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  1. #381 Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams Most relaxing platinum I've ever gotten x)
  2. Not really something I would recommend, the frame rate is not that good and the controls didn't feel that responsive, like there was a slight input delay. The game has a very nice atmosphere, looks very interesting and has some unique mechanics, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly for me and I ended up finding the game a bit tedious and repetitive. Also encountered some game-breaking bugs that forced me to quit out of the game a few times, like the camera freezing in place refusing to follow me and the ground textures refusing to load in so I was just walking in mid-air. If you can get into the game emotionally you will have some fun with it, but you'll definitely do just fine without playing it.
  3. #380 Fe Interesting little game haha ^^ This is the 4th plat I've gotten so far from my month of EA Access, for the 4$ I spent this has been an absolute steal for me
  4. #379 Burnout Paradise Remastered (EU) I'm not a big fan of racing games and I haven't really played any since way back on PS2 x) but since I got EA Access and this game looked pretty chill to platinum, I didn't have anything to lose by checking it out ^^ I ended up enjoying it quite a lot, it wasn't stressful at all, which is why I normally don't like racing very much. I don't like time pressure and feeling stressed out, but this game had very little of that. The races are all very forgiving and It was more relaxing than anything haha
  5. #375 Peggle 2
  6. #374 Bravo Team I was looking forward to playing this, but it ended up disappointing me quite a bit. It was fun for the first chapter, but after that I found it very repetitive and bland. Generic, dumb enemies just spawn in endlessly as you slowly move from cover to cover, that's the entire game. The movement is also really awkward since every time you move, the camera stays behind until you've reached your destination, can be really disorienting. Would be so much better if the camera followed you and you were able to shoot while moving. I also encountered some bugs, several times I got killed by an enemy who was behind a wall, I could see his shotgun clipping through the wall and it killed me in one shot with no way of fighting back, and other times when I'm sure I'm completely behind cover I still get hit somehow, very annoying to deal with. Also one time my AI partner just completely froze up when I was in need of a revive, he didn't shoot or move at all while I slowly bled out. Thankfully the game was short so it was good for a 5-hour plat 😆
  7. #373 Mirror's Edge Catalyst It's been around 10 years since I played the original Mirror's Edge so playing this felt really nostalgic ^^ The game was fun, but hunting down all the collectibles at the end got very tedious, spent this whole day watching guides x)
  8. #350 Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online (NA)
  9. #348 Tales of Hearts R After about 10 months of slowly chipping away at this game it feels great to finally be done Now it's time for Tales of Vesperia
  10. #321 Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA (PS4) (EU) My first Ys game and I loved every second of it, can't wait to check out more of the games
  11. #317 Senran Kagura Bon Appetit! (Hanzo x Crimson Squad)
  12. #316 Blood & Truth A super badass PSVR game that lets you be an action hero, dual-wielding submachine guns and spraying down everyone made me feel like a god x) The plat is pretty easy to get as well, It was a total blast from beginning to end and I highly recommend it ^^
  13. #300 Megadimension Neptunia VIIR
  14. #299 Borderlands (PS4) Getting to play this amazing game again on the PS4 with improved graphics, smooth 60 fps and lots of quality of life improvements is just a dream come true for me. This is by far my favorite Borderlands game, I've been wishing so long for it to get remastered and it finally did I was refreshing the ps store like a madman yesterday just so I could get it as soon as it arrived, and I played it for 15 hours straight because I wanted to be one of the first to earn the plat x)
  15. #298 Nights of Azure Fun game, I'll definitely be picking up the sequel too