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  1. #1025 Lollipop Chainsaw This game was a wild ride to say the least, it's filled to the brim with wacky and perverted shenanigans and I loved every second of it
  2. Trophy #30,000 Ultimate Machina Mage Destroyed 30000 enemies! I love grindy trophies like this and thought it would only be fitting to get the trophy for killing 30k enemies in MeiQ as my 30,000th trophy milestone haha After finishing my first playthrough and the bonus dungeon I was at around 5k kills, which left me with a roughly 40 hour grind to finish it off. To think I have a trophy for every single enemy I've killed in this game is a crazy thought lol
  3. #1001 Borderlands 3 (PS5) Platted both versions of this game now and it was just as fun the second time around ^^
  4. #1000 Neptunia ReVerse (EU) What better way to celebrate my 1k plat milestone than with the remaster of my most beloved game of all time 😚❤️ It's basically just Re;Birth1 on the big screen, but that's good enough for me haha, it has a couple of new fun features too like fishing, updated visuals and a remastered soundtrack that is just fire, was dancing like a monkey to the new world map theme when I got the plat 😂
  5. #967 Legend of Kay Anniversary (PS4) What a gem this game is ^^ I have such fond memories of playing Legend of Kay on ps2 as a kid so replaying it is always a nostalgia trip uwu
  6. #960 Tales of Zestiria (PS3) (NA) This is my second time platting this game, this time managing to do everything in one playthrough while using the double xp/gald DLC and stuff which made the game quite enjoyable to run through again ^^ Now my body is ready for Tales of Arise to come out
  7. #955 God of War III Remastered After playing through the story of the latest God of War game I was itching for more, then I realised I had yet to play God of War 3 that I got from ps+ way back Amazing game, now back to working on the God of War 2018 plat ^^
  8. #950 Neptunia Virtual Stars (EU) About time I got around to playing this, didn't want to start it until I was at 949 platinums so I could just do it all in one go for my milestone lol This game was quite a fun time, seeing all the Vtubers mixed with Neptunia was pretty surreal haha, but also hilariously entertaining from beginning to end. Now I just gotta get to 999 platinums so I can play Neptunia ReVerse ehehe 😂
  9. #910 Bugsnax (PS5) What a charming, fun little game ^^ Grabbed this from ps+ when the ps5 came out and finally got a console to play it on
  10. #901 Astro's Playroom My first PS5 platinum ^^ This was just pure joy to play through, so many fun references and memories uwu I was sceptical about the dualsense and the adaptive triggers, but once I felt it in my hands it was just mega cool. Being able to feel the rain in your hands and feeling the R2 button push back with each shot of a gun was just so satisfying.
  11. #900 戦国BASARA 真田幸村伝 (PS4) Oh boy, I finally did it, I've now platinumed the entire Basara series ^^ and my little project of getting all the games as platinum milestones in a row is finally complete These are all very grindy games too so that's many hundreds of hours of Basara Now my body is ready to start up my PS5 that arrived yesterday and push for 1000 platinums :3
  12. #890 Oninaki Fun game, got pretty grindy in the end just waiting for rng to bless me, but I'm glad I finally managed to knock this one out ^^
  13. #879 Eagle Flight Really proud that I finally managed to finish this one as this is now the rarest trophy I own at 0.43% The multiplayer trophies were quite grindy and boosting is required seeing as nobody plays online. However I was fortunate enough to own a VR headset for PC too so I was able to boost them with myself on Steam since the game has cross play cx Some of the challenges in the single player are no joke either, a few of them took quite a bit of attempts to shave off those last couple of deciseconds I needed, but mastering them all was a very rewarding endeavor ^^ Overall it's an amazing game that is a must play for anyone with a VR headset, incredibly immersive and unique experiences like this is only possible with VR ^^
  14. #878 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Felt amazing to finally finish this one cause that was a lot to do in VR cx I've now 100% Skyrim on PS3, PS4 and PSVR
  15. #858 Gravel Saw this game had a 90% sale and went for it ^^ Fun little racing game that was pretty simple and enjoyable to plat.