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  1. Just got the 2 platinuns in a couple of hours. Rewind feature makes the platinum very easy. I'd say 2/10 and without rewind, a rough 9/10
  2. Just to add and @damcrac5 say my thanks. Followed the steps and really enjoy getting the platinum trophy. All the tips counted for that: The hawk method, the stamina/health upgrades, skipping the frustration of hard time challenges, etc. Very enjoyable platinum following this topic. See ya!
  3. Normally the title of the trophy list is the name of the game, right? In this game the title seen on PS5 is wrong. At least in my case. Anyone notice that, or have the same problem?
  4. Witch trophies did u get with infinite lives? I like to use it to get all collectibles.
  5. If you finished the game, The 2nd method only works if you hit continue in menu e backtrack.. if you select free paint it will not unlock.