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  1. It's interesting how many trophies basically reward you for failing Since this is one of my favorite games to watch let's plays off, I'm really itching to play it myself, but kind of turned off by the higher difficulty related trophies. How are Darkest and Stygian difficulty different that Radiant? I've read that Radiant is less grindy, but there has to be more about it. Also I imagine some of those trophies might be difficult to facilitate, it really is meant to be played a lot in the REAL way, and not just to get quick trophies. Especially What is already Dead Cannot Die seems like a huge pain in the ass due to the RNG luck required.
  2.  snap, I accidentally sold my ebony sword in Skyrim. Now I'm practically forced to increase my smithing level so I can forge another one xD This is what I get for being a greedy bitch and not holding on to anything lol. I do have 200'000 gold tho

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    2. NanaCheese94


      I'm saving up to send the kids to college 😂 

      But yeah, to-good-to-use-syndrome at it's best lmao

    3. Dragon-Archon


      If you want another cool blade: go to Skyhold (this unlocks during the main quest). In one of the dark, abandoned rooms is the Dragon's Bane katana, which does extra damage vs dragons.

    4. NanaCheese94


      @Dragon-Archon Unfortunately I've been putting up the main quests in favor of Guild quests so far, so I don't have access to there yet. It could be worse, I just can't really do any dungeon dwelling at the moment, since trash weapons are too, well, trashy for the enemies there and I suck at magic


      Since I need to get the smithing to 80 for the DLC anyways, I figured this is as good time as ever time to level it up 

  3. YES YES this is a very good suggestion! At least have an option to hide away the completed games, in case you still want a just for fun session or smth
  4. I got married in Skyrim yesterday. Even though it's such a quick and nonchalant affair, it's actually kind of sweet. I now have a beautiful wife, fully furnished House in Whiterun and two former street rat daughters

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    2. Dragon-Archon


      I did marry someone else during my first playthrough... then I did the Companions questline and met Aela :facepalm: .

    3. ee28max


      I married Aela as well :D 

    4. PooPooBlast


      Hehe you haven't met me then because I married Mjoll :P


      To be fair I only married her because she has a shop where I can buy stuff, sell stuff, aaaaand she gives me money!! Lol a wife with benefits :P. In terms of looks, Aela wins.


  5. You can check the special attributes when pressing L3 (I think it was L3, if not just try every button while havin the dweller selected)when selecting a dweller There you can see exactly at which level the stat is at the moment, and how much the clothing contributes to it.
  6. I'm always siding with the Underdog, 2-1 for Croatia!
  7. Yes! The whole football team that was lost in a cave in Thailand has been rescued! This actually kind of makes my day, I'm really happy :D

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    2. Conker


      absolutely fantastic news to hear :), but does suck that one person lost his life but we shouldn't forget him and those who all helped make this rescue possible 

    3. starcrunch061


      I was getting worried when they talked about the number of kids that couldn't swim, so it's great that they made it.


      BUT...that coach needs to be caned or something. You have to be more responsible when you take care of children.

    4. NanaCheese94


      @starcrunch061 yeah, honestly it's great that he stuck with his kids and even gave them his food during the time they were stucl, but going into the cave was just a stupid decision. Especially so fucking far into the cave...

  8. Ohh, damn yeah, I'm a dummy. I've seeen that before. I've also wondered befroe why you can't even click on it for a list. Interesting that Black ops gets its own list though. I'd think that there should be only one Call of Duty list, but I never played any of those games.
  9. What's this Series feature that is mentioned here? I've never seen it
  10. I'd say they could be labeled as hack n slash, the second part which is getting remastered had also a lot more jump puzzeling stuff as far as I remember
  11. Ohc god YESS, this is my childhood! Me and my brother used to play this on PC for hours and hours. What's the reason for only remastering the sequel specifically though? The first one was amazing too, just not as much focused on video game references
  12. My dad works at Amazon and said it will be the first battle royal Soulsborne
  13. I regularly read the dispute threads because it's fun and educational. There have actually been one or two cases I remember. Ususally it's people who can quickly whip up a link to a reported glitch, but one time a user actually put in a ton of time to prove/test if something is possible. Turned out it was. (that was an Okami dispute)
  14. A long time ago I made a meme variation of kind of a niche one featuring a screenshot of DD from MGSV, does that count? (the original image, the meme was to replace the quote and the mirror image with a character) (The original screenshot of DD) (My edit) Also it's kind of weird, there are many memes in this thread I've seen on other platforms before. Istnt the idea to create our own memes?
  15. Say about Todd and Bethesda what you want, but Skyrim is just a damn good game. I played yesterday for the first time in years again and I'm already fucking hooked.

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    2. NanaCheese94


      @Honor_Hand lmao I feel that way too much xD I never finished Oblivion either. Maybe someday you will get the unexplained urge to play it again, just like I did.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Skyrim was really great but the story was just meh... The gameplay and exploration is what kept me hooked and they were well made. 

    4. NanaCheese94


      @PooPooBlast Yep same. I also think it could've been a little bit more roleplayable, most NPCs don't give a shit about who you are, even though you have risen to be very important. And there aren't any interesting companions either