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  1. i fully agree with the poster above i dont play many racing games so every time i play one it's a very fresh and novel thing for me (was planning on playing Payback this week maybe) NFS 2015 for me is a very special game my only problem is that bc of the online only nature of the game, i had difficulty in some races at some times of the day, bc i would get dc/ed or the blue guide track would disappear in the middle of the race i got frustrated bc that constantly happened during this one race and i actually deleted the game in the middle of my playthrough but i reinstalled like two days later bc of this track by Dimension 'Move Faster' that was stuck in my head i didnt know the name of the track at the time and gradually i wanted to jump back into the game so i reinstalled it and ended up loving it i love the constant night time atmosphere, the huge map and the soundtrack i think is fantastic, not just Dimension but also Aero Chord has two great tracks on it i actually hadnt been listening to music for years at that point, i used to be into rock and heavy metal music but those genres have gotten very stale and kinda lame imo so i stopped listening a long time ago it wa thanks to playing this game and Dimension's 'Move Faster' that im now listening to music again, still not that much but im very happy about it. i used to be into electronic music a long time ago so it's great to be back into it now im heavily into particularly UK drum n bass music (which is where the genre originates anyway) but there's ofc Netsky who's from Belgium and Maduk who's from the Netherlands lots of great artists but Dimension and Sub Focus i think are the best, 1991, Friction, Culture Shock and Cyantific i think are fantastic too. i wasnt even using youtube much anymore but now im subscribed to UKF Drum & Bass and some others like Liquicity and Monstercat not sure why i went off into that rant but yeah i see a lot of dislike for this game so i thought id show it some appreciation. i actually want to play it some more this upcoming autumn and i will unfortunalely i heard the soundtrack for NFS Heat sucks LOL so it doesnt sound very exciting but ill give it a go, i just hope they bring in a lot of DnB and Trap music for the next title. Payback ive no idea how the soundtrack is but im gonna play it anyway so ill see
  2. yes there is, it's somewhere in Settings a lot of ps3 games just seem to run pretty badly when upscaled i value a stable framerate far more than a (psuedo) higher resolution so it's a no brainer for me i dont know anything abt using any cables other than hdmi
  3. yes i had to connect my ps3 to a 720p tv screen for this specific rhythm game bc the music and onscreen prompts just wouldnt match properly on my 1080p tv screen. it made all the difference. incidentally i had to do the same thing for parappa the rappa remastered on ps4 during a particular stage which apparently was badly programmed. so even though that game was made for 1080p screens, i still had to switch to a 720p screen for a bit i never really noticed many input lag issues on ps3 games until i played this game haha apparently it has something to do with ps3 games being output at 720p (actually the avg ps3 game is even output at sub-720p), then the upscaling to 1080p introduces input/screen lag, and i suppose this is apparently especially noticeable in rhythm games for some reason. i dunno for sure though bc i know next to nothing abt tech and i havent had a ps3 for very long so i just didnt know abt all this but that's what ive been reading i havent played my ps3 in a while but i will use it alot soon, i should really go into my ps3 settings and force it run everything at 720p. i noticed a few ps3 games in the past where i did that (the original Hyperdimension Neptunia for example) got a drastic boost in fps when i forced the ps3 to output at 720p. maybe it'll do the same for Armored Core V and stuff...
  4. honestly the Vita kinda really sucks, i can tell why it didnt do too well and why Sony pulled the plug on it, in western regions anyway besides the problem that it is very prone to stick drift, the library is abt 95% animu/weeb/VN games i think in general anime is kinda cringey so i tried out playing a lot of vita games but deleted them usually within a few hours or even minutes out of embarassment. btw most ppl in japan shun anime so it's not a controversial thing to say. if anything anime helps ruin the otherwise interesting image/perception of japan, and most vita games do just that games id say are worth playing are Need for Speed games, Danganronpa games, Gravity Rush, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, DOA5 Plus, and Vasara Collection (if you like shmups) but you can play those on consoles as well. some games i havent played yet that look cool are Soul Sacrifice and EDF games and other stuff i probably missed above all those it's worth it for Muramasa Rebirth alone which is one of the finest games ive played, arguably the #1 reason to get a Vita at all, especially since Persona 4 Golden is now on PC but that game the epitome of weeb games i think, deleted that game within 4 minutes. Muramasa Rebirth on the other hand has amazing art direction and soundtrack as is usual from the studio and great gameplay and an actual decent and beautiful presentation of japan and japanese culture unlike the average vita game. it's only on Vita (and wii but it's an inferior version and barely anyone plays their wii anymore). if you're some trophy hunter you can pretty much disregard everything i said above and go for it i guess. plenty of ppl who get VNs they plat in like a few minutes when they dont even bother reading or cant even read Japanese at all
  5. ranked matches arent too bad bc you usually get matched with players around your rank...plus there's a f2p version of the game so ofc you see a lot of newbies around lobby matches however are a totally different game and that's where you'll get your arse kicked over and over again, rank doesnt mean a thing you can be a rank S player and get repeatedly beaten by a rank F player bc those only play lobby matches and are hardcore, longtime players
  6. the weather is very warm right now, all across europe if im correct even with my ps4 pro that i managed to get super quiet last summer by replacing the garbage stock thermal stuff and cleaning the heat sink, it's started making some noise today bc it's so hot. thankfully it's not jet noise like it was before i dont game much in the summer anyway so it's fine ofc it's highly game-dependent as well
  7. -
  8. if you have the GC version of Ikaruga, you'll notice it has a ton of exclusive content, some of which helps you get better at this game there's a mode called 'Conquest' which allows you to pick sections of stages for which you can then select 3 features: 'Demo Play' shows you how to play through each section of a stage, 'Slow Play' that allows you to play through said section slowly, and 'Normal Play' that lets you play the section at normal speed it saves a ton of time of having to retry from the beginning of a stage when you're practicing your S++ runs. most shmups dont offer this luxury. i dont like watching vids and trying to imitate them so this is a great option for me, even though the Demo Play runs could be optimised further like i find myself doing a lot dusted off my GC game and started practicing there, it's a godsend for ppl like me who are terrible at games in general, and shmup games in particular but still love playing them. i might play this PS4 version that i have already bought and installed anyway if im bothered to get the trophies, but the GC version is still king imo and yes Normal could be considered easier, i play on Normal
  9. b4 starting this game i checked the trophy guide for missables, like i usually do and it says "To the curious" are riddles that tells you where to find the bromides. One line, one bromide. i thought this meant '# of hints equals # of bromides' per phase, but it's not, apparently ive missed a couple of bromides already, one in ch3 phase 1 and one again just now in ch5 phase 1. there were 3 hints on the note in the library but there are 4 bromides to collect, i know this bc i periodically check the list in the guide to make sure i have all bromides available so far (i wanted to find them by myself) not saying the guide or the author are bad but it could've been a bit clearer on that little detail, frankly, the game itself could've been clearer there guess that means no 100% for me which is fine, but im not playing this game a 2nd time bc honestly it's a kinda slow and boring game with boring combat. so im just going to focus on clearing the campaign but just a heads up for those who thought abt collecting everything in 1 playthrough by themselves also claris's team attack didnt unlock for me in ch3 despite the guide saying it should've, i put her in 2nd slot and nothing happened and i was nice to her to whole time, instead i got anastasia's team attack
  10. yeah i just saw this looks super fun
  11. i was wanting a new ratchet and clank game for a while now argh i wasnt gonna buy a ps5 just yet but with this plus demon's souls remake im really tempted to need to hear how good/bad the cooling system and fan noise are first though
  12. new ratchet and clank and demon's souls remake, guess im probably getting a ps5 really soon after all i didnt actually think it was a real thing, it would be too good to be true but here it is then again a lot of cool stuff happened for me today time to crack open a cold one
  13. i actually started having this issue abt a month or two ago where my ps4 pro would suddenly just stop reading discs i would insert the disc and the system would make this sound as if it were constantly in the process of reading/ejecting the disc, for like 10 secs, in the end unable to recognise the disc apparently it's something to do with the eject button mechanism, there's a rubber part there i guess that expanded over the years from the heat, this is why im not a massive fan of the ps4 (pro) bc there's a few annoying issues with it, overheating and subsequent shutting down, the jet engine fan noise that comes with that, ds4 lasting only a few hrs wirelessly, now this... for the fan noise, last year i had to open the thing up and clean out the dust from the heat sink (wasnt much thankfully) and replace the garbage stock thermal paste and pads that sony uses in the manufacturing process with proper quality german brand stuff. i did that last summer, and my ps4 pro has been inaudibly quiet since. sony had better do a better job designing a somewhat decent cooling system for the ps5 as for the disc reading issue, whenever it makes the sound i just lightly tap on the top of the console and it'll recognise the disc not exactly a 'proper' fix but at least it works, thankfully a lot of my games are digital anyway
  14. ok i finally cleared this after clearing survival in DOA5LR on PS4 last week, this version's CPU is quite a bit more hardcore but still doable. i had to tweak my standard survival battle plan for this version and did so with great success and cleared all last 4 courses pretty quickly but ill admit i got lucky a lot, but then again who else didnt prep: - have the latest patch installed, dont bother with deleting the patches like some ppl suggest - use your fav fighter. i know Lisa is a commonly used fighter for this and she's my fav DOA fighter anyway so all the better for me, but Alpha-152 and Hayate apparently work really well too my battle flow (w/ Lisa): i generally start with 1KK then i just alternate between 1PK/4PK, H+K, 1PP, 7K, 7K, 4K 4KKK/1PKKK if opponent's back is against wall 6PK4P+K, 4P, 4PKK 1KK sometimes ill jump on the ropes and T, but this is hard to pull off here you'll have to judge for yourself how to act and react depending on what the CPU is doing and make sure it deviates enough from your previously executed actions properly. you'll also need to recognise what distance is best for executing certain combos and how to quickly flow into other combos when an opening presents itself tips: - it's important to mix it up a lot bc CPU will block and hold a lot, they do it a lot more here than in Last Round - when knocked down ill use mid wakeup kick into 1PP 7K 7K 4K or ill press R2 (Twister Spin) when laying on back, use your judgment for this - exercise caution especially when facing Akira and Bass - get somewhat decent at holding, the bare minimum will do (im still bad at it...). Tina is a tough opponent but she has obvious tells. also charged attacks are not too hard to see coming (mid P hold), just make sure you dont hold too early or you'll get blown away and not in a very nice way sorry for my long post, im not good at writing concise pieces, and this is merely what worked for me, other ppl have had success with other methods but i just couldnt get a consistent quarter circle input down (am terrible at fighting games) so i had to come up with stuff i could actually execute. the combos are easy to execute, do great dmg, and work on heavyweights as well good luck