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  1. Probably the pip boy from fallout.
  2. The rewind ability from Life is Strange. Would be useful to redo all of the mistakes I’ve made and to cheat on tests.
  3. One of the suits from titanfall
  4. Probably the Blitzkrieg from Dead Rising. Probably not legal but would be cool to have.
  5. 110 matches
  6. Finished Far Cry 3 a few days ago but just got around now to posting it. Now all I can do is wait and hope I win.
  7. Requirement 1- Far Cry 3 has chickens you can kill in it. Requirement 2- Not from Europe and don’t really follow Eurovision, so my choice here is kinda random, but i’m going to have to go with Russia.
  8. Merry Christmas and thanks for the giveaway
  9. 1. A crime game like La Noire 2. More superhero games like Spider-Man
  10. “BOY!” Kratos, God Of War
  11. Thanks would love to have vr worlds!
  12. Super Trader Complete Every Holocard Set
  13. Don’t pay much attention to soccer/ football so going to have to go with option A
  14. When Sheep Fly Sheepinate a Blarg Helicopter Commander