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  1. Never played on steam.but on Xbox360 I like how quick the achievement pops compared to PS3. Eg PS3 kill 10 enemies 5 seconds later trophy. Xbox kill 10 enemies immediately achievement .
  2. Haha am just trolling a little bit. I know it's a bad situation right now. Be patient everyone.
  3. JMcrofts is a new YouTuber I found recently I love how he sits down and does all trials in those games. Watching vesper is fine but jmcrofts has English commentary and sometimes explains the missions in more details. I never knew otg meant off the ground and it's good playing along with him. I normally listen to him in the background while doing missions. Thanks have a good 1.
  4. I am working on that also and being African doesn't help Japanese got that in their system.The number of Japanese accounts that 100% this game is huge.ive seen so many jap accounts with the 3 ultimate games100%. I like how you wrote couldn't just like a real fan would. Mine also is trials in Capcom games blazbkue etc.practice makes perfect
  5. Hey how are you going? I recently did king of fighters 13 and street fighter vs Tekken. Sniper 2 ghost was quick. Anarchy rush quick also. Soul calibur 2 hd and 5 also. The list is too long but that's a few games. I know Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and vanilla can be done 97% with 2 consoles but you'll need 7 more players for 1 trophy.
  6. F
  7. Use it as a flower pot.
  8. Until the day I die.
  9. Bob Marley
  10. I am playing ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on vita and am reading this made my stress level go up. Luckily I did killzone earlier this year but how long will the vita be online I still want another 10 games with online trophies
  11. Nice
  12. I grinded 100 online matches afk on killzone Vita while playing rocket league PS4. I made sure the 100 matches trophy would not unlock too close to another games trophy. When I look at my log it looks alright unflaggable.
  13. Hacking my last trophy before platinum is undetectable. So long suckas.
  14. Do you remember back in the days we had the normal leaderboard and also hackers leaderboard? Maybe we ..... no scrap that
  15. Exactly. Thanks for putting it in an easier TF do you find out i hacked my last trophy??????? The thread is all yours guys am out.thanks for the your time.