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  1. The DS5 should be designed with fully backwards compatibility with the PS3 and any downloaded "classics" on the system. It is a long shot to ask but it would be nice.
  2. My own personal gripe about the game is the DLC ending. The main game ending was satisfying enough the series could have ended there. Dead Space forever remains in limbo, since EA doesn't seem interested in making another DS.
  3. Best advice is to stock up on the third party PDP's Afterglow controllers. They are battery powered, yes, but with rechargeable AA batteries, it won't be too much of a problem. I have used several of them and they last quite awhile, more than a year perhaps. I no longer buy "genuine" or "official" PS3 controllers from any online vendor on Amazon or eBay because their products are always either a poor refurb or a cheap counterfeit knockoff *internally*.
  4. Do the same players need to be involved in the prep missions for all Acts on one particular playthrough, whether it be a 2, 3, or 4 player run? That has been lingering on my mind before I try to attempt my first CM playthrough on 2 player.
  5. At this point in time, RDR 2's online is very restricted (still being in its beta phase). The only real way to conquer online mode is to grind execution kills on Saint Denis' lawmen above an alleyway ladder (for exp) and fishing lots of sockeye salmon (for money). As for 3 MVPs trophy, you have to get help from a boost session or you will have to play lots of races with randoms on your own risk. Don't expect an invite only session at this time, as all players are required to be public sessions. Do not play alone for very long, either. It would be nice if there was a Survival Mode equivalent to GTA V's but almost endless, to grind exp and money.
  6. Soul Calibur Lost Swords. I though it was going to be an improved version of SCV but turned out to be a freemium turd.
  7. All games. Backwards compatible. No exceptions. I'll poop donuts if Sony successfully makes PS1-PS4 physical compatibility.
  8. My problem finally seems to have fixed itself. Once I gained access to the message box on the PS website, I saw that some randoms added me to message groups titled "free PSN offers", with over 99 players. I exited those groups quickly and blocked any 1 star 0% "non-gamers." I guess I have to lockdown and to keep messages/Friend Requests set to Friends Only/Friends of Friends. Discord is a must to communicate and coordinate from now on.
  9. Really hope they bring an invite only session for players who only want to participate with their close friends.
  10. It is now at 10 people. I once had it as high as 76 last month, but decided to retreat to a smaller list of folks I regularly talk to since I am a bit of a hermit. I don't even know if I can do Friend Requests on PSN at the moment. It is not like I have been blocked by someone.
  11. That makes me sick to my stomach if that is the case. I hope to heck it is not.
  12. Most of my messaging has been done on my PS3, my PS4, and on the PS website through Firefox on my Windows 7 laptop.
  13. I guess I have to just wait it out? This issue only happened recently after I did a boost with people and sent lots of messages in a message group. Maybe PSN has started to restrict me for the the amount of messages I can send?
  14. I doubt it is my internet connection or privacy settings. I made sure my privacy settings such as Messages set to Anyone and my internet is a full power. I feel I can do nothing on my end, so my only remaining guess is PSN itself. I already contacted customer support through live chat but none of the steps they've walked me through help solve my problem. This is going to be a problem for me if I cannot contact boosting partners for future boosting. Discord is the only thing I have going for me.
  15. Is there any particular reason why PSN messaging is not working and has anyone else encountered this problem too? Someone tried adding me to a message group but both my PS4 system and the website on my browser doesn't show it. Sending messages to one person doesn't work either, since I am trying to do a boost soon.