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  1. Well what do you mean with "built"? Honestly, leveling the chars up to level 90 is easy I have most on Level 70, 4 on Level 90. Hard part for me is getting decent weapons and even more frustrating is getting Artifacts. I just for the life of me cant get any good 5 star artifacts to drop. Its so fucking annoying. i wonder if I could finish abyss with almost only purple artifacts?
  2. so has anyone spent the credits to find out the coming soon prizes in the Sony Advent calendar?

  3. I'm not a teen anymore but i still dabble in shipping every once in a while 😊 I took some cute screenshots in Genshin Impact:





  4. Aaaahh, autumn air just hits different

    1. Rally-Vincent---


      Larger range and better boxing gloves.

  5. hot damn, I have no interest in Racing Games whatsoever but I'm super impressed by the time and effort you put into this guide anyways! An interesting read for sure!
  6. Champagne, which is basically just Peaches from FC5. She is unstoppable and I love her very much!
  7. Holy Shit the map is huge... o.o

    1. NanaCheese94


      already having a blast, trophy number #2: "@CanYouPetTheCroc" yes, yes you can.

  8. omg I can't belive the PS5 upgrade for Farcry 6 is free, I'm so happy!! But it means I have to wait an hour longer to play it :(

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    2. NanaCheese94


      Go check the Ubisoft store,  there it says currently that I can get 20% off of any purchase for 100 Ubisoft points. When I preordered the game a year or so ago it was even more percent off, because they did something with the system and were going to erease all previously earned points. Since I never spent them on ingame costumes and stuff I got a big fat discount on the game

    3. Viper


      Looks like you got lucky, I attempted to buy it with the 20% discount code and it didn't work, so I E-Mailed Ubi about it. Apparently the 20% discounts don't work with new releases and I'd instead have to wait 3 months. Oh well, I'll just wait for a better sale on it, get it for cheaper. 

    4. NanaCheese94


      Yeah like I aid, it was at a special time where they deleted all of the Ubisoft points that have been previously gathered. I think they made a system update or smth, can't quite remember. But 20% off is still a pretty sweet deal for trophy points imo lol

  9. I'm gonna fire up the game in about 10 minutes, Im really looking forward to it!! The trophy list looks great! Im so happy they didn't include a multiplayer mode, it was so pointless in FC5. Coop is fine, it's only one trophy and coop in FC5 was pretty fun. I just hope the story is gonna be good, and I'm really looking forward to the DLC for once, apparently you will be able to play the main villians of the last 3 games!! omg I got the ps4 disc version because I ordered it like a year in advance and the PS5 upgrade is free!! :0
  10. Thats pretty much what I was thinking too, thank you for confirming! May the Gacha gods be merciful and generous in th3 upcoming banner!
  11. I've been saving up all of my wishing materials, only ever wished two times on the starter banner. What should be the best priority on wishing for SS+ or SS tier characters? I hear Zhongli and Bennet are pretty good, but idk when zhongli is ever coming back. my team so far is the basic starter team, but I also got Razor and Xiangling so far. Kaeya is my strongest char Any suggestions for upcoming banners?
  12. Collecting Pokemon cards. It really sucks though, because now everything is so expensive and its impossible for me to buy booster packs in shops anymore because of the damn scalpers.
  13. Anyone playing Genshin Impact and like to help me with the one co-op trophy?

    1. NanaCheese94


      I'm not exactly ready to get it yet, but would be nice to know if someone else is looking to get it too^^


  14. Hades on PS, finally! I have been waiting for this day for so long!!

    1. chickenbaltipie


      me too.  Avoided getting switch thinking it would only be exclusive for a month or so...


    2. NanaCheese94


      I got it about 2 years ago on the epic store because I just couldnt wait, first and last thing I'll ever buy there I think xD but its so great to see what kind of changes and improvments they made since then

  15. omg, Astros Playroom is the cutest thing I ever played! Im legit overwhelmed with emotion, such a cool game!

    1. kindajustin


      I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it ^_^