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  1. Ya know, it's not all bad about Thronebreaker crashing all the time and framerate issues... at least we got blessed by the OST that is absolutely fire.


    Check this out:

    1. Redgrave


      The part at 1:38 is fantastic. I should probably get this once all the bugs and stuff are sorted out.

  2. huh? you mean the musketeer? The arbelast is the girl with the crossbow. The musketeer is a reskin of the arbekast that you can purchase via DLC
  3. Not music, but I just started the first audiobook of the Witcher books. It is really fun and very well written!
  4. Okay, yeah I also suspect the crashes are the reason some people get the glitch with the golden chests. I never had a crash while opening a chest, and I never had the glitch, but others did. You included I think. Thank god for the skip battle function
  5. @Crispy_Oglop Hm you don't get the trophy for killing the dragon, but for defeating it in the battle. I let Kelltulis live because I don't care about Eyk and I got the trophy. Sounds like it glitched bad for you Or did you perhaps ignore the fight when you entered the village?
  6. Hey, ich habe dieses Spiel nie gespielt, aber zur Info: In diesem Forum ist Englisch die Standardsprache, wenn du dir Hilfe erhoffst solltest du diesen Post noch übersetzen. Oder dich darauf einstellen das Leute auf Englisch antworten werden (mit Hilfe von Google Translator) Viel Glück!
  7. I see, I know which one you mean, the lyrian scythemen. I've put up this trophy for a while, because I kind of don't want to change my working deck now, it's a pain in the ass that you can't save multiple decks and change in between them. Also, the deck builder is really laggy But thx for the tips! I'll try it with the scythemen and the alba units EDIT Okay, so I can cornfirm that it works out well, use Meves Angreni Blade and put only units in your deck that can either draw more units or strengthen units. Here's my deck that I used, very sloppyly put together, but they are upgraded cards: Meve: Angerni Blade (let's you put one unit back in deck and draw two) Manticore Trophy (cou could probably take the banner and make it faster, but eh) Mardrome: Bear (transforms hurt unit into bear with 22 power) Reinforcments (Let's you draw all Scythemen in one swoop) Decoy (use it on Alchemists) Marching Orders (Reduces Meves cooldown to 0) Arnjolf the Patricide Reynard Odo Lyrian Cavalry Stray Bombers x3 Grey Rider (boosts new cards by 3) Alchemists x2 (a must) Lyrian Scythemen x5 (If you have more of them, take them. They are your main money maker) Regiment Drummer x2 Strays Infiltrator x2 Gheso Footmen x2 So yeah, this is a shitty deck, but it generates so much power that the enemy will pass quickly and you can build it up to 300 easily. Not as difficult as I thought.
  8. what kinda cards did you use? I tend to use the strays a lot, which just kills off everything very quickly
  9. I have the power! requires you to win a round with 300 Power, highest I got was about 150 Does anyone know an easy way to facilitate it easily? I assume it requires a lot of draw and the forrager card, which consumes other cards and buffs itself with their value. Also, does anyone know if its possible to get it in the training part of the camp or does it have to be during regular combats?
  10. There is definitely more than 20. I'm in the 3rd map now and it popped after completing all puzzles so far. Best strategy is to normally go through the map until you reach the last main quest symbol, and then pay the scouts until they cant find anything more. Go through everything left then, including golden chests (for some you need the maps btw, but you can only miss the maps by explicitly not taking them, if you interract with every question mark encounter)
  11. There are definitely missables, the weapons and some partners. possibly more, but it's not a hard game, and can be speedrun by skipping everything, including battles on the easy difficulty. If thats what people want... The story so far is pretty neat, but also is longer than I thought and still going.
  12. @Crispy_Oglop lol, i know how that sounds like on the bright side, you don't miss out on anything in game for missing the golden chests, and I think it is very easy to speedrun the game on the easy playthrough, because you can skip battles and all dialoge. But I understand the frustration that comes with the crashes... :/
  13. @Crispy_Oglop let me know if turning off the interent fixed it. I was able to collect all chests, maybe you didn't get the one by the waterfall behind the cloister, that one is on a treasure map Also, beautiful kitty, I have two white ones too
  14. If you think it might have to do with online gwent, maybe it could help to turn off the internet connection? I'm also experiencing crashes after battles, never at opening a chest though. I've lost the cursor once too. And the card selection and overall the camp menus freeze every few minutes... very annoying when building a deck
  15. Oh geez its gcoming back to me now The Nosk fight really was a big problem for me at that point, I think he guide just assumes that the player already is good at the game. Same with the Bee Hive Boss, idk if it's for everyone, but I wasn't able to beat him until the very end of the game. The Hive itself is really hard in general imo..