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  1. Dungeon Travelers 2, I guess. It's not hard at all, I'm only missing one trophy and I'm enjoying the game... but killing 20.000 monsters is a bit of a grind, to say the least. Considering I took my sweet time going through the main game, went through two dungeons in the postgame and only then did the in-game award for 10.000 kills pop... woo. Ah well. If I could stand Star Ocean 4 I can stand this.
  2. You yourself are not getting flagged, games on your account are. So it doesn't really matter who did it. Your LBP2 trophies at least are all over the place. I barely played the game so I'm not exactly to go-to guy when it comes to suspicious timestamps but popping the trophy for having a level published for seven days in 2011 despite only publishing your first level two years later is kind of fishy. Plus ten minutes and one day of create mode popping eight seconds apart... yeah.
  3. The only team sport I really follow is football. At club level, I'm a Sporting CP fan through and through. I was born just in time to witness our two longest dry spells ever. It's OK though, it probably builds character or something. Even if I'm over thirty now and I doubt I have a lot of character left to build. The only other team I consider myself a support of is Man United, they grew on me as I watched them throughout the nineties. At national level, apart from the portuguese national team (duh), I have a soft spot for the germans. Even if they kick our arse every time. The one time I remember us beating them was at the Euro 2000 group stage, and that match was worth squat for us as we were already through.
  4. Eeh. All this talk about who qualifies as a trophy hunter and who doesn't. If you care about trophies and enjoy earning them, you're as much of a hunter as the guy sitting at the top of the leaderboard. Bit like a sport, really.
  5. I'm definitely not embarassed of liking the stuff I like. To each his own. You know those games with trophies awarded not for success but for failure though? Like "die X times" and the like? I kinda tell people online I knew about it all along and was just getting it out of the way, usually with tears streaming down my stupid, incompetent face. 😎
  6. I'd be annoyed and I would certainly try to explain what happened. Still, if things looked bad and I had no proof other than my word, I'd let it go. Why bother?
  7. That's up to you. "I don't know how or why it happened" isn't really a dispute if it has already been established that something (in this case, trophies popping in an impossible order) did happen. If you can't provide a good explanation, it sticks. You shouldn't expect the other party to provide one for you.
  8. How is it different? Everyone on this site is assumed to be a legit user until someone finds something wrong and flags it. If you're indeed innocent you have a chance to defend yourself, the problem here being "I don't know", "I don't remember", "life glitched on me" and stuff like that explains nothing and won't let you off the hook.
  9. Maybe Wind Boost could help a -spd Julia? Not much different from Darting Blow on player phase and depends on her less than stellar HP, but it could prevent a double on enemy phase (which I'd say is the main problem for a slow, heavy-hitting mage). Not exactly a widely available skill though, not many people willing to throw a Gray of Charlotte at a low HP character just to see if it works. Would be nice to have a 4* L&D3 option, yeah. I guess they don't want to make it too easy to boost a character's attack and speed in one go? The only other options are what, Bride Cordelia's Rally and Spring Lucina's Swift Sparrow? L&D2 alone can give characters like Linde or Nino godlike player phases.
  10. She's my second dupe. First one was Olwen, but I'd trade them both for her brother. Sadly it just doesn't work that way. Cordelia is very nice, I only have a 4* and she's -atk IIRC... kind of hard convincing myself to use 20k feathers on a unit with bad IVs. Roderick and Katarina were the units I was aiming for in the FE3 banner but I ended up drawing my second Olwen instead.
  11. It's 烈火 (Rekka/Blazing Flame). Same as Jeorge. Also, something quite unexpected happened and I think I may be giving Delthea a second chance after all. I'll skip the details and leave you all with the results. 😂 Second one was +atk -def too. July is my new favourite month.
  12. Hmm. Sharena or Delthea for me. Will probably stick to Sharena though, I've used her before and she works pretty well despite still needing a bit of work on her skillset.
  13. Summer banner is kind of overstaying its welcome if you ask me. All limited characters so it's natural to keep it around a bit longer but... meh. No Bride Cordelia in there keep me interested. Got Robin early in the event, will probably save my orbs until the next big one. Good job getting Julia, wish I had her. I have a ton of decent blue tomes but nothing to show for red and green except for the blade users. Which are nice of course but their teams are kind of set in stone, not a lot of room for experiments.
  14. Be sure to go to the battle arena in the city map as soon as you're able, that's where the in-depth tutorials are. It's not the most user friendly tutorial (quite detailed but it sort of dumps the whole thing on you) so it's recommended you practice bit by bit in the first couple of fights to figure things out at your own pace.
  15. I didn't feel like wasting orbs on the new banners since I haven't played Echoes and don't really know any of the characters but Delthea is kind of cute so I figured I'd roll once and forget about it forever. First orb I tap? Delthea. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Second orb I tap? Young Tiki. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) The rest was 3* garbage but talk about getting my money's worth (even if I didn't spend any). Apparently Delthea is a slightly worse Linde and the best character out of the six by a landslide, too. Sadly her IVs sort of rained on my parade, her being +def -spd which is probably the worst possible combination but eh, still decent. And I have Linde anyway. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)