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  1. #299 Borderlands (PS4) Getting to play this amazing game again on the PS4 with improved graphics, smooth 60 fps and lots of quality of life improvements is just a dream come true for me. This is by far my favorite Borderlands game, I've been wishing so long for it to get remastered and it finally did I was refreshing the ps store like a madman yesterday just so I could get it as soon as it arrived, and I played it for 15 hours straight because I wanted to be one of the first to earn the plat x)
  2. #298 Nights of Azure Fun game, I'll definitely be picking up the sequel too
  3. #297 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS4) This is the 3rd time I get hooked on this game, first on PS3 then PC and now on PS4 x) Played it on legendary difficulty too as an extra challenge which was quite fun and rewarding
  4. #291 The Long Reach (PS4) (EU) #292 The Long Reach (PS Vita) (EU) #293 The Long Reach (PS4) (NA) #294 Peasant Knight (PS4) (EU) #295 Peasant Knight (PS Vita) (EU) #296 Peasant Knight (PS4) (NA)
  5. #286 Storm Boy (EU) #287 Storm Boy (NA) #288 Daggerhood (PS4) (EU) #289 Daggerhood (PS Vita) (EU) #290 Daggerhood (PS4) (NA)
  6. #285 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Never played the original on PS3, only mw2 and 3 so I was really happy to see the remaster pop up as a free ps+ game Veteran difficulty was a bit rage-inducing (especially the epilogue mission), but checkpoints were pretty generous so I eventually got through it ^^
  7. #284 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PS4)
  8. #283 Vostok Inc I'm a big fan of idle games and I really like twin-stick shooters too, this game is a perfect combination of both and it was a total blast to play
  9. #282 Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal
  10. #276 Drowning (PS4) (EU) #277 Drowning (PS Vita) (EU) #278 Drowning (PS4) (NA) #279 Energy Cycle Edge (PS4) (EU) #280 Energy Cycle Edge (PS Vita) (EU) #281 Energy Cycle Edge (PS4) (NA)
  11. #275 Pixel Gear A fun and simple PSVR shooting gallery
  12. #274 Portal Knights Really cool game and I had a lot of fun with it, but the 200 event quests you need to complete for the plat got super grindy so I'm relieved to finally be done with it
  13. #272 Accounting+ #273 Just In Time Incorporated Two really fun PSVR games
  14. #261 Planet RIX-13 (PS4) (EU) #262 Planet RIX-13 (PS Vita) (EU) #263 Planet RIX-13 (PS4) (NA) #264 Energy Cycle (PS4) (EU) #265 Energy Cycle (PS Vita) (EU) #266 Energy Balance (PS4) (EU) #267 Energy Balance (PS Vita) (EU) #268 Energy Balance (PS4) (NA) #269 Energy Invasion (PS4) (EU) #270 Energy Invasion (PS Vita) (EU) #271 Energy Invasion (PS4) (NA) A few quick and easy ones x) Just hit PSN level 50 and top 10 country rank
  15. #258 One Word by POWGI (PS4) (EU) #259 One Word by POWGI (PS Vita) (EU) #260 One Word by POWGI (PS4) (NA)