know they cheated if they haven't told you outright anyways? In any case, I odn't think it's cheating since you yourself have fulfilled the requirements for the trophy. Especially in Red Guerillas case it's not as "easy" as for example in Red Dead Redemption where you just need to kill another player who has the trophy.
  3. Me too, I got the neutral one. But apparently there is a Russian one, so that's probably what OP is worried about.
  4. I got it digitally, EU version, I assume thats the same version as the Russian store.
  5. Last year I got a 12 month card of ps+ gifted for Christmas and I used it in January this year. What will happen in January next year? Will my credit card be automatically charged with another 12 months? What if I get it gifted again this year, do I have to quickly use it in december this year? And If I don't pay, will I loose all games and savestates but regain them once I renew ps+?


    Sry, but I'm a little confused about this whoel thing

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    2. Sir_Bee


      Something to keep in mind.  You will lose access to all your cloud saves and ps plus games once your subscription expires, as has been said before.  What I haven't seen mentioned is that I am pretty sure you only have 6 months to resubscribe before you lose access to your could saves permanently.  Meaning, if you don't sign up for plus again before July 2019 (6 months after your current subscription expires), I am pretty sure those cloud saves will be deleted.  Keep that in mind, and make sure you have all your saves backed up somewhere else if that is a possibility.

    3. NanaCheese94




      Thank you all for anwering! This puts my mind at ease, as I was starting to get a little nervous. Also Sir_bee thank you for the remark about the 6 month time limit to resubscribe, because that would've been my next question. It would really suck to loose the saves, because I've been deleting games to make space on the console before finishing them.


      I'll probably wait till Christmas to see if I get it gifted again and if not, rebuy it myself!

    4. tjoe1bkhjtqxm


      @NanaCheese94 hey how are you? 

  6. cherishes them Ultra rares and is not afraid of grinding and hard games
  7. lmao gave me a good chuckle. First the silvers being dubbed gold and then the "blonze" ...
  8. I think it has to do A: with the status updates, because I always click on it and end up on the profile with almost every reply notification I get. (even though I wasn't mentioned, but eh) That can rack up a lot of numbers. And B: It's the most effective way to find out about drama that happend once you spot some vague posting somewhere lol
  9. YES! Finally, it's been 82 years
  10. When I got my first real job I spent my first income on a big TV and my ps4. It is a special edition that came with Batman Arkham Knight and has a Batman Silhouette on it. I'm not really one who notices differences in Graphics much, I don't care if I watch a DVD or a Blu Ray for example, and I feel the same way about games. Right now the main thing keeping me from upgrading to a pro is 1. Laziness 2. Why give up my cool Batman ps4? I can wait till the ps5 releases, and then I'll probably wait until the ps4 pro version of the ps5 releases. I'm still using my ps3 quite frequently, and I don't care enough about slightly advanced graphics to buy a very similar console. The only thing that would maybe bring me to buy it is if the loading times are DRASTICALLY reduces. I'm talking down to a split second or so on the Witcher 3. Otherwise, it's not worth it.
  11. Then why complain about it in this thread my god it really is a stupid tax
  12. Why remove your profile 3 times and not even bothering about asking Sly to restore the premium once? He's done it before. Useless thread..
  13. man.. why do games have to do that? A trophy DLC for only 1 trophy and it's a new game plus one? Fucking stupid. They could've added that to the main game and make the Platinum harder, I wouldn't have cared. It's gonna suck either way, but single trophy DLCs just look dumb imo...

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    2. Dragon-Archon


      It could be worse: Valkyria Chronicles Remastered forces players to do a second playthrough, because there's 1 NG+ exclusive:

      • soldier that needs to survive the game to unlock his personnel info. The last part unlocks after completing the story, which is the only reason for a full second playthrough.
      • order that needs to be bought.
      • report that needs to be completed.

      @DamagingRob Ah ok, I stand corrected.

    3. NanaCheese94


      Absolute capitalist fuckery... I'm not normaly anti-capitalist, but stuff like this really grinds my gears

    4. mecharobot




      The game takes like 4 hours to play through story missions on NG+. I probably could have done NG++ in the time it took to grind 1000 enemies. It's not really like having to play through a FF game or something, it even autoskips most of the story. The game is VERY generous with the NG+ and there's no point sitting on the last boss.

  14. So, I finally got around to watching this yesterday. I'm so glad I did, but I'm also sad that I didn't get to experience it in theaters. I have nobody to enjoy Horror movies with irl I consider myself kind of a horror movie snob... I'm always shitting on Jump Scare riddled horror trash that seems to flood the theaters all the time now. It's not an attractive trait in me, but I can't help it. Well anyways, I really, really enjoyed the atmosphere and sound design in this movie. It built up pretty slow, and the movie is quite long, sitting at around 2:30 hours. It's definitely not for anyone, just on that basis alone. I've seen many pepole complain on other forums that they found the movie boring, or too much family drama and not enough horror. There were quite a few scenes that actually made me feel this unexplainable, cold tickling in my gut, that I'm so often missing in horror games or movies nowadays. Really refreshing. I wish more movies would play with this kind of tension, teasing jump scares that never come, build up atmosphere purely through long shots, musical cues and sound effects. Are there any other Horror snobs around? How did you like this movie in particular? Any other favorites that have the same feel going? If you saw the movie, but didn't like it.. why? I'd love to talk about the movie and it's story a little, that's why I put the spoiler warning in the title but we can keep it purely technical too.
  15. I hate playing games with others watching me. I secretly wish I could be a famous let's player and rake in that sweet Twitch money, but I know exactly that I couldn't do it.