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  1. “BOY!” Kratos, God Of War
  2. Thanks would love to have vr worlds!
  3. Super Trader Complete Every Holocard Set
  4. Don’t pay much attention to soccer/ football so going to have to go with option A
  5. When Sheep Fly Sheepinate a Blarg Helicopter Commander
  6. So as the title states, the Stains of Heresy quest glitches on me. I have to return to the Crowfather, but when I do it doesn’t continue the mission. Is there any way to fix this?
  7. Death Will Tear Us Apart Collect the Soul Splitter
  8. Worst Christmas Ever Complete The Battle of the Bulge
  9. Just been grinding WWII multiplayer. Just need to get to level 55 and complete 21 daily orders. After that I’ll start on my veteran campaign play through.
  10. Black ops 2 multiplayer spent way too much time in it
  11. Don’t own the game, but from what I’ve seen my favorite part would have to be the campaign.
  12. I don’t know if this will work but sometimes when you steal a car the npc in the car will place a bounty on you. Like I said I don’t know if this works and if it does it’s pretty luck based as well.
  13. I’m down
  14. Once there was an ugly barnacle.He was so ugly that everyone died.The end.
  15. Just curious how would I be able to send them to you over gmail? Would I have to download them onto a usb or could I send them to you over the Internet on the PS4?