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  1. i cant believe capcom went with this from what i understand the EU version of the ps4 edition of RE:CV X is worse than the ps3 version of the game bc they just ported the old ps2 PAL version for this someone said it might be bc of multiple language support, who cares about that, what avg euro cant read basic english at this point and who wants to play 25fps games like back in the the old days? not me when i feel like replaying this game ill stick to the ps3 version, it's a really cool game even though i hear a lot of bad stuff abt it (im a re noob) ppl can do what they want ofc, but id urge EU players not to get this version, in case capcom decides to rerelease more ps2 games in the future and they decide to give us this type of garbage again
  2. i was mindblown when i played this especially after having come off the entire kh collection on ps3, the jump to 60fps and 1080p was so beautiful also not a big disney fan at all but i love the worlds in this one i hadnt played kh since 358/2 days came out ages ago then i started replaying them all on ps3 including ones i missed, all good stuff though ill be honest i dont really play these games for the story but rather the gameplay and the adventure i think im not smart enough to follow stories in these types of games i think the director is really good at his craft and why so many ppl seem to dislike him, i dont understand great character designer, concept artist and boss battle designer, plus he works really hard it looks like so yeah i have no idea why so many ppl complain abt these so called side games, they're perfectly fine and fun games to me and i can say DDD is def my fav KH game so far legitimate complaint would be that they were spread on different platforms before but now they're all readily available except for a few, luckily i still have my 358/2 days game so i enjoyed replaying it. shame they probably wont remake it
  3. i think it's kinda uncool when ppl complain abt having to grind for a trophy. why dont ppl just drop a game once they stop enjoying it. there's no reason to ruin your experience of a game just bc of trophies
  4. i just saw that this game is on sale right now, in the EU store anyway, for those interested im tempted to get it but then id risk fatiguing myself, having played the original so much a little while ago also im not trying to sound like a jerk but no one is forcing anyone to get trophies
  5. well i just couldnt get the boss battle to play out properly so i've decided to just let it skip the whole thing and the trophy popped for me at the save screen anyway. before this i kept closing the game and reloading bc i didnt want to do the whole stage again to meet the conditions even though it's not much work still it's bad if one couldnt get the event attack trophy bc of this. also i thought maybe there's some special cutscene for beating the stage this way, i dunno if there is or isnt but ok
  6. i have this issue in ep16 in the final boss fight where after the 1st phase ends (after 1/3rd of the boss health gauge depleted), and the ensuing cutscene ends, and the game switches to the main character, the boss suddenly has almost no hp left, he jumps away and the ep just abruptly ends there and takes me to the results screen, when there's supposed to be two more phases and a bunch of cutscenes, so this is absolutely a glitch ive had to retry this over and over yesterday night while trying to clear the campaign and i managed to. but today ive been replaying it over and over again for the thanks for loving me trophy or whatever it's called. it's not a big deal if i cant get it but i wonder why i cant find any more info on this issue am i literally the only one experiencing this? ive been searching around and there's no mention of this at all anyway pretty cool game even for someone like me who doesnt watch anime
  7. yea i saw it a little while ago...nice, can you imagine ace combat 8 or something with this?
  8. i really enjoyed the adventure in this game but the level design from these devs just doesnt seem to evolve...ive played xillia which has some of the worst level design ive seen in any game (corridor fields and copy-paste ports?) and zestiria i really like but also has the same corridor dungeons over and over again and esp. the bonus dungeon was terrible and now berseria still has the same problem why are the devs so obsessed with creating places where you just run along corridors in very artificial dungeons all day. and this is coming from someone who really likes ff13 and ff10... also the puzzles are extremely simple and not exciting at all i hope the next tales game, and really future 'jrpgs' in general, will have better level design bc this is getting tiring
  9. i just think more ppl are into trophy hunting now than before which is why newer games dont have as rare plats as older ones from the ps3/vita era
  10. nice, im planning on playing AC:VD sometime this autumn , played it on x360 back then for a bit, i hope it doesnt run worse on ps3 in terms of fps and stuff id recommend ACV too, it's a super cool game, actually been playing it lately wish Bandai Namco would commission a new AC game from FS instead of RPGs all the time but i guess that's what makes the money, AC games never sold that well
  11. ok so this is going to sound weird and random and no one really needs to read this but i want to apologise for bashing this game a while ago and bitching abt it, i feel kinda bad abt it. i wasnt really complaining abt getting the speedrun trophy as much as just the game itself in general but i still did and that is stupid but i did find myself kind of forcing myself to play the game again just for some stupid trophy, but also for the challenge like i usually do anyway. though it was only with this one game (i like almost every game i play that's why i usually 100% them), in a way im thankful for making me realise, dont force yourself to (re)play games you dont like all that much the reason for this is i was looking at other topics abt ppl bitching at perfectly fun and fine games given out for free during a pandemic, for having some trophy they're afraid they cant get and i though well that's incredibly silly, achievements are fine as a secondary thing but since when are they more important than having fun with a game? but then i recalled this topic of my own so in a way even though im not the biggest fan of this game i still midlly enjoyed my first run but i shouldnt have forced a 2nd run/speedrun. ive grown tired of the internet lately and im basically not on message boards much anymore bc it's mostly a bunch of negativity anyway (especially gamefaqs PS4 board) and i contributed to that with this topic and i apologise for that., i know how silly this whole post might look but it means at least a little bit to me bc im now slightly OCD abt not saying anything if you dont have anything nice to say (controls are still clunky though ok ill stop now)
  12. awesome thanks for the heads up i had no idea def going to replay this still fantastic game, so this is nice wish SE would come out with a new ivalice game and not some mobile game... didnt they say they'd consider it if ff12tza did well dunno if it did or not
  13. why dont these shmup games ever get published in europe...
  14. yes also to be clear it is only the EU version of the digital deluxe edition that still seems to contain AC5, at least that's all i know since im from EU so if you're from another region beware of this, maybe you can make another account or something to purchase it from the EU store, i dunno how all that works cant believe it's still up there haha
  15. -