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  1. #776 GRID Left this game running with my turbo controller for the last two weeks and finally managed to drive 40k km for the plat. It didn't exactly run quiet either so yeah glad that's over lmao
  2. #775 Azur Lane: Crosswave (EU) I married so many cute boat girls owo
  3. #771 Knack 2 Grabbed this game a while back when it was free in Germany and finally decided to run through it. I had more fun with it than I thought I would, really cool game ^^
  4. #757 Rage 2 Really fun game, decided to get the original Rage for PS3 as well so looking forward to playing that too ^^
  5. #756 Shadow Warrior 2 Decided to get the Shadow Warrior collection while it was on sale and oh boy what a steal. Although the games are pretty different I absolutely loved them both. Can't wait for Shadow Warrior 3 ^^
  6. #750 戦国BASARA3 宴 Another plat milestone and another Basara game done ^^
  7. #749 Far Cry 4 (PS4) Far Cry is always good fun, been wanting to catch up with the series and it just so happened I got to borrow this game from someone. So I made it my number one priority to 100% it so I could return it, and actually got 3rd fastest achiever in the 100% club which surprised me since I did have a good night's sleep in the middle of playing through it cx
  8. #741 Spyro the Dragon #742 Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! #743 Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon Man what a joy it was playing through these, I remember playing the original Spyro on ps1 when I was little so it was really nostalgic playing that again. The other two games I never played though so I had a blast experiencing them for the first time ^^
  9. #740 Horizon Zero Dawn A bit late to the party but I'm glad I finally played this, been sitting installed on my ps4 for like a year
  10. #739 Astro Bot Rescue Mission Finally got around to finishing this one, was a really fun ride ^^
  11. #715 Need for Speed Payback I swear none of the characters in this game have an ounce of humility, they are all like "I am the best at everything ever" all the time LOL
  12. #713 Cat Quest II #714 Riddled Corpses EX (PS4) (AS) Two super fun games with pretty simple and chill platinums ^^
  13. #712 Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One As a big Ratchet & Clank fan I have no idea how I never played this game until now lol, it kinda slipped under my radar until a couple weeks ago where I was really itching for some R&C, so I went back to revisit the trilogy when I realized there was a game in the series I've never played CX Not your typical R&C game since it focuses on co-op play, but still a fun adventure to go on and perfectly playable solo as well since you have an AI partner that does what they are supposed to. Now I can finally proudly say I have every single R&C plat
  14. #700 戦国BASARA2 英雄外伝 HD And that's the Sengoku Basara HD collection done ^^ Looking forward to playing through Basara 3 now I can just never get enough of this amazing series haha
  15. #699 Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS4) Saw this on sale and thought I'd check it out, didn't expect much due to knowing Ghosts got a lot of hate, but I was in the mood for some dumb fun so I went for it. And to my surprise I actually liked this game quite a lot, the campaign was a really fun ride with lots of variation, taking you from gunfights underwater to gunfights in space And I really loved the extinction coop mode, had much more fun with it than the zombies or spec ops coop modes I've played in previous games, and the upgrade system is something you can really sink your "teeth" into. (only extinction players will catch that joke lol) gotta say this might be my favorite CoD yet c: