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  1. WOW 25mins later i already have the Maestro trophy, that was really not the nightmare i expected it to be, getting Fantastic ratings really was easy might as well go ahead and get the mini-game over with right now w/ Ventus and Aqua while im still in the groove!
  2. well, it's not a big deal, but unfortunately it looks like i wont be able to plat this game bc the ice cream beat minigame is unplayable for me for whatever reason. ive tried everything, ive even resorted to just turning off the sound and playing it that way but even then there's timing issues due to input lag that i find a lot in ps3 games. it's very frustrating. i could try to compensate for that but i just cant be arsed right now to go out of my way for some command style. i like KH minigames and i want to like this minigame but it is what it is im not sure why it seems like im the only one on the planet having this issue. well that's not entirely true, i did do some research and it turns out one other person had the same problem as i did and they managed to fix it by switching from their TV screen to their monitor. well unfortunately i cannot do this since ive tried hooking up my ps3 console to two different computer monitors and it wont display the signal. im guessing they were playing the ps4 version of the game, as it is possible to hook my ps4 up to my computer monitors. i guess ill try to get the plat when i replay this game on the ps4 sometime down the line UPDATE: it turns out i still have my old 720p TV screen, dusted that thing off, hooked up my ps3 to that and that fixed the issue LOL, now the music/claps/green circles all actually match now, so no more excuses now
  3. awesome thanks for that, i had already bought the game on sale for €9,99 but i had to wait for that sale to materialise in the 1st place bc i still couldnt believe they were seriously charging us 20 euros (2x more than other regions) for a simple port of a psx fighting game?? i had to constantly complain on the publisher's facebook page to get them to release this port bc EU didnt even get this on release day, i think it was a whole week or two later. they never responded to me either. really reluctant to spend any money on this publisher tbh
  4. before demon's souls i felt like i was mainly a casual (well i still am) playing the average jrpgs, the final fantassies, the kingdom hearts, the star oceans, the pokemons. other games, then i just randomly bought this game during a PS Store sale, i wasnt really following the gaming trends so i might have heard about the souls games but didnt know what they were about. well it blew me away when i started it up and i was running around in boletaria getting my arse kicked. i notice a lot of ppl quit games, souls games in particular, when they cant get past the first or second boss or something. and then call it a bad game when they really just sucked at it luckily i dont have that so despite me being a crap gamer i played the whole thing through (let's be honest, it's not a shmup game or ninja gaiden or anything like that) and cant describe how much i loved it. i still think about this game almost every day and very fondly so, it is one of the top 5 games i have ever played. and it really did, not ruin, but certainly made me think most of the games i played before DeS that i thought were fantastic became kinda mediocre in comparison, bc you start noticing especially with japanese rpg games in general, how many of them are still kinda stuck in (sometimes outdated) 90s game design and feel kinda formulaic despite still being really fun though. ironically, demon's souls, despite often being referred to as being a old-school retro hardcore experience, was totally revolutionary to me the intro the 'tutorial' the atmosphere and constant dread the weapon variety and item descriptions the lore and item/enemy placement/attention to detail the online functionality the fool's idol, the old monk, the final 'boss', and really just the boss fights in general most importantly, the level design and exploration just wow, this was totally groundbreaking for me and consider the fact that the game was failing before miyazaki stepped in, got a lukewarm reception during TGS despite the killer trailer, sony japan didnt have much faith in it and didnt bother publishing it overseas, and the FS guys themselves didnt see the game being successful. yet you play it and you can see the passion and love and soul that they put into the game. when ppl bring up this game, i see a lot of them complaining about the tendency system and the pure bladestone droprate and im really not sure what the problem is with any of those...i guess i was just lucky dropping PBS in like an hour of farming? and the tendency you can argue is hard to manage but it is what it is, i dont dislike it, i find it an interesting system and just adds to the games's depth and esotery in a reasonable way. hey at least it's not the last remnant, the official japanese strategy guide of which has 1000 pages... they're not going the remove the tendency system bc that's an important part of the game design. it's part of what makes demon's souls, demon's souls. you take that out, you're just homogenising the game into dark souls. same thing with the valley of defilement and lack of mobility, it's how you're supposed to traverse that world. you can see those changes as QoL changes but i would see them as fundamentally changing the game design as was intended, not a good thing as much as i think it'd be beyond awesome if they included that supposed DLC world, i dont see it happening. the director stated he has no interest in revisiting this game (wtf?) so that is just not a thing that is going to happen. the writing and design would have to be done by FS obviously and not by the company doing the remastering
  5. hi so im having some trouble with this particular minigame...i cannot for the life of me play this properly (and i've encountered this before in other games) bc the music/rhythm and the on-screen green circle cues are totally off sync for me for whatever reason, im talking like half a second or something which is obviously very significant. so this being a rhythm game i cant even play it properly to begin with, my button presses are just totally not in line with the music bc of this issue im guessing it's because of some input lag/screen issue of whatever. but i cant seem to find much info on this, no one else seems to be having this issue at all. is there something i can do to fix this. im not a very tech savvy guy at all. maybe it's to do with the fact im playing the ps3 version on a 1080p screen and i recall this might cause such issues in some games. ive done the FF9 jump rope minigame just fine but it's a ps4 remaster made for full HD tvs so im guessing bc of that there were no sync issues but this mini-game for me right now is totally unplayable and no i dont want to turn off the music and rely solely on visual cues, that's just not how you play rhythm games, and it doesn't fix the issue at hand
  6. holy crap 97 on legend is pretty much almost there! keep at it! you say you're not the best lol well your profile says otherwise...i dont wanna put myself down too much because tbf i only have a collective 100-120hrs or experience in all of the fighting game genre (most of it from this game haha) i actually know what i need to do, is focus on really mastering just one or two main characters, that also helps with confidence, my problem is i play fighting games super casually and like to rotate characters a lot, resulting in me never getting good with any character and limiting my potential progress. it's fun that way but that way i just never learn anything. also the newer versions of DOA5 have full fledged tutorials and combo challenges that the vanilla version is sorely lacking so im really gonna put a lot more work into those
  7. for like over a year now, survival master is still the only trophy i need for the plat, as is the case with many others im sure lol still trying from time to time but ii really suck at fighting games in particular, my record is reaching round 76 on just the 5th difficulty (out of 8...) and that took ages to get there i dont really care about platting every single game i play that much anymore but it's more about the challenge, i hate putting down a game just bc i couldnt beat a challenge, plus i really like do like fighting games even though im not good at them, and i really like dead or alive so im having fun which is most important im not gonna practice the survival mode in this version anymore bc i was like what am i doing practicing survival mode in the ps3 version when i can just play the latest version on ps4 with the graphical upgrades and the tons of extra content and costumes and have more fun in that one. so im going to get the ps4 version soon as well as doa6 which ive already bought last week, and just practice survival mode there until i beat them and then hopefully i can transfer those skills over to the ps3 version and beat it there it bothers me how so many people claim FF9 jump rope is impossible when trophies like this exist...jrpg fans (and im one) on average have no idea what 'hard' is... anyway ive been mainly trying with lisa not because she's apparently the easiest to do it with but bc she's one of my fav chars along with ryu, ayane and elliot which i also use a lot, but lisa seems to be the best to do this with for casuals like me, my problem is i just cannot for the life of me get those stupid quarter cirlce/half circle inputs going, in any fighting game so ive come up with my own combos which are actually pretty decent but the problem sometimes a really aggressive opponent will jump in and just wreck me in 2 secs
  8. i deleted my post like 10 mins after lol i was in a bad mood so nvm, i can say that things really start to pick up once you get access to the lv50 paladin merc for which you need a lv45 char in the first place, before then it's a really boring grind, also learning how the game even works takes time and im a slow learner so i apologise for my bitching and thanks for your help, i kinda half dislike this game bc it feels like a mobile game on console and i really hate mobile games but on the other hand basiscape composed the music so that makes it awesome
  9. -
  10. yeah i love the original game way better (the remake anyway) not knocking this one, it's fun but i honestly dont understand the hype, it's nowhere near as creepy and atmospheric as the original
  11. wait what? there's an even faster method of leveling that is offline? i kept reading on and on how leveling online is the fastest way and if you dont rush it now you need to spend like a 100hr extra on the plat? is this some recently devised method or something? where/what is it? i havent been keeping up with these topics so i might have to read a lot more... does that mean the only thing you have to do online is just recruit the trophy guide author's char for some 99-hit combo thing (not even necessary but might as well get it out of the way now) and get a few flags? bc if so then im already done, and i've found leveling online through wars excruciatingly slow even with the paladin powerleveling system, im at 15hrs playtime right now and havent even got a char that's above lv38, so i might just focus on having fun now with the campaign, im probably also playing like a total idiot bc im slow and i dont really understand all the systems and mechanics and i hate having to rush games like this and use guides and stuff EDIT: im an idiot, it seems the OP was recently updated and i guess it's in there, sorry and thanks for the info
  12. i have zero technical knowledge on this topic but im assuming this is one of those games that doesnt have a dedicated server but p2p gameplay based on a matchmaking server so it costs less to maintain and therefore are still up, i'm still online-ing in some ps3 games released like a decade ago
  13. pretty much this
  14. im not too worried about platting this over having fun but yeah i was planning to play this game in the winter lol, so a little surprised at randomly noticing this announcement ive only had a quick glance at the trophy guide and i havent touched this yet so i dunno this supposedly hardcore leveling grind without the online wars i could deal with bc it wont become unobtainable anyway but im worried about this flag thing and how rng it supposedly is without online wars - but then i read elsewhere that you get like 1 flag a day just talking to npcs or something, is that an online thing too? not sure, anyone can confirm? if so then i might want to start this game next week really quickly just for the flags and then set it aside for winter, so i could get 10 flags ingame and then just buy the dlc ones if needed at the end if not then you know, sucks but im already playing like 7 games right now
  15. probably the most interesting and creative list and titles ive ever seen you can tell the person who wrote it up this was just brimming with excitement ...