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  1. yeah this game isnt too bad but it's kicking my rear sometimes and i dont feel like im playing it wrong but im always underpowered and i feel like i could do much better i was fighting yuki-onna a few days ago and it took me like an hour to beat her, granted im not a good gamer and ive been too lazy to learn the game's mechanics, i still dont know what ki pulse is good for, ive unlocked maybe two or three skills that i barely ever use, havent used any item other than elixirs and a few rocks, havent even touched ninjutsu and onmyo yet and im just randomly putting my stats wherever, i have no build, havent done anything at the blacksmith other than refashion my ugly armor so i could look like a ninja, didnt even know you could summon others to help you until i read a few posts here but i never do that anyway, just like in souls games this game is really overwhelming with the amount of mechanics and tools and it throws at you, i havent really sat down and done anything with them, i just kinda pick up and play for a couple of hours a few times a week my advice for new players is to not be like me and be too lazy and kinda bumble your way through but sit down early and experiment and try out using items and skills and figure out a build i guess problem is respec-ing is extremely prohibitive so i can never really experiment as much as i want because the books required rise in price so fast
  2. i dunno, the trophies seem rather plain, boring and unimaginative to me after having come off of Assault Horizon, where you at least had to do some interesting things (besides spend 50hrs online...) just your standard do this 50x do that 100x and do that other thing 5000x, oh and dont forget to this that one thing for 30hrs the online is also rather a downgrade from Assault Horizon love the game! but the trophies are just meh
  3. well i just got the plat after all didnt think i could actually do it but i had a friend help me after skating (2P really helps here and there), she likes the game and said why she did so, and i guess i can see why it's so special to some people i dont like doing it but i had to kind of look some stuff up like a few useful shortcuts and tips that help massively and some mad luck was involved as well i take back my comment about the clunky controls, i mean a ton of games i play have clunky controls so i dunno why i mentioned that, plus i guess clunky controls in games are usually an intended challenge in and of itself in addition, unlike in a lot of games with platforming elements, the platforming and jumping around here is actually pretty forgiving (the game 'locks' ico onto some points here and there) especially on your 2nd run. i spent untold amounts of time on the two big jumps in the waterfall section and on the platforming section at the beginning of the final part in my first run, but i got them all on 1st or 2nd try this time lol thanks for all the positive replies guys it really helped still a super hard game if you count the speedrun part, imo at least
  4. maybe im missing something but what music are you all talking about? i think it had maybe one decent track at the end i guess, it was a few weeks ago that i finished my first run, but other than that's there's not much music that i know of lol (i like the lack of music though because it makes for a certain atmosphere like demon's/dark souls and resident evil and stuff) im one of 5 people on this planet that actually care about video game soundtracks so if im missing somehing brilliant then i must be really be an idiot i'll check out the game's soundtrack later today
  5. wow i didnt expect anyone to reply lol let alone this many in this short a time well update, as seems to be very often the case, i wanted to try a few more times after an hour of failing, and of course after i b*tched and complained on a board, i managed to almost perfectly complete the windmill to east arena section on my 2nd attempt thank you magical complain on a board and then succeed powers i got to east arena w/ 37:49 time a few weeks ago, way behind the average player (i compare my save point times with the ones in another topic on this board, very helpful) and i got 34:59 this time. t was most likely luck that just got me through, because i suck at games i do mean everything i said though, still it's mildly enjoyable like i said and i hate dropping a game once i've started so maybe i'll stick it out, i just found out you can actually get a 2nd player to help you so maybe i can get a buddy of mine over that played this but if not oh well
  6. because it's an incredibly dull and boring game, 1st playthrough was mildly enjoyable but still hard and had to somewhat force myself through it the controls are the clunkiest i've experienced in ages and the dumb princess doesnt help either how people speedrun this game in below 2hrs is beyond me (i refuse to play along with video clips and stuff like that) how this game is so highly regarded, i cannot comprehend, and what exactly is so "art"-ful about it? thankfully im not some hardcore trophy hunter so im probably dropping this game, but wow, hats off to people that got this (without using videos, and honestly, even with videos), you deserve mad respect i hope shadow of the colossus is better EDIT: my typing is just as clunky as ico's controls it seems, wow
  7. boom EDIT: oh it was already posted i already bought the digi version for 10 euros...but i'd totally buy a physical edition just for that sexy cover
  8. Yes you need PS+ I platted this game a while ago but I recall the bots being pretty aggressive lol, so unfair at tmes, meanwhile your teammates are a bunch of dummies more often than not
  9. felt the urge to post the best track in the game
  10. Interesting Wonder if it will be open world? Not the biggest Atelier fan, I tried playing Atelier Rorona recently and stopped after assignment 6 because it was so boring and grindy The newer games I played, Sophie and Firis (which where also my first Atelier games) I absolutely love, and I think the soundtracks are amazing Atelier Firis I especially loved because of the big areas and the sense of adventure they evoked, and the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic I haven't played the ones after Firis yet, I hope they're just as good but I heard they're not open world which sucks A big problem with this series is that the NPCs are kinda garbage. Like cardboard cutouts. Could they have maybe more than one or two lines of text. I think the games overall could be a lot better witih some better writing
  11. WOW they released it after all, i guess my constant pestering on their FB page may have helped? lol thanks for the heads up i had already gived up on this ill wait for a sale though, what the crap, 20 euros!! i was expecting 10 at most! who's paying 20 euros for a quick, ultra short psx game port? good game and great soundtrack yes but no ill wait
  12. @Han_the_Dragonyeah they're pretty much ignoring me, they've been making many new posts on their FB page but not answering my question (which is politely written by the way) unbelievable when i have been hyping this game for almost a year on various boards and waiting for it since they announced it so long ago, then it comes out and i dont get to play it there is of course the PS Classics version up on the store, but obviously im not interested in those because i never want to go back and play games in 50hz PAL anymore, ever, especially fighting games not buying anything from this publisher anymore, or im buying it used so they dont get my money
  13. @Xilliaok so today im playing it again and i came to realize that while i love most things about this game (gameplay, visuals, music, adventure, cast, etc), i do not have a clue about the plot anymore. it's probably my problem with being rather dumb probably lol and only playing large rpg games on saturdays because i have more time then, but this leads me to very quickly lose the plot of a lot of games i play. i have no idea who's who anymore, what exactly are we doing, who's this muse character again, what did she just do, who the heck is this maotelus that every keeps mentioning, etc. etc. i have this issue with this in a lot of jrpgs it seems. ff7 and tales of symphonia being good examples, despite having played ff7 twice and ToS i even platted so i played it through many times. it's something i have to work on. even reading the synopsis, i'm still confused
  14. @Han_the_Dragonwell i just posted something on their facebook page using a friend's account (don't use FB myself) and kindly asked them where the damn EU release is lol, also asking why they never released GGAC+ PS3 in europe (they said they would) but they'll probably just ignore that part i mean man if you're gonna say you will release a game then dont call it a worldwide release. at least then i dont have to be excited and then be disappointed afterwards. and in that case, at least explain why you didnt release it in europe, don't just say nothing sadly i dont think too many people care about this whole thing anyway so it's just gonna go nowhere sucks because i really wanted to play these games, they look really cool and have really cool soundtracks and stuff. played a GG game on GBA and it was awesome
  15. @Han_the_Dragonwell it looks like we're not getting it after all, it's the 18th and i cant find europe mentioned on any release date lists, it's not on PS Store (new games and expected releases pages) either kinda expected this =/