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  1. the most shocking part in the mission 4 me is at the end when Makarov shoots you. pawpaw
  2. At least its all offline/0 requiring online, a tip I can give is buy the dlc 1 by 1 and not all at once. I did that and did not feel the price too much.
  3. yeah you are right. I would like to apologise I had a long night watching conspiracy videos. I did not intend to abuse/shame anybody. but on topic I was jealous about cuphead being only on xbox and switch and I would love to get my physical copy/
  4. just a reminder that my comment was deleted wow did they already infiltrate psnprofiles
  5. yeah right gg ratailaka . at least we all know trophies are useless and have only personal meaning. I have 72 rata plats and very proud of it because I bought it with money I made off selling maryjane
  6. 480 missions ultimate marvel Capcom 3. what a hard trophy for 2d fighting amateurs like me
  7. Full cheap games with platinum trophy. am planning to do at least 75- 82 x4(no gay vita trick for me) Great 4 kids 0 online 0 glitched/buggy 0 unobtainable 0 require boosting with others and people still find time to complain about them. Wolfenstein 2 came out and some retard made a petition to decrease the requirements for some hard trophy. ratailaka games too easy people complain. just play and stop hating on ratailaka gamers ffs how awesome is it to get new games for the psvita.????????????????
  8. na they probably shutting down the wrong rayman game. zero online in origins
  9. yes sir our teams are at work right now. should be fixed soon. kind regards capcom
  10. 86 achievements wooo. hopefully its 86 on ps4/5 also
  11. I got the cd luckily I did not add it to my backlog
  12. I got my hard to the core from dead space 2 boy. hardcore I am.
  13. this game was on my wish list and ill probably never try it at this point, I was reading the thread hoping there would be good news but what a way to ruin a trophy list with online dlc.