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  1. Wonder what that means for Bruno given his absence from the trailer. First recruitable villain? First soon to be dead villain?
  2. New BHB, Takumi and Hinoka. May very well be the easiest ever, go get your orbs.
  3. Oh man, that banner. I like Mia and Dorcas so much, but between not having Halloween Nowi yet and the 8% banner having Ayra and Hector, I don't think I'll use any orbs on the Farfetched Heroes banner. What were they thinking, putting Spring Xander in it though... Bride Caeda is also a strange pick. If Fjorm's in it too, she's going to be a pain to get. The blue picks were a bit of a mess.
  4. At least Dire Thunder's not on the list. /shakes fist at Rein In other news, Reddit noticed something about Fjorm I completely missed. Those icons were also next to her sprite on a Dengeki screenshot. Wonder if it's something unique to her.
  5. Pretty much sums it up for me. What a time to be alive. I know I shouldn't but this weapon upgrade thing is making me chuckle thinking of all the whales people who killed their Amelias/Nephs to transfer their Slaying weapons. I'm pretty happy with that, even though people bitch and moan about muh powercreep whenever a new legendary is introduced, Slaying weapons were the only real powercreep in the game so far and this pretty much makes it a non issue. A bit pissed over Eph getting a nice special upgrade path on his weapon but my girl Eirika (the superior twin don't you even, I'll fight you) getting nothing. Get your shit together IS! Distant Counter on Sieglinde or we riot! And by we I mean I'll invent the one-man riot.
  6. But that's just it. Whatever happens during the first 90% of the vote is pretty much meaningless. It's just saving flags and trying to get your character to be as far behind as possible going into the final stretch, then murder the opponent with your outrageous multiplier. There's really no perfect system for this. You either get Camillas steamrolling the other seven characters put together out of sheer popularity or Shannas upsetting their way to the finish line out of sheer unpopularity.
  7. From pure SI fodder to voting gauntlet winner. 2017's best rags to riches story surely. Also a sad reminder that with the current system, whoever's behind in the last couple of hours automatically wins by a landslide. I'm definitely saving my coins for now. No way I'm spending them until the new FEH Channel hits. Something big's coming, I can feel it. Hopefully we'll get a pool reset soon. The current pools are just a mess.
  8. Oh man. I played the god awful PC version way back when and managed to enjoy it on story and characters alone. I'm going to be all over this if it reaches the west. ...even if it's looking kind of lazy.
  9. Here, have a battle theme from a visual novel (the good kind).
  10. Haven't played it myself but apparently Sen 3's ending pretty much spells it out that they aren't done with Erebonia.
  11. It looks cool but seeing the Sucker Punch logo at the end... I don't know. I was kinda hoping for a Tenchu-like game but I don't think that's their thing. Was never a fan of Sly.
  12. It's nice having an anti-mage dedicated weapon, of course, but being physical sort of steals her thunder a bit I think. I mean, most mages have low HP and def anyway. Seems a tad pointless to add bonus damage to mages to a physical weapon. It would be a bit like making a tome effective against armor. Of course, we don't know her stats. She could end up as a monster yet. No pun intended.
  13. Right you are.
  14. Haven't tried yet. I'll probably do the quests and forget about it, I was pretty much done with Ursula's GHB the first time around. As for that Halloween banner... Nekomata Sakura is a boring ol' anti-mage dagger. As for the remaining trio... this is where it gets interesting. Frankenstein's monster Jakob is an archer. An armored archer. Vampire Henry is a green tome. An armored green tome. Their stats remain to be seen but nonetheless these seem to be significant upgrades for armor emblem. Finally, Witch Nowi is the missing red tome flier. Hm? What's that on her C slot? ... HINOKA WAS BAIT
  15. Don't mind me, just bending reality to my will.