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  1. He's probably a better fit for armor emblem. The only thing he'd add to dragon emblem would be... making Tactic skills viable, I guess? Dragon emblem can be pretty versatile since they're defined by their weapons and not movement types like everyone else, now that I think about it. Myrrh having access to Guidance is pretty useful, for instance. Of course, it also has the con of making them vulnerable to multiple "effective against" effects at once. Celica's Chill Spd also makes me wonder if these unavoidable snipe debuffs are going to become a thing. Gunnthrá's was exclusive but it seems this one isn't. Get those Harsh Command bots ready...
  2. Heh. Armored dragon, because why the heck not.
  3. I find Zelgius pretty often and I don't think I've seen him with Warp Powder yet. Just Panic Ploy, which proves even a non-aggro Zelgius can be annoying. Anyway my luck finally turned and halfway through the TT, I have my 40% bonus unit. Good old Hector, just here to fight and to keep everyone the hell away from his daughter. I wonder if I can get another one. I really, really want that DC on Myrrh now after meeting one in the arena and spending a good five minutes just trying to maneuver around her so I could bait her to attack someone on a defense tile...
  4. I'm only trying with fliers, it's been smooth sailing except for Ursula. I couldn't do it but TBH I didn't really try different stuff. There's just so much time to do the quests it almost seems like a waste to get them out of the way so fast. Robin was a bit tricky. I parked Myrrh at the door with Distant Def seal and she tanked the initial attacks just fine (probably would've gone better with Distant Counter but still no luck on those Valentine Hectors). After that... well, it was an ungodly mess but it turned out ok. Pretty much blocking people from going through the door any way I could while sniping through the wall with Summer Corrin and getting her out of the way with Airzura. When there was nothing but green left I had Elincia walk in and mop up. Beats me how that worked. On the other hand it's a cakewalk with armor emblem, Xmas Tharja kills half the map on the first enemy phase, Zelgius can warp in to finish the surviving blue mage and Hector deals with Robin and the lance. Speaking of Zelgius, apparently IS added him to the Training Tower and Tempest Trial maps but forgot to change Alondite from being a BK exclusive weapon so he'll always show up with inheritable swords or even weaponless. Pretty funny stuff. Also no Black Luna or Warp Powder.
  5. I would imagine Radiant/Vanguard Ike is winning by a landslide. Beating a brand new kinda-limited legendary Ike revealed a couple of minutes earlier in the stream? Good luck with that. It's amusing to see Hector so high up in the middle of all the seasonal characters though. Also, I did get Ninian on my... fifth try? Which is great. She's -spd though which is not so great.
  6. No luck with Valentine's heroes yet. Grabbed a +def -spd Julia (the same as the one I already had lol) and not much else. I'll probably take a break from it to try and finally get Ninian out of the TT banner. Once I have her I figure I can make a halfway decent dragon emblem with YTiki, Nowi and Myrrh. Klein would also be nice since I'm out of QR fodder but I'm not risking it, just going to snipe blue. The GHB elites are nice, but I'm saving some quests for later. They'll be around for a while, plenty of time for that. Been doing Infernal with flier emblem which is probably my strongest team atm and not much else. I can't really complain about anniversary content tbh. Enough freebies to pull several times a day plus tons of medals, ores, badges, what have you. There's still a free Vanguard Ike (not set in stone but likely) to come, plus whatever else they come up with. Don't know what some people were expecting. Full roster for free?
  7. Wow, been a while since I posted around here. Last noteworthy thing that happened to me was probably pulling a +atk -hp Myrrh. I'll be throwing orbs like crazy at this Valentine's banner, it would be pure gold to get a spare Hector to give her the Distant Counter she's just begging for.
  8. I guess all of your swings will miss unless Kratos is in good form? Easily fixed through the purchase of convenient booster items from the PSN store, obviously. Or maybe projectiles will start homing in on you if you perform a bit too well.
  9. Adult Tiki is also a common pull, so it's not too difficult to give your loli lizards distant counter without killing Hector. Sad to say the Fjorm banner has been nothing but painful for me. 80 orbs in the only 5* I got was Ayra. Twice. -spd both times. The one I already had was also -spd. What are the freaking Ods. Ayra-related pun wooo.
  10. ...manaketes can now deal damage to the target's lowest defensive stat, not just res. Oh boy. Time to bring back Nowi.
  11. Wonder what that means for Bruno given his absence from the trailer. First recruitable villain? First soon to be dead villain?
  12. New BHB, Takumi and Hinoka. May very well be the easiest ever, go get your orbs.
  13. Oh man, that banner. I like Mia and Dorcas so much, but between not having Halloween Nowi yet and the 8% banner having Ayra and Hector, I don't think I'll use any orbs on the Farfetched Heroes banner. What were they thinking, putting Spring Xander in it though... Bride Caeda is also a strange pick. If Fjorm's in it too, she's going to be a pain to get. The blue picks were a bit of a mess.
  14. At least Dire Thunder's not on the list. /shakes fist at Rein In other news, Reddit noticed something about Fjorm I completely missed. Those icons were also next to her sprite on a Dengeki screenshot. Wonder if it's something unique to her.