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  1. Thx, please let me know if and how well the 999 strategy works. I will include it into the guide if it's doable
  2. I remember something similar from a thread I read elsewhere (btw, I only recently discovered that some of the things I read on gamefaqs where actually written by you lol) So the idea is: 1. Build up Blast off power to Maximum, by using God skills for example. (Alternatively use lowest tier skills to keep delay down) 2. Kill all enemies but one big one 3. While doing this work on pissing off the big crystal to activate fever time (but not triggering it yet) 4. Wait till Enemy uses strong attack that will put all four characters in order 5. Activate fever time and blast the enemy into the blue orbs 6. Hope for the best I remember that another tactic is, to bounce a big enemy between an orb and your own character (who's standing below an orb) but I was never able to use this consistently If anyone could test this out during normal play it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. It doesnt depend on Chou-CHou in MGZ, you now have Syrma and her Ultimate Soul. It's essentialy the same thing. So if you can test out if the glitch works with her too that would be great
  4. Fox is talking about Mugen Souls Z, no idea if glitches like that work in both games. Maybe we should start adding the MGZ or MG in front of posts so we know which game it is about.
  5. I used the DLC weapons until I got the Plat. I did enhance and upgrade them (I remember the Scythe Attribute and the gun Peacemaker, dunno about the rest) I did use different armor/clothing though that I either crafted or farmed in the late game (Sun Goddess Medals are your'e friend)
  6. Wouldn't that be obvious? Super quick games that everyone seem to get 100% at multiple times? It's Spring again, Mayo game, Nubla, Slyde, 3 millions visual novels... Also, there are already a lot of threads like this.
  7. On this website you can just go to the "Games" tab and then on the right side click on "Easy Games" then you'll get an instant list. These kinds of threads are pretty useless if you can literally filter for games with 100% completion average on the same website.
  8. Man, I have the exact same problem... It's the only trophy I can absolutely not explain or give tips on. I can only link to this thread, whcih explains a way to do it: I got it on one of my first attempts to farm money. I catapulted a sunflower enemy into a blue orb on a very steep angle, and I think it glitched somehow and gave me at least 999 hits. I never managed to get that many combo hits again. It was on one of the first 10 floors of the Mugen Field on a 100G bet. Maybe @acasser knows a surefire way to get the 999 combo?
  9. @Dragon-Archon I'll take the purple one (Terse form) she's a cute.
  10. Man, Dead Cells might actually be one NL afflicted Rougelike I'd be good at. Too bad it's not out for PS yet...

  11. Persona Fan. Also congrats on the JoJo plat, that is a game I see very rarely!
  12. Damn that got a really good laugh out of me I'm basically the same, running out of spaces to plug in stuff and always awkwardly making space for my guests Phone chargers whenever I have some. I probably won't get the PS5 when it gets out, I was already pretty late to the party with PS4 and I still have a giant PS3 backlog. Sucks that I will miss out on some new games, but I already do, because I'm not gonna pay 80+ CHF every time a new game comes out.
  13. I'm starting to grow quite fond of Adam Jensen. I never played a Deus Ex game before Mankind Divided but I've always kind of thought of Adam as a douche because of his incredibly edgelordy looks.


    Just another lesson in "don't judge a book by it's cover" kids!

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    2. NanaCheese94


      No. Mankind divided has tons of ways you can play the game, its amazing for experimentation. BUT the loading times are abyssmal. Really. If that wasn't the case it would be a 10/10 game for me, now it's about 7/10

    3. PooPooBlast


      Lol wait, no as if in I'll enjoy it or no as if in I'll hate it xD


      I saw some gameplay and at times it looks fun and at times I'm just thinking to myself that I can see myself repeating this same area over and over and over

    4. NanaCheese94


      But isn't that what trial and error means? xD that's what I do in these stealth games anyways. But the fun really get's cut short due to those loading times, I'm sure even you would enjoy it since you could totally play it in berserk mode if you wanted.

  14. I swear i could go off about laziness in the trophy departement all day. But I think Trophies are usually about the last thing the devs worry about, so they probably just ass pull something to get it over with. I'm pretty sure it would be relatively easy to replace the image with a better one manually, even from a technical stanpoint, but the amount of work that adds up for whoever actually has to do it later is probably not worth it.
  15. If you have the right strategy it can be relatively fast, compared to other long platinums. Z is not difficult at all as long as you use the DLC starter weapons and learn how to farm G early and focus on that. About you're question if you can turbo anything... You can put your walking speed up to ulrta fast, but it's a little desorienting. Otherwise, Mugen Souls Z is pretty much the Turbo version of the original MS.