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  1. I used them all on a last ditch effort to get, well, anyone from Fallen Heroes, since I had a 3,75% rate. Got a bunch of Firs and Gunthers instead. Finishing at 4,25% with nothing to show for it.
  2. IS doing the Sacred Memories thing again. We have three Chroms in the game already and there are tons of Awakening characters left. But nope, Chrom again. Sneaking a new version of fan favourites in every non-seasonal banner is going to get old fast. Aaaaaand thanks to that Rival Domains mode thingy where you can use your friends' leader units, I found out someone on my FL has a freaking +10 Grima Robin. I salute you, god of whales.
  3. Leif finally gets a turn. Also, I wonder if Nanna is going to be a healer. The last new healer was Bride Lyn, as bonkers as it sounds.
  4. Horizon. Lauded by the media for being a fresh, exciting new take on open world design and storytelling. Played it, left wondering what the hell did I miss. Completely, one hundred percent by-the-book open world game, tried and true "outcast goes hero" plot.
  5. Nice one. I got pretty lucky too. The moment I saw it I instantly braced for a free pull with no red orbs, but not only did I dodge that bullet, I ended up pulling Alm. +atk -spd which completely writes off a Windsweep/Phantom Speed build but I'm pretty happy with +atk. Negates any future Myrrh/Grima woes and should turn out to be quite the beast with a bit of SI.
  6. Characters from the 3*/4* pool are more expensive to build, of course, but they also have one major advantage: being as common as they are, you'll eventually get some with ideal IVs for that particular character. Also, more merges. Save enough feathers and can easily get the likes of Nino, Cherche, Cecilia, Est, etc to +10 with the best possible stats. Doing that with characters from the 4*/5* poll is a bit trickier, with 5* exclusives you need the devil's own luck. It's pretty obvious why pulling a 3* gives us no satisfaction whatsoever. We've pulled them all before, they've been the same since day one and currently, very few of them have any use even if you take the time to build them. The way I see it, mixing in new blood once in a while would give f2p players more options.
  7. I got Gunnthrá in the Legendary Ike banner. So I guess I'm getting Ike in this one and Eph in the next. Still nothing but that one Mia though. As for the voting gauntlet... anyone else thinks they really dropped the ball with the bracket? I assumed it was going to be light and dark on different divisions so the final round would be light vs dark to match the theme. Instead they pit everyone against their evil twin right off the bat. Talk about boring. And mere minutes after writing this post I get a second Mia. 😂 This one's +HP too but the bane is res. No brainer, this one's a keeper. Also, nice to see IS keeps misunderstanding what people mean when they talk about wanting 5* units at lower rarities. IS, mates. Give us banners with 5* units at 4*, not the other way around. Or just reorganize the pools already. Too many 5* exclusive units, not enough 4*-5* and 3*-4*. The 3*-4* pool in particular has seen no change since the very beginning with the sole exception being male Robin after the two original banners ended.
  8. Really like that Ephraim. Watch me blow orb after orb and not get him. I got Mia though! +HP -atk which is meh but she can take it. Anything other than -spd is manageable.
  9. /salute Gone(*) but not forgotten. (*) until the full price remaster
  10. This is exactly the same as me lol. Eirika is also my highest merge at +3, don't have Leo, have Soren but couldn't care less about him. Really looking forward to see what they come up with for Sieglinde. I wonder if they'll make her a bit better at brawling or just go full buff bot and add an extra Drive/Tactic-like effect.
  11. Wow. Of all the weird choices. And I do consider Lightning Breath one of the best inheritable weapons in the game post refinement but with Grima's prf already being so good...
  12. Unsurprisingly, Ike won, we get him on the 27th. Surprisingly, it was pretty close. Never thought people were that desperate for a normal girl. I wonder if Vengeful Fighter no longer being a seasonal skill helped him in the home stretch.
  13. He's probably a better fit for armor emblem. The only thing he'd add to dragon emblem would be... making Tactic skills viable, I guess? Dragon emblem can be pretty versatile since they're defined by their weapons and not movement types like everyone else, now that I think about it. Myrrh having access to Guidance is pretty useful, for instance. Of course, it also has the con of making them vulnerable to multiple "effective against" effects at once. Celica's Chill Spd also makes me wonder if these unavoidable snipe debuffs are going to become a thing. Gunnthrá's was exclusive but it seems this one isn't. Get those Harsh Command bots ready...
  14. Heh. Armored dragon, because why the heck not.
  15. I find Zelgius pretty often and I don't think I've seen him with Warp Powder yet. Just Panic Ploy, which proves even a non-aggro Zelgius can be annoying. Anyway my luck finally turned and halfway through the TT, I have my 40% bonus unit. Good old Hector, just here to fight and to keep everyone the hell away from his daughter. I wonder if I can get another one. I really, really want that DC on Myrrh now after meeting one in the arena and spending a good five minutes just trying to maneuver around her so I could bait her to attack someone on a defense tile...