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  1. For regular maps? Definitely. Black Luna, Steady Stance and distant counter? Hell on wheels.
  2. Octopus emblem gets you the stealth camo, all emblems gets you an iPod track. Maybe one can set it up so they only get Octopus on the last playthrough for all the emblems, I don't know. If the track for getting all emblems was also the last track, stealth camo and all tracks would theoretically pop at the same time. Stealth camo much later? Not possible.
  3. Oh I wasn't implying he's not good just because he has an obvious weakness. There are hard counters for every unit, that's a given. The thing is everyone and their mom already runs this one tit guy who just happens to be BK's hard counter in the Arena. So while he is awesome, he probably won't be as dominating as one would think.
  4. 50/34 atk/spd? That's nuts. Best offensive stats in the game surely? One of the best, at least. ...even if at 18 res and being red on top of it, it doesn't take a genius to figure out his counter.
  5. Considering the first reply to every single dispute thread is someone asking for the reason, it really should imho.
  6. That hits a bit too close to home tbh. I never seem to get green orbs for some reason, like aiming for Amelia/Hector wasn't hard enough. I just be thankful there aren't many green heroes I'm interested in I guess.
  7. Hawkeye & Ninian on Infernal is driving me up the wall. Whenever I fix a problem a new one comes along. All of them related to Ninian rocketing every other unit towards me from where I can't safely reach her. Sigh. On a positive note, I finally got Elincia, after getting my 3,75% pity rate wrecked by a Brave Lion Roy. Which is OK I suppose, but I'll have to wait for a double SP event or something to give him a decent skill set. I'm not about to go through Galeforce grinding hell at normal SP rate. As god intended, Elincia turned out to be -atk. Which is also OK since there's no such thing as a not great Elincia but pisses me off anyway. That's my 40% bonus unit for the Trials then. Now to decide what to waste my orbs on until a new banner hits. Torn between Ike and just going full retard and try to get a better Elincia (AKA the Delthea gambit). Oh and it looks like the OST for FE Musou is coming along nicely, if the special maps are anything to go by. The faces on those models though...
  8. Mother of god. And I thought Drawn to Death and Life of Black Tiger were bad.
  9. A price cut. Yes, I'll grab my coat.
  10. Meh. As much as I loved the original, without any new content I just can't see myself double dipping.
  11. Logical move.
  12. Some people will probably get those through normal play, true. It can also cause some players go into the online portion of the game with a particular mindset though. In Mortal Kombat 9, for instance, I remember running into people who wouldn't jump or would try to let the timer run out once every four or five matches. Maybe I was just unlucky, I don't know. All I'm saying is while these showboating trophies are probably meant to be online challenges for skilled players, there's also the chance they'll disrupt gameplay by promoting unnatural behaviour.
  13. I'll never understand why some devs come up with online trophies that involve... well, doing something stupid. Milestones, winning streaks, those I'm fine with. But why would you add something like win without blocking or win without switching characters? This is just disruptive to the person who ends up fighting you.
  14. I doubt it. Nintendo always did their own thing, they don't really care or even notice what's trendy. You can always count on Nintendo to be ten years ahead of their time in one thing and ten years behind in another.
  15. I don't really care. Can't even imagine how many games I've tried for a couple of hours or even minutes and just decided it wasn't my thing (mostly IGC stuff). No way I'm going back to games I didn't enjoy just to raise my completion.